Popular Gift Ideas for 8 year old Boys in 2019

They are not yet teenagers but they most definitely are not little children anymore. 8-year-old boys can be very hard to find gifts for in 2019. Kids at this age want things that are challenging, interesting and fun. From board games to electronics, here are some things that your 8-year-old son may like.

Tips When Buying Gifts and Toys for Boys Aged 8

Before buying your child any type of toy, there are some considerations and tips you should make. You need to consider what will be best for them. Is it suitable for your child in particular? You need to consider what will keep them highly entertained and what will grab ahold of their attention for a long period of time. Although they are getting to a frustrating age, they are not yet teenagers so it is important you do not buy something that is too complicated. Get them a gift that is educational and something that involves their interests. There is something in this list for everyone!

Sphero BB8

Sphero BB8 is a Star Wars toy and Star Wars never gets old! With this excellent toy winning hearts of many children, this toy could be very ideal to a boy obsessed with StarWars! This BB8 droid is a remote control robot that will fit in the palm of your hand. The droid has a waterproof and tough polycarbonate plastic shell. Sphero BB8 involves an app that you can download for free on Android or IOS in order for you to use it. It has an amazing 30-meter Bluetooth range with a battery that holds up to 60 minutes of long-lasting charge, giving your son lots of time to have brilliant adventures. To top that off, this robot can even respond to emotions and voice commands! This toy is a great companion for all.

Boys BMX Bikes

Riding a bike never goes out of style and who does not love a good bike ride? There are many different options of bikes for boys, whether they want to ride on the street or off-road, there is a BMX for all adventures. BMX bikes are super stylish and cool, they are extremely well made with a steel frame and coaster breaks for easy and safe beaking, making sure your son is secure whilst riding it. It is very important they wear a helmet and pads to ensure they are extra safe from injuries.

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Tin Can Robot Building Kit

In today’s generation, it is important that we educate our children on the environment and how we can help it improve. You need to teach your children that they are responsible for their own waste and how recycling is a big help to the environment. Introduce your children to this super fun robot building kit! It uses an empty soda can to build the bot’s body which makes the experience imaginative, fun exciting and fun. They will need to be supervised by an adult as an extra pair of hands but this is a great gift for an 8-year-old boy who is in love with science and very much cares for the environment.

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Robot Arm Set

If your son loves engineering, science, and robots, then this is the perfect robot toy for him! Your son can command the gripper on the robot to open and close, it has an elbow range of 300 degrees, wrist motion of 120 degrees, base motion of 180 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, horizontal reach of 12.6 inches, vertical reach of 15 inches, and last but not least, a lifting capacity of a whopping 100g! It even has a search lift on the gripper! This brilliant toy will give your 8-year-old son hours of fun and enjoyment and it is excellent for any mad scientist lovers.

Lego Star Wars Yoda Starfighter

Again, who does not love Star Wars? Any young boy will also adore Lego and what better thing to have than a Star Wars Lego set! This is a great toy for most children with hours of building fun. This Starfighter set includes a fascinating spaceship with folding wings, two laser cannons, spring-loaded shooters, front and back opening mini figure cockpit, and space for R2-D2 behind. Lego Star Wars is educational and enjoyable to assemble and play with. Your son could even create their own wonderful creations once broken down.

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National Geographic Books 5,000 Facts

Buying your son a book is a great idea as they are excellent for learning. With this National Geographic book, it will allow your kids to increase their knowledge through learning about some insane facts. From food science to robots, this book covers all kinds of interesting things. It has multiple photos inside the book and it is that interesting, your kid will not realize how much they are learning.

Kids Binoculars

Binoculars are something you can give your child and know that they will go off and explore. If your son is adventurous and into exploring, then binoculars are the perfect gift This toy will get your child off the sofa and outside bird watching, nature watching, exploring, and getting a lot of fresh air. These binoculars are designed especially for children with grips, soft eyepieces, and easy focus to make them extra safe and secure for younger ones. They are made with withstand falls in case they are dropped and they are 100% shockproof! They vary in colour so your son can find their favorite.

Walkie Talkies for Kids

Does your son enjoy playing mean (but funny) pranks on the family? Or do they enjoy the outdoors? Then walkie talkies are an amazing gift for 8-year-old boys! They will have endless fun and laughter and they can use them with anyone, whether that be friends, siblings or other family members. These walkie talkies are extremely stylish for boys and even have 22 channels, an impressive mile range, and even giving the players involved great opportunities and possibilities. They are compact and small, portable to take anywhere and the sound quality is exquisite.

Disco Ball Light

A disco ball light is a perfect toy or gift to give your son if he enjoys singing or dancing. It is brilliant for children who enjoy performing and music. It could even go in the basement or loft! It has 7 different bright colours and multiple effects all worked by remote control. This disco light is super easy to use, all you need to do is plug it in! The light is excellent for special events or parties and will get everyone up and dancing.

High-Speed RC Truck

Last but not least, the remote control highspeed truck is great for boys if they are into RC cars. This interesting truck can go up to an astonishing 10 miles per hour! The design and big wheels make it perfect for driving off roads and in the street. This is perfect for kids who love driving trucks.

The Tin Can Robot Building Kit is the best gift out there and is suitable for both boys and girls. It encourages your children to look after and learn about the environment and teaches them to never litter. It is super affordable and has hours of fun.

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