Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller Review

Strollers can be handy when you are going outside with your baby. Today, we will review the Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller, a mighty contender for a stroller that is easy to carry around due to its design. We will list down its features, good points, and not-so-good ones but aren’t deal-breakers.

Features of the Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller

1. Reversible seat design. The cool thing about this stroller is that you can reverse it to your preferred position. You can face the baby outwards to see the world or you can face the baby towards you so that you can easily see what they are doing. This is especially the case for younger babies such as newborns and preemies who need extra protection from the outside world.

2. It has a canopy. You can adjust this canopy with just one hand and the unique window lets you see what your baby is up to even behind the canopy. Having a canopy can be very helpful if you want your baby to be protected against the harsh UV rays of the sun or from bad weather. Additionally, since its canopy has a window, it can bring you peace of mind.

3. Reclining feature. You can position your baby with up to 6 configurations with its cool reclining feature. You can let your baby sleep comfortably with this feature or let them sit upright depending on how you want it or how your baby wants to ride the stroller.

4. Aluminum frame. This makes the stroller lightweight yet durable. This may be useful if you are traveling often and want a stroller that is not too bulky to carry around. Aluminum also doesn’t rust so it can be good for countries with high humidity problems.

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5. Has a 5-point safety harness. This harness helps your baby to stay put even in bumpy rides and to keep them safe at all times. There’s no better way to keep your baby safe than having a harness.

Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages of this stroller:

1. It’s easy to carry around. The nice thing to know about this stroller is that it is quite the lightweight one. This means that you can carry it with you to your next vacation trip to Disneyland, to the beach, or away from the country on an airplane.

2. The canopy is good. The canopy is unlike most baby strollers since it has a peek-a-boo window, which allows you to see what your baby is doing behind it. Also, the canopy has a good amount of coverage, which can be helpful for your baby’s skin.

3. The seat recline is quite long and spacious. If you want your baby to relax comfortably in the comfort of their stroller, its seat recline is pretty good. It is also customizable other than being more spacious and longer than other reclining stroller seats.

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4. Infant support is provided. Do you have a younger baby, a preemie, or a newborn? If so, this one is good news for you. The infant support provided is not only comfortable but can also keep your baby safe in bumpy rides.

5. The wheels can be locked. If ever you have to go through a street with uneven ground, you can use the wheels to lock the stroller in place so that it doesn’t get moved about by anything, which is a good precautionary measure.

6. It’s a convertible seat. You can switch between front-facing mode (ideal for toddlers) and rear-facing mode (which can be ideal for infants). This will be useful so that you don’t have to buy another stroller that has a different position, which can be good for growing children and fewer expenses for the parent.

Meanwhile, here are the cons but not deal breakers:

1. The basket could be too small. While this is not a deal-breaker, it can be a bit annoying for some parents who wanted to keep a lot of stuff in the stroller. After all, the stroller is lightweight so it’s not meant to take a lot of stuff in, anyway.

2. The front wheels might have a problem. This can vary depending on the batch you get, but some users did notice a bit of stiffness in the front wheels.

3. The cup holder isn’t that stable. Compared to other more expensive strollers, the cup holder for this one isn’t really that stable but still works, nonetheless.

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We definitely liked the Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller for its reversible seat design, canopy, reclining feature, lightweight aluminum frame, infant support, lockable wheels, and all other good features. While its extras do need some tweaking, we still think that this is a worthy stroller if you want something that’s easy to carry and has a good canopy.

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