Why Birdwatching with Your Kids Is Important

Birdwatching provides a great way to spend quality time with your kids. You can teach them about birds as you bond.

However, that is not all. There are more reasons why birdwatching with your kids is important.

It Is a Cure

Well, not per se, but being active with your kids can help to prevent many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, all of which are related to obesity.

When you go birdwatching with your kids, you encourage physical activity. Research has shown that kids who spend a lot of time outside are more active than those who are usually indoors. It reduces the chances of becoming obese and consequently prevents related diseases.

Not only that, when you are birding with your kid, you are likely to go hiking in search of birds, which improves bone health. Also, while at it, the body absorbs vitamin D which is essential in the body.

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It Provides an Opportunity to Learn

Kids are curious and they want to learn about nature. Birding provides them with the chance to learn about the types of birds in the environment, their habitat and why the type of climate in the area is suitable for them.

Kids can use birdwatching to identify bird species, identify their feeding habits and study how the environment is affecting them.

The good thing is that the kids do not need to go far to learn. They can start in your backyard. Of course, they can venture outside such as to the parks and forests to learn more.

The kids also learn to use equipment used in bird watching such as binoculars and cameras, which makes the activity more fun.

Make sure you use the best point and shoot camera for birding so that you can take the best photos.

Your Kid Will Develop an Identity

Children always want to outsmart their peers. Birding can give your kid something to identify with and help to build their self-esteem. 

It gives kids joy to tell their peers how they were birdwatching over the weekend. It is interesting to hear them explain different bird species and their feeding habits.

When you go birdwatching with your kids also helps in creating interest in other areas of life. They may end up becoming artists as they sketch birds or they could become writers as they read what other naturalists have written.

Your kid could also be a budding scientist with an interest with scientific names and classification of birds. Would you have known this and nurtured the interest had you not done birding?

Don’t be surprised if your kid’s future career is ignited by birding as they bond with nature and become aware of the natural world.

Creates Family Time

Birdwatching can become a family tradition and a source of many memories. You can spend time learning about different types of birds and their characteristics during the holidays, weekends and day trips.

Spending time in nature birdwatching can give great bonding experiences for family and friends.

Besides, you will teach your kids a sense of team playing considering that birders tend to form communities.

Develops Social Skills

Birdwatching requires patience and calmness to avoid disturbing the birds. The kids need to sit patiently and calmly as they watch the birds. Also, they can sharpen their social skills as they interact with other birdwatchers.

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