Ways to Save Money on Maternity Clothes

Maternity is one of the most prominent transitional stages in any woman’s life. Whether it is the food habits or physique, everything goes through a significant change. If you are now living that stage of your life, you are pretty much aware of this fact. Isn’t it?

However, with all such changes, what remains as constant in women is their urge to stay fashionable. Aren’t you the same even?

But, you will definitely not want to spend huge on your trendy maternity purchases?

Isn’t it?

So, here are the effective ways to save on your every shopping episode:

  1. Get the most out of a belly band

You are a little over-sized now! You might not be able to button the top button of your favorite pair of jeans. What will you do now? Will you go for a new purchase?

No! You should never do that. Instead, if you buy a belly band, it is enough! With such a band, you will be able to deal with your initial pregnancy months. This is the time when you will gain some inches in your stomach area. And, if wear such a belly band, it will help you to wear your jeans or a skirt in an unbuttoned or unzipped manner. Interestingly, nobody will understand that you did something like that.

  1. Grab the right discounts

Whether it is Seraphine or  Mothercare, amazing discounts are always present in such stores. You just have to grab the desired money-off at the right time and thus you will save huge.

  1. Do some DIY

If you are being blessed with the skills of sewing clothes, you can easily pull on some amazing hand-made dresses which are really creative and easy to make.

For example, if you want to increase the waist-size of a formal pant or jeans, you can simply start doing that while cutting down the zipper and maximum portion of the front waistband out.

You can next sew stretchy fabric into them and make it perfect for your over-sized waist. Moreover, you can even very easily sew nursing bras, transform a regular shirt to a maternity shirt etc. With some simple sewing tricks, make your maternity frugal like never before.

  1. Don’t be brand conscious always

Whether it is a legging, tank or a t-shirt, the size that you will have to buy now will not fit you after a few months of your delivery. Isn’t it? So, why to waste your money while spending hugely on all these? Rather, it will be smart to buy the basic clothing from the local stores or any inexpensive brand. As you will not be able to wear these clothes after you lose the baby weight, you shouldn’t spend much on these.

  1. Keep an eye on the voucher sites

Whether it is Vouchercloudor Topcashback.co.uk, all such websites always teem with thrilling voucher codes and offer from premium stores. You just have to fetch the right voucher from your favorite maternity store, you will save enormously.

  1. Nursing bras should be a smart buy

When it comes to purchasing nursing bras, you should act smart. A nursing bra will seem to be very heavy when your breast will start producing milk.

So, the experts suggest that it is not at all smart to buy expensive bras when you enter into the fourth and sixth months. You can buy a couple of cheap ones and save that money for buying some premium quality ones while you are in month seven to nine. It is worth spending money during that time as you will need support that time.

  1. Follow your favorite maternity brands online 

May it is a dress, coat or any support wear, you can win them instead of buying them!

Wondering how?

Well, there are many prominent maternity bloggers and brands which conduct various competitions and games. If you follow them on various social media platforms, you can win your desired apparel without spending a single penny.

For an instance, in the last month, my best friend (who is 7 months pregnant now) entered into a contest to win maternity t-shirts. Fortunately, she won, go a set of 4 premium quality t-shirts at free of cost. It would have otherwise charged her not less than $ 60!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your maternity smart and frugal with these effective steps mentioned above. It will surely be a blessing for your financial life.

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