21 Real Spy Gear Toys For Kids

As a kid, you’ve probably marveled upon action heroes like James Bond and their really cool super spy gadgets. In today’s time, there’s a whole lot more where those came from – and they can be enjoyed by your kids so they, too, can role play as super spies!


Because kids will be naturally curious with their surroundings, real spy gear toys that actually work can help them to train themselves if they ever want to become real secret agents or detectives when they grow up. Therefore, it pays to buy them real spy gear toys!


Best Real Spy Gear Toys For Kid

Below are our chosen 21 real spy gear toys for kids that we’d like to suggest to you:


Spy Gear Door Alarm

Spy Gear - Door Alarm

Ever want to know when someone’s going to enter your room without permission? Get the Spy Gear Door Alarm – it will protect your safe haven with an alarming sound that can only be deactivated with your passcode! Kids 6 years and above will definitely enjoy this spy gear toy, which will only require 2 AAA batteries to run.


To install the whole spy gear door alarm, you only need to follow the instructions given and use the 6 adhesive strips provided. Nothing’s cooler than getting your own privacy and staying alert whenever someone gets in your way – or in your kid’s way!


Spy Gear Mission Alpha Set

Spy Gear Mission Alpha Set

Want a set of really cool spy gear? You might want to check out the Spy Gear Mission Alpha Set. This package contains really cool night goggles that you can use for undercover missions at night or in dark areas of the house! Because it has LED lights, it will help you to zoom in to any target in your mission.


Because there’s also a spy recording pen, you can easily write secret codes to your ally or fellow agent when going undercover! Take note – the pen even has an audio recorder, so you know what your target will be up to. Additionally, the motion alarm can also act as a spy gear door alarm.


Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch

Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch

Ever want your own spy gear watch? You might want to check out the Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch. This awesome spy gear comes with 2 message capsules that will allow you to send and receive messages from your fellow agent while you’re on a mission. There’s spy paper provided so that you can communicate when going undercover.


There is also a motion alarm with this spy gear watch, as well as other spy must-haves, such as a decoder screen and a world time screen – so you can feel like a real super spy traveling the world!


Spin Master Spy Gear – Field Agent Spy Watch

Spy Gear- Field Agent Spy Watch

Another worthy spy gear watch to have would be the Spin Master Spy Gear – Field Agent Spy Watch, which has a really cool design and also has a world clock option with an alarm. There’s also a stopwatch in case you need to complete a timed mission, plus you can also get alerts from intruders with the motion sensor alarm!


Like our previous pick, this also comes with a secret spy paper so you can send messages to your friends and allies while on a mission. It might not be that water-resistant but it has decent lights that will be attractive to kids.


Spy Gear, Spy Snake Cam

Spy Gear, Spy Snake Cam

Ever want to record evidence while on a mission without being seen? You might want to try the Spy Gear, Spy Snake Cam, which is a great spy gear camera to have. This undercover camera can be bent with its flexible stem so you can easily record what’s going on. Place it anywhere and it will project on the included LCD handheld screen.


You only need 3 AAA batteries for this gear set to run – it’s that simple! Because it is easy to position anywhere, your kids will definitely love this spy gear camera for their undercover missions!


Spy Gear Video WalkieTalkies

Spy Gear Video WalkieTalkies

Do you want to have a fast way to communicate with your allies? A good walkie talkie Amazon product we’d recommend would be the Spy Gear Video WalkieTalkies. This gadget set does not require Wi-Fi at all or data, which means you can talk to your buddy wirelessly while you’re up to 160 feet far away. And that’s not all – it can also be a 2-way audio and video communication device!


You can also use this walkie talkie Amazon product as a remote spy camera – just place it anywhere hidden and you’ll have an instant spy cam right away. It also saves battery when you leave it open for up to 15 minutes.


Spy Gear Night Goggles

Spy Gear Night Goggles

If you want to accomplish a mission and need to do it at night or in darker areas of your house, the Spy Gear Night Goggles may be a good choice for you. This pair of spy gear night goggles can have up to 2x magnification – perfect for closing in on targets without getting too near them. It only requires 3 AAA batteries to run and you can even use the LED lights to illuminate your target!


While the battery compartment may be a little heavier for some kids, you can work this around by adding another set of straps to help keep it in place.


ALEX Toys Rearview Spy Glasses

ALEX Toys Rearview Spy Glasses

If you want a kids spy glasses that allow you to see what’s behind without turning around, you may want to try the ALEX Toys Rearview Spy Glasses. This amazing spy gear can help your kid become the super spy of his/her dreams by letting them get a visual of what’s behind them. It also helps that the material is made of lightweight but durable plastic, which will be comfortable for most kids.


Because they are made of special lenses, they won’t be like your ordinary glasses – they can really be used by kids for super spy missions!


Spy Gear Sonic Distractors

Spy Gear Sonic Distractors

Ever want to divert the attention of the enemy? Try the Spy Gear Sonic Distractors – they will keep your target busy while you do other things by emitting different sounds. You can choose from up to 8 sounds available and they also have a time delay so you might find it useful if you press it and lay it down to do other things in your mission.


The distracters have a belt clip in which you attach the two balls so that you can use them during your missions. The balls can also emit a very strong and powerful sound, but not too annoying for the adults who are working around the house.


Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

Ever want a remote way of getting live video footage around the house or in the mission area? Try the Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 – it’s a really cool spy gadget that’s more than just an RC toy. You can use it to get live video coverage even in darker areas – it has night vision! How cool is that?


This RC spy gear video car does require 10 AA batteries, but that’s definitely alright since it gives you real-time video. The design of the RC body is made for durability so that the enemies won’t easily destroy it when faced with danger on a mission.


Spy Gear Undercover Spy Cam

Spy Gear - Undercover Spy Cam

Another amazing spy gadget you can have would be the Spy Gear Undercover Spy Cam, which looks like a cell phone but it’s really an undercover camera that you can use to get footage of your target! It can also take photos automatically and then send them to your handheld/remote LCD screen device.


You only need 3 AAA batteries for this spy cam to run. Setting it up is also a breeze with the included instruction guide and suction cup to attach to any wall or surface for stealth recording. You also get a cable so that you can grab the pictures from the gadget onto your computer.


Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera

Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera

Another supplement to the spy gear undercover spy cam would be the Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera. This one can be attached and clipped using the included mount in the package. There’s already a battery pack included here so you don’t have to go and buy AAA batteries and such. It has 3 camera modes to chose from, such as video, single frame, and burst mode.


Like our previous pick, this one also has a USB cable so you can save your footage onto your computer or any gadget. Because of the included universal rail spy mounts, it’s easy to attach this camera anywhere.


Spy Gear Panosphere 360-Degree Spy Cam

Spy Gear Panosphere 360-Degree Spy Cam

If you want another great spy gear undercover spy cam supplement gadget, the Spy Gear Panosphere 360-Degree Spy Cam may be for you. This one acts like a kid’s GoPro, which can take up to 10 minutes of videos on a 360-degree view – perfect for spying and surveillance! What’s more, it can take up to 2,000 or more HD photos at hand, which is ideal for getting fine details.


There are strapping and clipping accessories included with this spy gear undercover spy cam, which can make installation a breeze. The USB cable can also let you save the photos and videos from the device.


YSSHUI iPang UV Light Pen

YSSHUI iPang UV Light Pen

If your goal is to write messages to your fellow agents in different colors, the YSSHUI iPang UV Light Pen can be a great choice, since this is a set of different invisible ink markers that you can use for such a purpose.


Because it uses invisible ink that can only be viewed using UV light (at the back of each pen), no one will be able to decode your secret message that easily! Take note that after you write your message, you have to give it a few seconds to dry before you shine the UV light onto it to reveal the message.


SpyX MukikiM Micro Gear Set

SpyX MukikiM Micro Gear Set

Are you looking for an entire set of spy gear for kids? Have a look at the SpyX MukikiM Micro Gear Set, which contains 4 standard spy tools that your kid will find useful, such as an invisible ink pen, motion alarm, ear light and audio listener.


This set can be used for covert operations, such as when sending secret codes or messages written in the invisible ink pen. There’s also a belt included so that you can keep all your spy tools in place and keep them organized while you’re on the go.


ALEX Toys Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set

ALEX Toys Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set

Another great spy gear set to look forward to would be the ALEX Toys Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set, which contains a heavy-duty case, a magnifying glass for detective work and a flashlight for illuminating your targets.


There’s also an ink pad, a fingerprint powder and a brush, which may also contribute to both spy and detective work. There’s a set of pen markers to help your kids solve cases and pursue their targets. The case has enough pockets to keep all your spy gear organized and yet easily accessible in any mission.


SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm

SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm

Do you want your kid to protect himself/herself with laser trap alarms? Check out the SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm, a great set to form an invisible barrier in your own territory so that your valuables are safe. Whenever someone accidentally steps into the laser light, the alarm sounds and you’ll know when someone’s intruding your room or area!


Because it can work for up to 4 feet of coverage for the receiver, you can place it in different areas of the house, both indoors and outdoors. You can also adjust it for up to 360 degrees for easy mounting anywhere.


SpyX/ Lite Hand

SpyX/ Lite Hand

If you are looking for an easy and cool way to illuminate things in the dark, the SpyX/ Lite Hand is a great choice for you. This awesome spy gear can let you see things in the dark or even distract your targets by emitting the super awesome light from across your fingers!


Wear it on hand and prepare for your missions – the four bright LEDs are guaranteed to help you see your targets or even cause them to get distracted with the flash patterns available, just like in your mom/dad’s tactical flashlight.


Spy Gear Voice Changer

Spy Gear Voice Changer

Want to give out a message to someone but don’t want to be recognized? Try the Spy Gear Voice Changer – it can either be used as a super spy gadget or as a way to prank your friends! You can literally speak anything using the voice changer and choose from 8 various effects that will disguise your voice so no one will know who you are!


This awesome spy gear only requires 2 AA batteries to run, and also comes with a set of instructions so you’ll know how to operate it properly.


Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Night Scope

Spy Gear Spy Night Scope

Want to be able to see things up to 25 feet away in the darkest of the night or your basement? Take your undercover missions to success with the Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Night Scope. This awesome spy gear has green tinted lenses so that you’ll have night vision in no time – and from far away!


This spy gear also has a stealth mode beam, which enables you to see things in the dark. Activating the spotlight is also easy with the spring-loaded mechanism – perfect for when your hands are full when using other gadgets at hand.


Spy Gear – Ninja Gear – Wrist Blaster

Spy Gear - Ninja Gear - Wrist Blaster

Want to pursue your targets and make sure they won’t get away unharmed? Try the Spy Gear – Ninja Gear – Wrist Blaster, as this awesome spy gear will easily fire darts onto your targets only with the use of your fingers – it’s that simple!


Because of its stealth design, your enemies won’t easily know when you’re going to attack! The design is meant to be hidden in your wrist so it can be worn when you’re wearing long sleeves and your targets won’t even know you have “tricks up your sleeve”!


How-To Guides

Here’s a list of how-to guides if you want to be a super spy kid:


How To Make Spy Gear For Kids

Here’s some common spy gear that you can DIY at home for your kids:


Invisible Ink

If you want to be able to write messages to each other without people easily guessing what they are, a sure-fire way is to create your own DIY invisible ink at home. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Cut and squeeze a lemon into a cup and dip a paint brush.
  2. Write your message on any piece of paper with the paint brush.
  3. Let the paper dry for a while.
  4. Use any heat source such as a candle or hair dryer to heat up the paper.
  5. Wait for the lemon juice to turn brown to reveal your message.


Homemade Telescope

If you want to be able to see things from far away but don’t have a telescope, you can easily make one at home with the following steps:


  1. Use two cardboard tubes and cut one of them vertically to make it larger.
  2. Tape the one you just cut using colored tape, so you have an outer and an inner tube.
  3. Use the inner tube to draw a circle onto any cardboard.
  4. Draw a crosshair in the middle and a smaller circle in the middle.
  5. 5. Cut out the circle and the circle in the middle, forming a donut shape.
  6. Attach a concave lens and make sure you attach it onto the telescope facing you.
  7. Wrap the lens with electrical tape for security.
  8. Attach a larger lens onto the outer tube and wrap with electrical tape.
  9. Give both tubes a nice black paint and then attach them together.


How To Become A Spy Kid

Now that you have your spy gear, it’s time to actually learn how to become a spy kid, and here are some easy pointers for you to master the art of spying at a young age:


  1. Learn how to keep secrets. That’s what basically being a spy kid is all about! The most important thing is to not let your targets know what you’re up to, so learn how to fool them at all costs! For example, if you want to list down your mission plan or objectives, you better not put a label on it like “my secret plan”, and instead, put something uninteresting like “geometry notes” – most kids won’t be that interested with your math notes!


  1. Learn to pretend to do something. In order not to become a target of suspicion from others, a spy kid must know how to pretend they are doing something. For instance, you can pretend that you’re studying on your next math test, but when the person leaves, you’re actually working on your next mission plan!


  1. Get inspiration from movies and TV shows. Kids will have fun watching from the 90s and 2000s spy shows like Kim Possible, Codename: Kids Next Door and Totally Spies, as they will also learn a lot of things when it comes down to spy work. You can also draw inspiration from movie icons like James Bond, Austin Powers, Johnny English and Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible).


  1. Get your gear organized. Your spy gear will be your ticket to success on your mission, so make sure you not only use it properly but also keep it organized, as giving it away will also give away your spying career!


  1. When in a team, cooperate! If you’re on a mission and you have allies, learn how to communicate with them properly. Acting selfishly on a mission will only lead to failure, so be sure to understand the situation as much as possible!



Being a spy kid is a really fun experience, but it will be better if you have the right spy gear for the job. We hope you enjoyed this mini-guide on real spy gear toys for kids and how-tos for becoming a spy kid. Which spy gear for kids is your favorite?

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