Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag Review

Diaper bags almost always looked bulky back in the days, but not anymore! Who says a diaper bag should always look unfashionable and sacrifice design for usability? Nowadays, we can find many tote bags that can be used for moms who are on the go.

This is why we’ve taken the liberty of giving you a review of a diaper bag that does look fashionable and is still functional. Here’s our review of the Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag, so you can decide for yourself what makes this diaper bag stand out from the rest.

Features of the Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag

Want to know what to expect from this diaper bag? Here are some of its known features:

1. A total of 11 pockets. Including the outside and the inside pockets, there are many extra pockets that you can put your stuff in, such as your phone, keys, baby items, and the like.

2. 3 large divided sections. Having 3 large sections can be important if you want a spacious diaper bag. You can just grab and go anything from the sections, such as your baby’s diapers, clothes, and others.

3. 2 designs to choose from. With the 2 designs, you can choose between a lighter trim and a darker one. After all, it is a fashionable bag so what’s not to like about the design?

4. It comes with a cushioned changing pad. This changing pad is also machine-washable for easy maintenance and on-the-go changing for your little one. This may be helpful for you if you are in a pinch and need a changing pad on the fly and you want to give the best comfort for your child, especially in public places that aren’t malls.

5. Insulation pockets. It has 2 pockets for your water bottles and the like. These pockets can help you house your favorite drinks, or even your baby’s drinks, to keep them in their constant temperature (whether it’s iced or hot).

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6. Pockets for essentials. It has pockets for sunglasses (fleece-lined for protection) as well as a pocket for your phone. These pockets have an extra protective lining so that your gadgets and the like won’t be damaged or scratched.

7. Cotton tote straps. Added to the design factor is the comfort factor given by the cotton material wrapped around the straps. These can help if you’re carrying a big bulky set of items for your baby inside this diaper bag for a long period of time.

8. Leather trim. Since it is a stylish bag, after all, the leather trim is what makes it stand out and look chic and fashionable. Leather is also a symbol of durability and tends to be more resilient than nylon or plastic material.

Pros and Cons

Here are the plus and minuses of the Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag:


1. Many pockets and interior room. You can basically place a lot of baby items here and you can organize it like a regular bag but in the form of a fashionable tote bag. You can separate your delicate items from your baby diapers in a breeze.

2. Insulation pockets. There are 2 pockets for insulating your drinks or soup here, unlike with other diaper bags that only have one. They can help out when you’re outside for a long time and you don’t want your drinks to lose their temperature.

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3. Fashionable design. It has a leather trim, a cotton strap, and a classy striped design. Nearly everything you see from the bag makes it look fashionable overall.

4. It can be hung over a stroller. The design makes it easy to hang over your baby stroller for on-the-go carrying while shopping or going to the grocery store.

5. Water-resistant lining. Of course, it’s a diaper bag, so it needs some manner of water resistance, especially with diaper changes.

6. BPA-free and Phthalate-free. We liked the fact that it is free from these unnecessary chemicals so that you can worry less about your child’s safety since it will have to contain your baby items. You don’t want these chemicals in your baby’s diapers, right?


1. Lack of interior pockets. Although there are many pockets, we think that there should be a bit more on the small pocket department rather than have larger ones.

2. Hinges of the stroller clips. These hinges may not be that durable as compared to more expensive brands, but they do last long depending on your usage.

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To summarize, the Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag is probably for you if you want something that looks fashionable and doesn’t make you feel like carrying an awkward diaper bag. It looks and feels like a designer bag yet it has a lot of room and pockets inside.

However, the large sections could use some more added pockets so you can also organize smaller stuff in there. Nonetheless, it can be sufficient if you’re just looking for a stylish bag that is usable.

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