The Graco 4ever vs. Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat


Car seats can be a good investment for your baby. This can help them to stay protected while in the car in the event of a crash. It can also keep them comfortable and in place during a bumpy ride while retaining comfort at the same time.


More often, the normal car upholstery may be too big and too firm for your baby, so they need a comfortable and plush seat to sit on. There are many criteria in choosing the best baby car seat, aside from comfort. For instance, accessibility features, adjustability, ease of cleaning and weight capacity all come into play. If you tally all of those criteria and compare two products, you will come into a conclusion as to which is the best for you.


The Comparison: Graco 4ever vs. Chicco Nextfit

In this article, we compare two brands of baby car seats: the Graco 4ever and the Chicco Nextfit, based on their features.


Weight accommodation

In terms of weight accommodation, the Graco 4ever can fit babies from 20 to 65 pounds on the forward-facing mode of the car seat. If you use the rear-facing mode, especially for the newborn babies, you can use it for babies from 4 to 40 pounds.

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

On the other hand, the forward-facing mode of the Chicco Nexfit is 22 to 65 lbs, while having 5 to 40 lbs of weight capacity for the rear-facing mode for the newborn babies and infants.

Chicco Next Fit IX Convertible Car Seat

Chicco Next Fit IX Convertible Car Seat

As you can see above, we think that the Graco 4ever is the best choice for this because they can accommodate even smaller babies and the seat will not feel imbalanced. The max weight for each seat is relatively the same, so there is no comparison to that. However, it does matter if your baby car seat can accommodate a wider range of weights altogether.


The winner in this round: Graco 4ever


Recline position

The Graco 4ever has a 6-position recline, which can help your baby to relax and feel at ease with less worry. This reclining adjustment can also help your child adjust to the seat as they grow.


On the other hand, the Chicco Nexfit has up to 9 recline positions, which can perfectly fit a most wider range of vehicles. This also keeps your baby as comfortable as possible without a lot of trouble in adjustments.


In this part, we think that the Chicco Nexfit takes the cake due to the number of positions that you can recline the chair into. This is helpful if you want a custom reclining position depending on the type of vehicle that you have and your baby’s age, height and weight, to ensure that comfort is still kept.


The winner in this round: Chicco Nexfit


Protection and comfort

In terms of protection and comfort, both the Graco 4ever and the Chicco Nexfit have EPS or energy-absorbing foam on their interior. EPS is highly important for baby car seats because they provide impact protection on the sides and around the baby to keep them safe in the event of a car crash or accident, as well as during bumpy rides.


EPS foam should not only be firm, durable and protective – it should also be comfortable at the same time. Having comfort is crucial if you are on a long trip with your baby, as the heat of the sun can make them feel uncomfortable, so the foam should also be breathable at least.


The winner in this round: both


Cup holders (accessibility)

The Graco 4ever does have cup holders, and so does the Chicco Nexfit. Both seats are therefore accommodating for drinks, infant formulas and the like. If it fits, you can also put in your baby toys there so that they do not get misplaced during a long trip, especially in a bumpy ride.


Cup holders are important to keep your baby satisfied in their thirst during a long trip and to avoid the drinks spilling everywhere by having a proper place for them to keep them secure.


The winner in this round: both


Ease of cleaning

Both the Graco 4ever and the Chicco Nexfit are easy to take apart to clean overall, as baby car seats. This is because the cushion is simple to take out on both car seats, making the chore of cleaning a breeze overall.


This feature is helpful for parents who are on-the-go and have less time to get into the hassle of cleaning and laundering their baby car seat covers. Keeping your baby car seat clean most of the time is also important to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that might make your baby sick in the long run.


The winner in this round: both


Booster seat

The booster seat feature is a feature of most baby car seats that are ideal for toddlers. The Graco 4ever has this kind of feature, and it has easy to follow directions on how to set it up. The booster seat can benefit bigger babies and older kids from 1 to 2 years old. Assembling the booster seat is relatively simple.


On the other hand, the Chicco Nextfit doesn’t seem to have a booster seat capability, which makes it less ideal for toddlers as compared to the Graco 4ever.


Having a booster seat may sound like an additional feature that isn’t needed, but it is greatly needed if you want savings in the long run. This is so that you don’t have to buy another bigger baby car seat if your baby turns 1 or 2 years old. You can just turn the baby car seat into a booster seat for that matter.


The winner in this round: Graco 4ever


Compatibility with vehicles

As for the compatibility with vehicles and the mode of installation, the Graco 4ever is said to fit both vehicles with the LATCH system and those who don’t have the LATCH system. This is highly important if you don’t have a new vehicle at the moment due to financial problems. While it is true that many modern cars nowadays have the LATCH system in their car interior, there are still some that are left in the dust but are still working vehicles, so we should be concerned about them as well.


On the other hand, there is currently no report of the Chicco Nexfit having compatibility with older vehicles that do not have the LATCH system yet. However, it does fit LATCH system vehicles just fine and with great ease.


Having a backward-compatible baby car seat is important if you currently don’t have the budget for a newer car or vehicle. The LATCH system is a great system to connect your baby car seat safely and quickly, but if your vehicle doesn’t have that system yet then that doesn’t mean that you should purchase a new car just to fit your baby car seat’s LATCH system attachments.


The winner in this round: Graco 4ever

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The Final Roundup

In today’s article, we concluded the following results for the Graco 4ever and the Chicco Nexfit:


Criteria Graco 4ever Chicco Nexfit
Weight rating 20 to 65 pounds on the forward-facing mode;

rear-facing mode

from 4 to 40 pounds

22 to 65 lbs

forward-facing mode;

5 to 40 lbs

for the rear-facing mode

Recline position 6-position recline has up to 9 recline positions
Protection and comfort EPS or energy-absorbing foam on their interior EPS or energy-absorbing foam on their interior
Cup holders (accessibility) Yes Yes
Ease of cleaning Yes Yes
Booster seat Yes N/A
 Compatibility with vehicles Accommodates LATCH systems and those who don’t have LATCH systems Accommodates only LATCH systems


To conclude our showdown, we believe that the Graco 4ever is our big winner. Let us know what you think in the comments down below: which of these two baby car seats would be the best for you?


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