Snuggle Me Organic vs DockATot

When it comes down to making your baby feel comfortable, having baby loungers around can be a good investment for your baby room. In line with this, we picked two baby loungers: the Snuggle Me Organic, and the DockATot Deluxe+ Dock.

Differences between the Snuggle Me Organic and DockATot

The Basics

Feature Snuggle Me DockATot
Dimensions 17 x 29 x 4 inches 18 x 29-34 inches
Age range 0 to 9 months 0 to 8 months
Materials 100% hypoallergenic organic cotton and virgin polyester 100% cotton and polyester
Color choices 9 6

In terms of sizing, we think that the DockATot seems to be the winner since it has an adjustable size and a longer length for babies to lounge around. You can also use the adjustability of the 29-inch width to give more room to your baby.

  • Babies grow fast, and so should your baby lounger! It’s much more economical to grab a bigger one rather than having to buy another one because your baby is already too big for that one. It can seriously save you some $$$.

Snuggle Me’s organic lounger is aimed up to 9 months old so it’s kind of a slightly better choice than DockATot in terms of age range compatibility.

  • If you know the age range of your product, especially when it’s a baby lounger (or even a bassinet, for that matter), you will have an idea and a peace of mind if you buy one for your little one.

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Made with hypoallergenic and organic cotton, we picked the Snuggle Me over the DockATot in the aspect of materials. After all, anything organic is not only good for your baby but also good for the environment.

  • A baby’s skin can be quite sensitive so they should only be sleeping in comfortable material. Although both these loungers have cotton and polyester material, Snuggle Me’s organic ones seems to be a better choice due to its quality.

Features and Usability


Feature Snuggle Me DockATot
Washing and Maintenance Machine washable Machine washable
Tummy Time Yes Yes
Roll-over Safety Included None

When washing any of these baby loungers, you’d have less of a problem because they can be tossed in the washing machine – perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to manually wash by hand. It’s also important for babies who often lounge there and make baby messes and the like.

  • Do you have a baby who’s prone to colic and spit-ups? A baby lounger that’s good for wash-and-use routines can be for you. Both of our picks here can do the trick since they are both easily washable.

In terms of tummy time, both Snuggle Me and DockATot’s surface is firm enough for that practice. The height of both these baby loungers also isn’t very high enough for accidents.

  • Babies can benefit from tummy time, so it pays to have a baby lounger with a flat surface. Tummy time enhances your child’s ability to learn how to crawl and sit on their own. What’s more, tummy time is something that you can also do as a bonding activity with your little one.

Got a child who’s prone to rolling over during naps or while awake? Your best bet is the Snuggle Me lounger since it has a safety mechanism to keep your baby in place.

  • It’s normal for your baby to sometimes want to roll over, but you should consider getting a baby lounger that’s safe enough to keep them from falling out of it.

Pros and Cons of the Dockatot and Snuggle Me

To compare the Snuggle Me and DockATot loungers further, we listed their pros and cons:

First, here’s the list of the good and bad for the Snuggle Me lounger:


  • It’s organic. Made with organic cotton, this one can be a good choice for moms who love organic items and also want the best for their baby.
  • Anti-roll-over feature. If your baby tends to wiggle a lot in their baby lounger and is prone to accidents or falling, you may like this feature a lot for safety.
  • Natural shape. It gives the natural cuddle feeling of their mom, whether it’s in the womb or in their arms, so it helps to train your baby in sleeping separately from your arms.
  • Easily washable cover. Just toss it in the washing machine and read the instructions on how to dry it to avoid shrinking (see below).
  • Comes with a carrying bag. Good for when you’re going on a trip with your baby.
  • Portable size. The same reason mentioned above.


  • Padding issues. It’s center sling part may not have a good feel for babies if you don’t position your lounger in the right place due to the lack of padding. You can fix this, however, by adding some item of clothing underneath or putting it on your bed to act as a co-sleeper.
  • Shrinking issues. In some cases, the material could possibly shrink, so you should read the instructions first on how to wash it properly.

And now, the good and bad for the DockATot lounger:


  • Tummy time-friendly. Due to the firm surface, this one can be a good choice for tummy time with their mom or parents.
  • Expandable width. Since you can expand the width, you can find it a good feature for when you’re packing and letting your baby sleep or lounge and still have more room to play.
  • Good material. The mix of cotton and polyester prove to be a good combination for durability as well as comfort.
  • Great for large babies. If you have a large baby then this can benefit you due to its much larger size (dimensions) and expandable width (mentioned above).
  • Natural shape. Like the Snuggle Me lounger, it also simulates a mom’s womb or cuddles.


  • Back sleeping. It may not be the best for babies who tend to sleep on their backs.


Overall, we think that the Snuggle Me has much better features as compared to the DockATot, specifically in its roll-over safety feature, organic materials, a good amount of padding, and wide age range.

The only thing that falls short with the Snuggle Me is its size, which is not an issue for most parents with average-sized babies. So, if you do want to have a larger lounger, you may want to settle for the DockATot instead.

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