When Can A Baby Sleep With A Pillow?

Newborn babies are usually in the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome if their pillow is too soft. This is why babies benefit more with a firm pillow or at least something that will not give them that risk.

Why should you need to know when your baby needs to sleep with a pillow? This is because they can potentially put them to suffocation, so it is much better to choose an age-appropriate pillow for them so that you can lessen the likelihood of your baby falling into danger.  

In this article, we will give you tips on when to give your baby a pillow depending on their age and how to choose a good one.

When is it Safe for Your Baby to Sleep with a Pillow?

The best age for your baby to sleep with a pillow is at least 1 year old. This is usually the age when they start to transition to being toddlers and may move from the crib to a regular bed (or even a toddler bed at most).

It’s probably best to buy your little one a pillow when they transition from the crib to the bed, but if your little one already feels like sleeping on a pillow when they are old enough, you can do so by just picking the right firmer pillow for them.

Another tip: don’t use a pillowcase, since that one can pose a choking hazard for your little one. Instead, go for a pillow that is bare without any case and that already has a soft texture even without a pillowcase, but still, make sure that it doesn’t sink your little one’s head!

When in doubt, you may also want to take your baby to the store to test the pillow’s softness or firmness, or if you shop online, you may want to buy a baby pillow that has a money-back guarantee if your baby doesn’t get comfy with the said pillow or if that pillow causes some breathing issues for your little one.

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How do I Choose a Good Baby Pillow?

Good question. Baby pillows aren’t the same as adult pillows because they need to provide your child with enough firmness and less of the choking hazard. Here are guidelines on how to choose a good pillow that’s just right for babies:

1. Softness and firmness level. We did mention that you should consider having a firm pillow for your little one, but not too firm! It should also still have a bit of softness but not to the point where their little heads will sink and cause them to have difficulty in breathing! Consider a baby pillow that is protective and will not make them roll from side to side all the time and make them uncomfortable.

2. Hypoallergenic. Materials made of cotton can be good since they are gentle for your baby’s skin. Go for hypoallergenic materials since your baby tends to have sensitive skin while they are still young. You may want to avoid baby pillows that have polyester or wool if your baby is allergic to that (or just avoid it altogether and go for cotton instead).

The common mistake of some parents is that they let their baby sleep on their own pillow, which may be made of materials that aren’t exactly baby-friendly or skin-friendly, so your baby may start itching and the like. Do consider baby-friendly cloth items like cotton, especially if the weather in your place is very hot.

3. Can last longer. Your baby will sleep on your pillow for extended periods of time so it may be good to invest in a pillow that isn’t going to go flat easily. In fact, you may want to choose a pillow that will prevent your child from getting flat head syndrome.

4. Laundering. Babies who often use their pillow may tend to dirty them much more often. A baby pillow that is easier to wash than most can be simpler to maintain overall, and it will also lessen the work of their parents in the long run.

Cotton tends to be a good material to use for baby pillows since they are easier to launder and clean. This is especially the case if you live in a country where washing clothes can be more often due to the weather and the instance of mold.

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To wrap it up, babies can sleep soundly if they have the right pillow for them. Older babies can sleep with pillows just right but they should sleep on one that is comfortable enough for them so they don’t get compromised in their sleep quality, which can affect their overall development and health.

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