Uppababy Vista Vs Cruz – Which One Is Better?

A baby stroller is important to have if you want your baby to cruise around the neighborhood or for traveling as well as going to the park. Today, we are going to compare two products of the same brand (UPPAbaby): Vista and Cruz.

Differences between the Vista and Cruz


Vista Cruz
Larger, configurable Smaller

The seating of the Vista is much larger than the Cruz so it can fit more babies in just one go. It is also configurable when you add some adapters for the stroller, such as a seat, which can be good if you have more than just one or two babies in the family.

  • Knowing the seating comfort and options of the baby stroller is crucial depending on how many babies you have in your family. If you are a larger family than most, let’s say you have 3 to 5 kids, then having a multi-tasking baby stroller that can accommodate more kids in one go can be important for you.

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Vista Cruz
11.5 inches (rear)

8 inches (front)

Both polyurethane

All-wheel suspension

8.5 inches (rear)

6.4 inches (front)

Both polyurethane

Front wheel suspension

In terms of wheels and handling, the Vista model seems to be better than the Cruz model. Its larger wheels can be an advantage if you are riding your baby on very rough terrain and its all-wheel suspension seems to be better than using a stroller that only has a front wheel suspension.

  • Having a good set of wheels is important for your baby stroller. This is because bumpy rides may distract your little one and can make them feel uncomfortable, especially if they are still sleeping while they are in the stroller. Knowing that the wheels are larger and are less prone to bumpy rides due to the suspension puts you at ease for your little one.

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Color Choices

Vista Cruz
6 styles: Henry, Jake, Gregory, Jordan, Emmett, and Taylor 3 styles: Jake, Jordan, and Emmett

Again, the winner is the Vista as compared to the Cruz when it comes down to color choices. This is because it has more design choices which can be important for parents and babies who prefer a certain color.

  • While the color choice is not as important as its other features, having a stroller with a color that you like (or that your baby likes) makes you stand out from the crowd and also makes your baby more fashionable (and you as a parent, too).

Stroller Dimensions

Vista Cruz
36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches 37 x 22.3 x 40.5 inches

When it comes down to the stroller size, it’s much better (generally) to go for the more portable Cruz since it has a narrower size that can make it ideal in tight spaces. This is important if you would like to go to places to take your baby without having to worry about narrow gaps.

  • Choosing a stroller isn’t just about how big or small your baby is. You also have to wonder about where you want to take the stroller and if it is too bulky or just right. Having a super wide stroller size may be uncomfortable if you want to take it elsewhere, especially in travels.

Folded Dimensions

Vista Cruz
17 x 25.7 x 33 inches 17 x 22.3 x 36 inches

Again, when you fold the Cruz, it is much narrower and much better of a space-saver than the Vista. This would save you a lot of room when you have a smaller house or bedroom to keep your baby stroller when currently not in use.

  • Having a stroller that is quite compact will make it easier to manage, especially for one-handed arrangements when you carry groceries on one hand and the baby stroller in the other. The ease of cleanup and folding is important when you choose a good stroller.

Weight Rating of the Stroller

Vista Cruz
Up to 30 lbs. (basket)

Up to 50 lbs. (seat)

Up to 30 lbs. (bassinet)

Up to 25 lbs. (basket)

Up to 50 lbs. (seat)

Up to 30 lbs. (bassinet)

While both of their bassinets can hold up to 30 lbs. of weight on the bassinet and up to 50 lbs. on their seat, the Vista is significantly better due to its accommodation of up to 30 lbs. in the basket, as compared to the 25 lbs. limit of the Cruz.

  • If you have a baby stroller that is able to carry more weight, this means that it is sturdier than the other. It can also help if you have a lot of groceries, baby supplies, and if your baby grows bigger. It is important that you choose a baby stroller that has a better weight rating for that instance so you can reduce the risk of accidents in the long run.

Pros and Cons of the Vista and Cruz

Let’s have a list of the individual pros and cons of the Vista and Cruz to help you decide further:

UPPABaby Vista
Pros Cons
  • It can be converted into a double stroller to save money
  • It has a large storage basket for more baby items and groceries
  • You can place more baby car seats, stroller seats, and bassinets in this stroller
  • It’s an all-wheel suspension that’s great for various terrain
  • Can be a bit pricier
  • Can be bulkier in terms of its weight
  • Some parents may not find the bassinet useful
UPPABaby Cruz
Pros Cons
  • Less bulky than the Vista
  • Cheaper than the Vista
  • You can install a piggyback board
  • Doesn’t accommodate a second seat
  • Only has a 2-wheel suspension
  • Doesn’t come with a bassinet


To wrap it up, we think that the UPPABaby Vista is our clear winner of the showdown due to its easy conversion to a double stroller, accommodation of many babies at once (for larger families), all-wheel suspension for less bumpy rides, and larger storage basket.

While the Cruz may be better in terms of weight, since it is less bulky than the Vista, if you have a larger family, you may want to go for the Vista instead. If you only have two kids, the Cruz may be a more budget option for you.

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