How to Clean Baby’s Toys Using Essential Oils

Need help to find methods to clean your baby’s toys naturally?

baby-playingAny family that has kids will tell you that kids are the life of the family and the house. They bring the excitement, the joy and the real essence of family life. Taking care of kids can be a very delicate issue. You have to think of every little detail when taking care of children.

One of the most important day to day habits of kids is playing with toys. Toys fill their lives with joy and cheerfulness. But at the same time, toys can also be one of the reasons for the health issues of kids. You need to carefully clean their toys and make sure that all the germs leave the surface.

Cleaning Toys with Essential Oils

Cleaning toys with essential oils is an incredibly safe way. It is natural, and it leaves the little chance for survival of germs. There are various remedies which help you clean toys with essential oils being one of the most important ingredients.

Always make it a habit to avoid using bleach as the fumes and also the chemicals ingredients in it are harmful to health especially of small kids. You should prefer to use natural cleaners such as white vinegar as it helps get rid of all the germs. Here we have mentioned some of the methods which are incredibly effective.

essential-oilsEssential oils as ingredients to clean baby’s toys

• Lavender oil
• Grapefruit oil
• Pine oil
• Tea tree oil
• Clove oil
• Eucalyptus oil

How to clean baby’s (Hard/Plastic) toys using essential oil

Sanitizing the toys in the dishwasher

This method is probably one of the easiest and safest methods to clean the baby’s toys naturally. If the dishwasher in your house has a sanitize feature, then you can make the germs wash away within no time.

Method – Place the toys in the dishwashing container or a bad lingerie on the top rack of your dishwasher. Wash them on the normal sanitize cycle after adding a little amount of dish detergent (preferably natural). Another small adjustment that you can make for the better result is, add few drops of essential oil to make all of the germs go away and also to give a sweet smell.

DIY Sanitizing Spray

This is a really easy and safe way to clean toys. This homemade sanitizing spray is efficient and can be used for day to day cleaning. This method is natural, safe and it still does a great job of cleaning toys of all shapes and sizes.

All you need are three ingredients:

  • 1 cup full of distilled white vinegar
  • 1 cup full of distilled water
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil

Take the above-mentioned ingredients and combine them in large spray bottles.

Method – Spray the solution on the toys and then allow this mixture to sit on them for 2-3 minutes. Then wipe them clean using a damp cloth. After wiping, allow the toys to dry.

This method works wonderfully well with any toy which can tolerate being sprayed on it with water. As for the electronic toys, you can first spray on a cloth with this homemade sanitizing spray and then wipe the toys with it.

Sanitizing using a cleaning solution

Another safe way is using a cleaning solution.
You’ll need the following ingredients
Take above solution use it like you wash your dishes but on toys.
These were some of the methods on how to clean a baby’s toys using essential oils. They will make wonders for keeping the health of kids in check and for making sure that germs will never make their toys as a home.

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