Top Tips for Picking a Tablet for Kids

The 21st century can be described as the age of tablets. Statistics show that seven in every ten parents allow their children to play with their tablets. These devices have not just engraved into our lives but are now one of the 35 top gifts for 6 year old girls. Those who already own one still want an upgrade or another accessory to spice up their device’s performance. When used correctly, tablets can play a key role in a child’s education and development. In case you’re planning to surprise your youngster with one, then don’t settle for anything less than a good tablet for your kid’s upbringing. Below are the top tips for picking the best tablet for kids.

Considerations when Choosing a Kids Tablet

The Size of the Screen for Children

 Tablets on the low-end come with 6-inch screens while bigger ones measure up to 10-inches. In case you’re looking for something light and portable for a small kid, then you may consider a 7-inch tablet. Although 10-inch tablets provide a greater balance of versatility and portability, they are quite challenging to operate with a single hand. However, some kids especially the older ones are comfortable with 10-inch tablets but this often boils down to personal perception. If weight and size are your top priorities, then a 7-inch would be ideal.

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Tablet Price

 Tablet prices vary depending on the type of operating system used which often includes Windows, iOS, and Android. Many of them fall within £200-£400 and even more. While you may find a tablet that is within your budget, remember low-cost tablets tend to have low-quality graphics, small screen size, limited storage space, and slow performance. Kids also get bored quickly by tablets that take long to load. It is vital to compare various types and brands to find a powerful device that not only falls within your range but is fascinating to your kid. Additionally, prices often go hand in hand with durability. Cheap brands are easy to break which means you might be forced to do a replacement soon. It will be great if the tablet comes with a quality child-proof case that will offer protection from common slips. If it doesn’t have a cover then, you can still purchase one to improve the tablet’s protection.

Parental Control Features on the Tablet

 Child protection is all-important even if you’re getting the kids tablet for entertainment. Various tablets are equipped with child-friendly features and is good to check for such inbuilt restrictions. Parental controls can include Internet access, time management, and application purchases. In the case of Internet access, the tablet should provide safe web browsing for your kid. You may also opt for those that have no Wi-Fi connections or online access as they reduce many internet-related issues.

Tablet Access to Applications

Applications matter a lot and determine whether your kid will like or distaste the tablet. Whether it is an Android or iOS device, the type of apps on the tablet should be both fun and educational. There are standards that apps must meet for them to be used by kids. Moreover, it is also essential to consider whether the apps are offered for free or for purchase. Apps shouldn’t cost you much to download particularly the ones targeted at young kids. That said, it is better to evaluate the apps that are loaded on a tablet, whether they are appropriate and if you can download more from the store.

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