Urbini Omni Plus Travel System Review

Strollers and travel bassinets can be combined nowadays, and one such example would be the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System. In this article, we are going to review its features, as well as what to expect on this stroller, what’s good and not-so-good but not deal breakers.


The Urbini Omni Plus Travel System has the following basic features:

1. It has a weight capacity of 50 lbs. (stroller) and 4 to 35 lbs. (car seat). This weight capacity may be sufficient for most kids since they are usually of this weight.

  • The stroller definitely needs to have a better weight capacity since it is going to support your child’s weight overall, and it’s not like the car seat that can be just placed in your vehicle seat all the time.

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2. There’s an insert for newborns and preemies. This is important since you want the best kind of protection for your little ones if they are still too small to fit in the travel system but you need to carry them along, anyway.

  • Newborns and preemies have super sensitive conditions so you need to give them the best kind of protection that there is while traveling.

3. Babies up to 32 inches in height can fit in. Most babies are of this height anyway, so it is no surprise that this is the height limit of the travel system.

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4. It has a 5-point stroller harness. This is important to keep your child safe while traveling, whether on the stroller or in your car seat. The 5-point harness is usually found in all travel systems.

Pros and Cons

Here are the good things to know about the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System:

1. It’s a bassinet and a stroller in one! You don’t have to buy a bassinet separately from a stroller, both of which can cost you some $$$ since you already have two travel systems in just one unit!

  • A bassinet can be used in a car seat as well as at home for when you want your baby to sleep well without a crib (such as being in your bedside) and you can use the stroller for light traveling as well.

2. You can face the stroller seat forward or backward. This is a good thing since you can protect your child from the elements if they are faced backward, and you will also know your baby’s condition when they are facing you while they are in the stroller.

  • On the other hand, you can also face it forward in case your baby needs to get some fresh air and breeze, especially in the summer, and also to have them see the world a bit more and explore what’s out there.

3. It’s easy to adjust the handle. Baby strollers are usually easy to push, but if you’re either too tall or too short to push or pull it, there can be some problems. Having an adjustable handle can do the trick.

  • A travel system, such as a stroller, isn’t always used by just one person. For instance, if your older children want to push the stroller, they need to be able to access the handle easier. This is the same thing if your husband (or wife) is too tall to handle the handle.

Meanwhile, here are the not-so-good things (but not deal breakers) about the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System:

1. The wheels could use some tweaking. While not seriously bad, the wheels do tend to get a little hard to turn if they have been overused. This can be a bit annoying at times, but only when you’ve used it for many years in rough roads.

2. The fabric may not be soft enough. If you are looking for an average travel system, this is fine, but if your baby is quite sensitive in their skin, this may not be for you. The fabric is not really as soft as other travel systems, but you can just easily remedy this with a bunch of soft clothing or fabrics that you can place in the stroller.


To wrap it up, we think that the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System is still a good buy despite its flaws. It has standard harnesses, height and weight capacity for most babies, and it even has an insert for newborns and preemies for added protection. Since it is a convertible stroller and bassinet in just one unit, it will save you a lot of price in the long run.

If you are after something that is cheap and works, this may be the travel system for you. However, if you are looking for something heavy duty for long trips, the wheels may be a little bit of a con for you. This isn’t an issue, however, if you are only going to travel light and nearby.

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