How to Choose the Best Baby Walkers

As your baby is starting to learn how to walk, some physical aid might come handy. One of the things you’d want to purchase is a baby walker. However, in the past few years, there has been some debate about whether or not this is a safe tool to allow your baby to use. But thanks to new innovations, they have become safer to use.

Some Benefits of Having Baby Walkers

We can’t actually discount the many benefits of allowing our babies to use baby walkers. First, it gives them freedom to move around. This little bit of independence keeps babies happy and not fussy. However, it is also important that they’re using the baby walker in an area where they are no sharp objects they can reach or any sharp-edged furniture they can bump into. A clear space is ideal.

Baby walkers also give them the exercise they need. It helps prep them up for walking and allows them to work off some of their energy.

Some baby walkers are also multi-purpose. They can be used as a high chair or as a jumperoo. They are also equipped with musical devices that will entertain your baby. This gives the parents some time to attend to other things.

Best Baby Walkers

Top 10 Best Baby Walkers 2017-2018

Go check out these highly-rated baby walkers:

1. Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery

Safety 1st Sounds 'n Lights Discovery Walker

Key Features: This colorful, unisex baby walker has two activity trays that can be folded and hidden when not in use. Incorporated in the 5 dinosaur toys are sounds and lights that will amuse your baby. The seat can be adjusted into three different height levels to accommodate your growing baby. The padded seat is removable and can be machine-washed.

Pros: For an inexpensive baby walker, this feels very sturdy and solid. The plastic parts are tough and not at all flimsy. This can be folded when not in use – ideal for storage or for travels. The height adjustment system is seamless and works great for a growing baby. The wheels can easily glide on hard floor or carpet. Parents also love how easy they can put more toys in the foldable tray.

Cons: Some parents found this too tall for their baby. Even the shortest height setting was too tall. Also, the batteries in the steering wheel are built-in. They can’t be replaced when the juice runs out.

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2. Bright Starts * Walk-A-Bout

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout WalkerKey Features: This adorable, safari-themed baby walker has removable toys that play sounds and lights. Because they are removable, they can still be played on by your baby when the walker is no longer in use. The chair is ergonomic with its high back structure. You can adjust the height level in three ways to accommodate the height of your baby. This baby walker can be folded for easier storage.

Pros: The colors of this baby walker are pleasing to the eyes – perfect not only for baby girls but also for baby boys. Since the toy station can be detached from the walker, it can still be played on by the baby. The height is completely adjustable. Changing the height setting is a no-brainer. The height of the seat back ensures that the baby won’t hurt himself when he leans back.

Cons: The back wheels don’t turn 360 degrees so it can be tricky for the baby to get out of corners.

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3. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune WalkerKey Features: This is a great baby walker with an elliptical frame shape. The front features a steering wheel made more interactive with its sounds and lights functions. There are two loops at the corners of the walker to add more toys when needed. The feet feature rubber brake to stop the walker in its tracks when it is getting too close to uneven surfaces such as stairs.

Pros: Very cute design if you like something that isn’t as colorful as other baby walkers or if you are sticking to a certain color theme. The toy station is detachable so the baby can still play with it anywhere. The rubber feet safety feature assures worried parents that their baby won’t be speeding anywhere near the staircase.

Cons: The wheels aren’t designed to swivel 360 degrees. It can only move back and forth. Also, the height can only be adjusted through the chair straps, which can limit the baby’s leg space when adjusted to the tallest height.

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4. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Key Features: This is an interactive walker with lots of features to amuse your baby. It has a play panel that can be removed so your baby can still play with it anywhere. It has over 70 music, sounds, phrases and songs to help your baby learn as he gets older. There’s also a 5-key colorful piano to harness baby’s creativity.

Pros: This baby walker is really cheap – great for parents who are on a tight budget. It also really encourages the baby to stand up and walk. The wheels have two settings so you can adjust the speed as your baby progresses in learning how to walk. You can also use those settings to accommodate different floor surfaces. For instance, the faster speed setting can be used on carpeted flooring.

Cons: Some parents find the play station difficult to work with.

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5. Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity WalkerKey Features: You can transform this JPMA-certified product from a walker to a walk-behind tool to work with your baby as he gets older. The front features toys to help develop creativity and motor skills. It is foldable for easier storage. The seat pad can be removed and machine-washed.

Pros: If you’re unsure about what type of baby walker to purchase, you might want to get this. It can be used as a regular walker and then transformed to a walk-behind walker. It’s really great for parents who are torn about which walking learning method is best for their baby. It’s also pretty and right on the money. The base has a non-skid friction pad to prevent the baby from falling. The wheels run smoothly even when going on carpeted flooring.

Cons: Some parents would like the holes for the legs to be a bit bigger as it has a hard time accommodating chunkier legs.

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6. Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity

Delta Children Lil' Drive Baby Activity Walker

Key Features: This vehicle-themed ASTM, CPSC and JPMA-certified baby walker have adorable car design with a stable square base for support. The toy tray can be removed to transform this into a feeding tray. It offers three height adjustment levels for the baby’s growing needs. The electronic tray runs on two AA batteries.

Pros: This baby walker has a very cute design. Parents can rest easy because this product is certified safe to use for children. The walker leg hole can also accommodate chubbier legs so there’s plenty of room for leg movement in there. It also works for taller babies.

Cons: Some had issues with the wheels being too rough on the hardwood floor. It can actually leave scratches behind, which can be a tad annoying to parents. Also, some also wished the height adjustment feature is more fluid. It doesn’t lock in place easily because it is made from a plastic mechanism.

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7. Chicco Lil Piano Splash

Chicco Lil Piano Splash WalkerKey Features: This pretty pastel-coloured baby walker has a plastic, nylon and steel construction. The activity station plays music. You can easily remove the padded seat when it needs cleaning. For easier storage and travel, this baby walker can be folded up and stored neatly. It also comes with brake pads to prevent the baby from going over stairs or uneven surfaces.

Pros: The brake pad feature really comes in handy, especially when the house has a lot of uneven surfaces. It prevents the baby from toppling over or going over staircases. The sound volume is just right – it isn’t too loud and grating. Assembly is also a no-brainer. Most parents didn’t have a hard time putting this thing together. The music tray can be removed to make way for a feeding tray.

Cons: This is slightly more expensive than other baby walkers. Also, this might not be the best walker option for chubbier babies.

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8. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity WalkerKey Features: This colourful infant walker has four large wheels to offer stability when walking. The activity panel has an assortment of entertaining features such as spinning and turning gears and sliding beads. It can be easily folded up for storage. The activity panel can also be used by the baby when sitting down.

Pros: It’s a great walker aid. Many claimed their baby had started walking when they introduced this walker to them. It also encourages walking independence. It can easily accommodate baby weight when the baby is attempting to stand. The toy panel doesn’t require batteries as it isn’t musical like other walkers. This can be an upside if you don’t like anything noisy. It’s also great for different floor surfaces such as carpeted flooring and hardwood floors.

Cons: Because the activity panel isn’t musical, some babies might find it uninteresting.

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9. Joovy Spoon

Joovy Spoon Walker

Key Features: This simplistic baby walker has an all-white plastic design with a green seat cushion for more point of interest. The huge tray can be removed for easier washing. The base is sturdy and wide and eliminates the possibility of your baby’s toes getting stuck. This can also be adjusted to three different height levels. It also comes with a non-slip stair pad for added safety.

Pros: This has one of the largest trays of all the baby walkers we’ve seen. There are no built-in toys but the tray can accommodate your baby’s favorite toys. It also doubles as a feeding tray. The padded seat can be easily removed for washing. Its best feature is its anti-slip stair pad. It keeps the baby away from harm.

Cons: This baby walker is pricier than others.

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10. Combi * All-in-One Mobile Entertainer

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer

Key Features: This walker is patterned after a car. It features a wide, solid base with equally wide support. It also offers three height adjustment and a lockable jumper feature to accommodate the changing needs of your baby. The play station tray has sounds and lights to keep your baby entertained.

Pros: This baby walker is undeniably flashy. It attracts the attention of not only babies but also adults. It can accommodate chunkier babies and still offer more room to groove. The jump feature entertains kids to no end. The play tray can be removed to turn it into a feeding tray so if you’re a kid is already learning to feed himself, this should come handy. It’s also quite durable – it can be passed down from one baby to another.

Cons: Some complained about the wheels being too shoddy. It can be easily replaced by the store-bought set of wheels when needed.

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Don’t write off baby walkers completely just because there’s an issue about safety. With more and safer baby walkers being manufactured, it’s easier to find one suitable for your baby’s needs.

We highly recommend Joovy Spoon Walker. Although it doesn’t have the usual baby walker features like a play tray and it looks very simple in comparison to the others, it is one of the safest out there. It has a contemporary and classic appeal that will work in any nursery or home setting.

The Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer is also a great value for your money. It’s not only a baby walker, it’s also a jumper so it can easily keep your baby entertained while you go ahead and attend to other chores.

Also try the walk behind walkers we have mentioned above. They’re great for babies who require some pushing when it comes to being an independent walker.

Whatever you choose, make sure it has passed the safety standards imposed by the government.

What to Look for in Baby Walkers

Firstly, note that some complex baby walkers come in the box, thus there would be a need to set them up after purchase. If you choose to go for this type, then be careful when fixing the parts especially the tires and handle, these are sensitive parts that need to be fastened firmly to prevent any unforeseen domestic hazard. You might be needing a pink drill screwdriver for this task.
However, I would advise you go for the ones already setup by the manufacturer. They are less risky, less stressful.

Because of the safety issue of baby walkers, it is definitely important to find a good one. Don’t just buy a cheap walker and assume it will do the trick. Look for tried and tested and approved products to make sure your baby is safe while using it.

Safety features. First and foremost, check out the safety features of the baby walker. Does it have a wide base to keep it stable and prevent your baby from toppling over? Does it come with anti-slip pads? Can you tweak the speed settings? You’d want to look for these features when buying a baby walker.

Amusements. They are designed to keep the baby entertained. There should be some form of entertainment attached to it like musical mobiles and colorful built-in toys they can play with.

Comfort. The seat has to be padded. Your baby will spend a significant time on the walker so it is important for it to be comfortable.

Adaptability features. The thing is, some parents are only able to use the baby walker for a few months. When the baby has already learned how to walk, this tool becomes useless. Look for a baby walker that can adapt to the growing needs of your baby. Find something that can be transformed into a high chair or a regular chair. Also look for height adjustment feature to stretch the function of your baby walker.


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