Best White Noise Machine for Baby

Getting your baby to sleep can be quite complicated for first-time parents. This is because babies can get easily startled by any sudden noise, and this will disrupt their sleeping cycle. There’s a solution to that – a white noise machine, which generates white noise that soothes your baby to sleep.

Best White Noise Machine for Baby in 2018 – Our Product Reviews

Here are among the best we can find for the best white noise machines for your baby:

Marpac Dohm Classic

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

A white noise machine for a baby that might interest you would be the Marpac Dohm Classic. Its dual speed motor makes the machine last longer than others that only have a single speed. As for the design, its fan is made to have a unique shape so that it generates a soothing air sound.

It is also sleek in design so that you won’t have problems placing it anywhere near your child’s bed. The noise is quite relaxing overall because it is powered by a motor, as opposed to digital noise machines. Also, the tone is adjustable by twisting the knob for your child’s comfort levels.

Pros Cons
  • Classic motor-based white noise
  • Has a total of 2 adjustable speeds
  • Sleek design
  • Can mask most outside noises
  • The tone is adjustable
  • Corded only – can’t be used for travel
  • May develop a rattle when constantly overused (can be fixed with WD-40)

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

If you want a uniquely designed white noise machine, the Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother may be a good choice because of its rounded top and sturdy base. This one has 2 timer settings, which let you play the white noise within 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Unlike our previous pick, this one is portable and is operated by 2 AA batteries. This basically means you can take it with you anywhere, such as while traveling or going out of town with your baby.

The easy design can allow you to operate it with just one hand – perfect for busy parents who are multitasking while taking care of their baby along the way.

Pros Cons
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Battery-operated and portable
  • Easy to use and to carry around
  • Can mask most outside noises
  • Has a timer option
  • Does not have an “always on” function
  • Noise does not “fade out” when the device turns off

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Is your child greatly interested in underwater life? He or she might love the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother with its aquatic design and lovely characters that can help them get pleasant dreams without being disturbed.

Unlike our two previous picks, this one has additional lighting effects alongside its 25-minute white noise production. It is also sleek and compact, which makes it easier to fit into cribs and children’s beds. However, the unique feature of this machine would be the remote control, which has a working distance of up to 15 feet – perfect for parents who are also cleaning the house or cooking meals while their babies sleep.

Pros Cons
  • Sleek design
  • Has lighting effects
  • Noise and lights “fade out” when it turns off
  • Blocks most outside noise
  • Has a colorful design for babies
  • Has a remote control
  • Battery-operated
  • The remote control might not work in some instances
  • Big difference between low and high settings, which can be pretty loud
  • Battery life isn’t as good as other devices out there

mybaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go

mybaby HoMedics SoundSpa

If you frequently travel with your baby, the mybaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go can be a great choice for you. It’s small enough, as a battery-operated device, to be carried anywhere and the buttons are easy to press for navigating through the sound settings. This makes it easy for you to manage other things while helping your baby to relax.

Because it has an auto-off timer, it will help save up on battery life in the process (it uses 3 AAA batteries to run). However, the unique thing about this white noise machine is that it can be clipped onto strollers, cribs and even your diaper bag, making it a truly on-the-go device.

Pros Cons
  • Battery-operated
  • Blocks most outside noise
  • Small and sleek design
  • Can be clipped onto objects
  • Battery Saver
  • Durability might not be as good as bigger units
  • Buttons could be too sensitive to accidentally hit

Cloud b Tranquil Turtle

Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Aqua White Noise Sound Machine

If your child loves an adorable pet turtle to hug at night, the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle is a dual-purpose plush toy and a white noise machine! Not only that – it’s underwater-style shell has soothing lights to accompany the sounds to help your baby fall asleep, especially if they are greatly afraid of the dark.

This white noise machine has adjustable volume levels and gives you a choice of a lullaby or white noise from the ocean. It’s also battery-operated so it is a travel-friendly buddy for your baby. Unlike other lights-and-sounds units, you can also adjust the dimness or brightness of the lights, which is a good thing for your battery and your baby’s environment.

Pros Cons
  • Features soothing lights
  • Adjustable lights and sound levels
  • Battery-operated
  • Blocks most outside noise
  • Has a lullaby option
  • It’s a plush turtle for your baby
  • LED lights might not last long compared to other units
  • No “fade out” option for lights and sounds

Marpac Hushh

Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine

For those who like digital noise machines instead of motorized ones, the Marpac Hushh can be a good choice for you. It allows you to choose between 3 types of background noises to mask away outside disturbances. Not only that, it’s also sleek in design and has a clip option for traveling purposes with your baby, such as for strollers, car seats for babies, and the like.

Because of its child lock, there’s less to worry about accidentally bumping onto the controls and potentially startling your baby when the machine turns off or gets louder. It is also battery-operated and can be recharged via USB so you can take your power bank with you to power it up on emergencies.

Pros Cons
  • Blocks most outside noise
  • Battery-operated
  • Adjustable sounds and volume
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Good battery life
  • The tone is not adjustable
  • Does not have a timer option

Cloud b Sleep Sheep

Cloud b Sleep Sheep White Noise Sound Machine

They say that counting sheep can help you fall asleep, but the Cloud b Sleep Sheep takes this tradition to a more literal level for your baby. This fluffy friend is able to produce up to 8 sound types, both lullabies and noise sounds. Don’t let the size fool you – there’s even a Velcro tab on this plush sheep toy so you can attach it to your baby’s crib or anywhere you like.

It has timer and volume options, like most units, but the great thing about it is that, after removing the sound box, you can machine wash it. This is important so that your baby doesn’t catch the sneezes due to accumulated dust in the sheep coat.

Pros Cons
  • Has a timer option
  • Blocks most outside noise
  • A fluffy plush sheep toy for babies
  • Velcro tab for attachment
  • Machine washable plush toy
  • Some units might have defective buttons
  • Does not have an “always on” feature

LectroFan Jr. White Noise Machine

As a hexagonal-shaped unit, the LectroFan Jr. White Noise Machine has a unique design that evenly spreads out the noise due to the speaker being at the top. It does not run on a motor, so it is a great alternative for traditional white noise machines, but still produces quality background noise sounds.

It allows you to choose between lullabies and white noise easily with the given buttons, plus its sleek design allows you to travel with it. Because it has a USB cord on one side, you have the option to recharge this via any power bank or laptop, which is also helpful for the on-the-go parent and baby.

Pros Cons
  • Blocks most outside noise
  • Sleek and portable design
  • Can be recharged via USB port
  • Strategically-designed speaker
  • Has a timer option
  • Choice of lullabies or white noise
  • May not appeal to those who prefer natural motor noise
  • Lullabies not as good as compared to other units

Big Red Rooster BRRC111

Big Red Rooster BRRC111 Portable Baby Sound Machine

Another white noise machine that can be clipped onto your baby’s crib would be the Big Red Rooster BRRC111. Bearing a 15 to 30-minute timer option, this lets you easily set the machine to save battery, but you can still keep the sound on for as long as you like. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, like most units, so it is easy to find batteries for it.

As a go-to travel buddy, this white noise machine has a monkey design, which can be fun and captivating for your little one. Its battery life can last overnight, which is important to not wake your baby up in the middle of the night.

Pros Cons
  • Can be clipped onto a crib or stroller
  • Has a timer option
  • Blocks most outside noise
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Has an “always on” option but still has a timer option
  • The plastic clip might not work on all objects easily
  • Can be too loud for some users

Silverflye Sleep Therapy

Sleep Therapy Sound Machine by Silverflye

A remote-controlled unit that you could find convenient for multitasking would be the Silverflye Sleep Therapy. Its controls are similar to that of a classic music player and the remote has a total working range of 25 feet. Bearing a timer option, it also has an additional dual power source option, which helps in saving the battery life.

Because of its portable design, you can basically take it with you anywhere your baby needs to sleep. You will only need 5 AAAs to power up this mini white noise machine. What’s more, you can also charge it using any power bank or laptop due to the USB cable included.

Pros Cons
  • Can be recharged via USB port
  • Choice of lullaby and white noise
  • Has an “always on” option but still has a timer option
  • Battery-operated and portable
  • White noise is not realistic as compared to high priced units
  • Not as sturdy as other higher priced machines

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you might find useful when looking for the best white noise for baby.

What exactly is white noise?

White noise is described as a combination of all the possible sounds that a person can normally hear. The reason that it’s called “white noise” is because of the concept of white light. If you break down white light using glass or a prism (and of course, rain), you get all 7 colors of the rainbow. In the same way, if you break down white noise, you will get all sorts of possible and audible sounds from it.

A special machine that produces white noise can be used to generate it. They are mostly in the form of portable units that can either be rechargeable or wall plugged.

How does white noise benefit babies?

White noise has the following benefits for your baby:

1. It has been proven to help babies fall asleep faster. This is because white noise has a certain soothing effect to their ears, which is like a hypnotizing effect that calms a person’s brain waves.

2. White noise can help block away external noises. This is because it covers all frequencies in the range of hearing of a person, which can potentially keep your baby from hearing sounds that can distract their sleeping habits.

3. The soothing sounds can keep your baby asleep longer. This is also because of the soothing waves of the white noise, leading to fewer interruptions during their sleep cycle.

Are there safety precautions to white noise for babies?

While there are many advantages to white noise, there can also be some potential dangers to babies when exposed to them, such as:

1. Your baby may become more dependent on white noise for sleeping. Therefore, you should not always use the white noise machine and only use it when the baby has difficulty in falling asleep.

2. If the white noise goes above the recommended 60 dB limit, it could ruin your baby’s hearing. If it gets louder than this, it can be bad for baby’s ears because they are still very sensitive to sounds compared to adults.

3. There are some babies that don’t really respond well to white noise. While there are many babies out there that can be lulled to sleep with white noise, there are some that prefer complete silence when they fall asleep, just like with adults, seniors, kids, and teenagers.

What are the different types of white noise?

Other than the regular static-like sound, white noise has also been used to describe ambient sounds that can help your baby relax, such as:

a. Man-made soundscapes – this refers to sounds that repeat thoroughly, such as the crackling of an open fire, the sound of people chattering in a room or outside, and anything that is not explicitly caused by nature. This may also include machinery sounds like A/C units, your car or vehicle’s engine running, the sound of a train, and many others. Perhaps the most common instance of “white noise” would be coming from an electric fan.

b. Nature soundscapes – this refers to sounds that that repeat thoroughly and come directly from nature, such as the ambient sounds of a rainforest, the ocean waves at the beach, the sound of rain outside, the sound of crickets at night, and others like it.

What should I look for in a white noise machine for baby?

The following key features should be present in a white noise machine for your baby:

1. Timer option

2. Volume adjustments

3. Sufficient power source

4. Ease of use and operation

On the other hand, the following are optional features for the white noise machine:

1. Option to switch between lullaby and white noise

2. The various white noise sounds to choose from

3. Travel-friendly features (e.g. clip or Velcro)

Are there free alternatives to sound machines?

Luckily nowadays, if you do a quick search on YouTube for “white noise for sleeping”, there’s bound to be a ton of results that will appear. Most of these include 1-hour length videos that give you nothing but white noise or some other ambient sound on a loop, such as the sounds of the rain or ocean waves.

Not many people find sound machines a good investment due to their price, so if you do want a quick fix for your baby (or for yourself) when it comes down to sleeping problems, the internet is your friend, and YouTube videos are aplenty if you want a specific ambient sound to help your baby fall asleep better.

In Conclusion

Overall, the clear winner of our roundup is the Marpac Dohm Classic because of its 2-speed motor that helps in prolonging the durability of the machine. Its sleek design makes it easy to place anywhere and it also generates authentic white noise as compared to digital units. This may be a good option for you if you don’t like synthetic looping sounds that seem unnatural.

While it can’t be used for traveling, it’s a minor con because most babies usually sleep at home, and this is most likely where you will use the machine on, anyway. And because it’s corded, you won’t have to worry about recharging the unit.

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