What To Do When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Babies cry and it is a natural thing. Babies use it to communicate because they can’t speak any kind of word yet. However, it can be annoying and alarming at some point when your baby doesn’t seem to stop crying no matter what you do!

When your baby doesn’t stop crying, it can be due to an underlying issue or cause. They could have pain or they could want something. Today, we take a look into how to deal with a baby who doesn’t stop crying.

Common Causes of Baby Crying

Before we get into the topic, let’s know some of the most common causes of crying:

1. They’re hungry.

2. They need a diaper change.

3. You need to burp them.

4. They’ve been fed too much.

5. They want to sleep.

6. They feel uncomfortable with the temperature.

7. They long for someone to play with.

8. Something aches in their body.

9. They feel uncomfortable with their clothing.

10. They’re annoyed with background noise.

11. They may feel angry, sad, or longing for their parents’ attention.

12. They could be teething.

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What to Do when Baby Cries Nonstop

Now that we know the common reasons, here are ways you can help your baby stop crying:

1. Know what’s making them cry. With the list above, you’ll be able to easily identify which scenario your baby most likely fits into. Narrow out everything until you’ve come up with the reason why your baby won’t stop crying.

2. Feed your baby on a regular schedule. In most cases, babies are just either hungry or too full. By feeding them on a proper schedule, they’ll be less prone to hunger and to bloating. Also, proper burping is important since newborns and younger babies don’t know how to manage their gas just yet, and it could cause them heartburn, which is painful if you don’t burp them.

3. Give them lots of attention. Babies are delicate so they need to have lots of attention. Other than cuddling them, you can also play with them using baby-safe toys and other activities that you can think of. You can even stroll them outdoors if necessary to keep them from getting bored.

4. Make sure their environment is pleasant. Check the following to make sure your baby is comfortable:

  • Adjust the temperature. Check your thermostat, adjust the electric fan or A/C, and check your heater in the room/house.
  • Consider cooler clothes. Cotton works best for babies because they can be cool in the summer and also breathable. You can also work in layers when it gets cold.
  • Lessen noise and stimulation. If there’s external noise somewhere, find a way to turn it down a little so that your baby isn’t overly-stimulated. You can also move the baby away to someplace quieter if you are in a public place.

5. Check their diaper. Most babies cry because they feel gross when their diaper has been soiled. Think of it as having a woman’s menstrual pad or tampon all filled up so they need to get changed right away. Regularly checking their diaper is still important no matter how ‘leak-free’ the diaper brands claim them to be.

6. Consult a pediatrician. If your baby just doesn’t stop crying no matter what you do, check with your local pediatrician. They may point out if your baby has aches in anything.


To wrap it up, crying is an inevitable part of babies. It’s just the matter of knowing what makes your baby cry so you can stop it. After all, crying is the only kind of communication that your baby can do at the moment, so you should provide them with what they want and need.

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