5 Reasons Why Children Love Horse Riding

The world is full of wonder, and as inhabitants here, we are naturally-born curious and adventurous-always out to seek new and challenging experiences. Our children are pretty much the evidence of this established fact.


We need our children to experience the outside world- a harmony with nature, or else they’ll end up glued to their iPads and computer screens all day as they grow up, having experienced nothing but hours of accumulated social media and video games.


One of these challenging but fun-filled experiences is to do horse riding. By allowing them such activities, we are encouraging them to experience what this world has to offer. By moving them out of the sofa and on the saddle, they can be nurtured not only physically, but socially and emotionally as well. It would form a great bond between parent and child if the parent would engage their child with horse riding and share some riding tips as well.


  1.    Starting with the obvious- it engages them to be physically active

An average person would typically think that it would be the horse that will do all the work and all the child has to do is to sit back and enjoy. Wrong! They’re not exactly riding on a complex machine with an engine and complete with suspension and shock absorbers, they’re riding a wild animal whose continuous movement is erratic and unsymmetrical. Therefore, riding a horse will require a great deal of muscular activity, particularly on the thigh and leg area, to maintain stability and balance. It also encourages the child rider to maintain flexibility as you have to adjust to the movement of the horse. It’s not like you could just “hey dude, slow down will ya” on a horse, and everything will magically work out for you.


  1.    Children’s sense of society will improve

Today’s post-modern world has imprisoned our children inside the house, chaining them to the virtual worlds they spend hours on. While technology is not necessarily evil, it has placed social distancing to our children because of too much usage. But to allow them to experience nature through horse riding, they will see and feel a world much bigger than the screens of their gadgets. They will get to enjoy the fresh air, the open space, and even make friends. They will learn to share these experiences with other people as they grow into adulthood.


  1.    It will teach children to deal and handle negative emotions

When riding a horse, you cannot control the journey with fear or with anger, or it would really be bad news for you. Instead, you teach them that although it may be difficult and scary, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the ride.


  1.    It will instill a sense of trust and responsibility

When a child rides a horse, he or she learns to trust a thousand-pound magnificent creature to keep him or her safe throughout the ride. Plus, if he or she owns the horse, he or she will learn to care for the animal.


  1.    Children will feel accomplished

At the end of the day, they will feel rewarded and at peace with themselves for making it through a challenging activity. And it’s not only them, but you as a parent will also feel accomplished as well!


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