30 Coolest PJ Masks Toys For Kids

PJ Masks is an immensely popular TV series on Disney Junior nowadays, and we’re sure that you’ll most likely see merchandise of it all over the place.


The great thing about PJ masks as a series is that it teaches children the value of putting on their PJs at night to get a good rest and become the superheroes they’ve dreamed of. It also shows the value of imagination and encourages pretend play among children so that they’ll not only become more positive-thinking when dealing with problems in life but also exercise the power of teamwork with their friends.


30 Coolest PJ Masks Toys

With that said, the colorful characters of the series, such as Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, your kids will definitely love toys of such, and they might even have a favorite character among them!


PJ Masks Headquarter Play Set

Just Play PJ Masks Headquarter Play Set

Are you interested in helping your kids with their imaginative play? This miniature PJ Masks Headquarter Play Set is filled with a lot of great details that will help the heroes of the series go through different adventures in the different platforms and rooms.


It includes lights and sounds other than a working elevator and a ceiling trap, so it will definitely captivate your kids. It also works with most 3-inch figures from the series.


Vehicle Owlette Flyer

PJ Masks Vehicle Owlette Flyer

If you are a big fan of Owlette, the Vehicle Owlette Flyer is a great must-have, since it comes with her own Owl Glider and a 3-inch mini figure of Owlette! You can pair this set with other PJ Masks sets out there if you already have them (such as Catboy and Gekko).


With this Owl Glider, you can even fit Owlette inside for a realistic driving experience! If you also own the PJ Masks headquarters, you can definitely fit in the Owl Glider along with Owlette in it!


Dress up Set Catboy

PJ Masks Dress up Set Catboy

If you’re a big fan of Catboy from PJ Masks, this is a must-have costume for you during Trick O’ Treat or at any costume party! There are many sizes available, such as from 4x to 6x, so different kids can wear them. The colors are not just vibrant – they’re true to the series.


For those who already have friends dressing up as Owlette and/or Gekko, this can be a great addition, so you can make a PJ Masks super team right off the bat!


PJ Masks Squirters Bath Toy

PJ Masks Squirters Bath Toy

Do you want to have a fun bath time? You may enjoy the PJ Masks Squirters Bath Toy, which comes with a pack of 3 squirting toys in the form of Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy. You can enjoy with your friends in the pool or in any water source, such as at the beach.


The details for each squirter is quite good and true to the series – all of them will be enjoyed by your child, whoever his/her favorite character from the series may be.


PJ Masks Collectible Figure Set

Just Play PJ Masks Collectible Figure Set

If you want the basic set of figures from PJ masks, this one is to have, since it comes with all five of the main characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Night Ninja and Romeo. They can be fitted into any PJ Masks setup such as the headquarters for as long as they take the 3-inch figures just right.


You can play them on their own or buy the additional accessories for an awesome imaginative play with the different characters.


PJ Masks Go Go Go Lunch Box

PJ Masks Go Go Go Lunch Box

Any school lunch box would become more exciting for the kids if they are a big fan of PJ Masks and they have this awesome school bag. The colorful design of the characters and the large compartment will surely get your child more excited for recess!


The bag also has an adjustable shoulder strap so it can grow along with him/her. There is also a carry handle so that it will be easy to lift even without the shoulder strap.


PJ Masks Mobile Vehicles Bundle

PJ Masks Mobile Vehicles Bundle

If you want a complete set of all the vehicles used by the PJ Masks main characters, this pack is for you. It comes with the Cat Car, Owl Glider and the Gekko Mobile, used by Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko respectively.


Each of these vehicles come with their respective heroes and figures so you can put them in any playset and they will definitely be a great addition to your child’s imaginative play!


PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set

PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set

A deluxe version of our previous pick, this one contains more characters other than the main characters (Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Romeo, and Night Ninja), such as stackable Ninjalinos, Luna Girl and many other accessories you can use. Pets that are included in the set are Owlette’s Bird, Gekko’s Lizard and Catboy’s Cat.


Because this is a complete set, you can definitely have a more detailed pretend play action. You know what’s the coolest thing about the figures? They can all be posted in their arms and legs!


Vehicle Cat Boy Car

PJ Masks Vehicle Cat Boy Cat Car

If we have the vehicle of Owlette mentioned above (the Owl Glider), we now have the Cat Car, which is used by Cat Boy as his own vehicle. You can also put Cat Boy (included figure in the package) into the Cat Car and watch him drive through anything.


Because of the standard 3-inch height of the figure, it can also be used with any playset such as the PJ Masks headquarters.


PJ Masks Set (Catboy / Romeo)

Just Play PJ Masks Figure Pack Set Catboy & Romeo Toy

If you want a simple set of 3-inch figures of Catboy and Romeo, this is a great PJ Masks set to have. For example, if you already own other characters like Night Ninja, Luna Girl Gekko, and Owlette, this set can complete your PJ Masks imaginative play.


The details on each of the 3-inch figures are great, especially with the colors. What’s more, the figures are posable with their arms and legs, so you can use them for recreating action-packed scenes.


PJ Masks Figure Set (Gekko / Night Ninja)

Just Play PJ Masks Figure Pack Set Gekko & Night Ninja Toy

Another duo set, this one comes with Gekko and Night Ninja as 3-inch figures. There’s even an extra accessory that you can add to your PJ Masks pretend play. These figures are also both posable so you can use them in any kind of way you want.


For those who already own other characters in the series, you can add this set to them and complete your own PJ Masks universe at home.


Vehicle Gekko Mobile

Just Play PJ Masks Vehicle Gekko and Gekko-Mobile

Do you want Gekko to ride in style? The best way to do it is in his own Gekko Mobile, in which you can actually put him in the vehicle and watch him glide through any adventure! Like all the mobiles or vehicles in the PJ Masks universe, this can be used with other playsets.


Since the 3-inch Gekko is included, you can also put Gekko with his friends Owlette and Catboy into any scenario and have their vehicles ready as well.


PJ Masks Matching Game

Wonder Forge PJ Masks Matching Game

Are you a big fan of memory games? You know, the ones that you have to flip open cards and remember which ones match when flipped again? That’s how you’ll play the PJ Masks Matching Game – a perfect activity for kids of all ages.


This matching game features all the characters of the PJ Masks series, which will captivate children’s attention when it comes down to memory skills. It can be played by one player or even with a group of friends!


Gekko Classic Toddler Costume

Disguise Gekko Classic Toddler PJ Masks Costume

If your child wants to dress up as Gekko from PJ Masks in a birthday party, costume party or during Halloween, a great choice would be this costume. This full-sized PJ costume has a ton of sizing options, from small to medium and large to x-large.


Because it’s made with the polyester material, it won’t easily rip apart. The headpiece is also soft so it’s not going to make your child feel uncomfortable.


Talking Owlette Figure

PJ Masks Deluxe Talking Owlette Figure

Do you want a great gift for your child who is a big fan of Owlette? This really cool and cute figure not only allows you to pose it in any way that you want – it can also say phrases from the series! All you need to do is to press the hero amulet in Owlette’s costume.


Unlike the mini figures we’ve mentioned in this article, this one stands at 6 inches tall so it can be a great figure to display in the room or even play along with friends.


Vehicle Night Ninja Bus

PJ Masks Vehicle & Figure-Night Ninja Bus

The bus owned by Night Ninja is also here. If you want to take Night Ninja’s bus for a spin, he can even take different PJ Mask figures inside, as long as they measure 3 inches tall. This can be a great vehicle to have if you already own other figures such as the heroes and some other villains.


The included Night Ninja figure is also poseable at 3 inches tall. What’s more, you can even position him to drive the Ninja Bus wherever he wants to!


Cat Boy Mini Plush

PJ Masks Mini Plush Cat Boy

Do you want to have a cuddle plush at night and you’re a big fan of PJ Masks? If you’re a big fan of Catboy then this is a must-have for you. The realistic design is what can captivate kids and the softness of the material can make Catboy a great bedtime buddy.


You can also take this Catboy plush with you when you go somewhere, such as in the car or at the mall. It’s just the right size for travel and for bedtime.


PJ Masks Boy’s Bicycle

PJ Masks Boy Bicycle

This 12-inch bicycle is a good choice for kids who love the series. Completely PJ Masks inspired, this bicycle has a rear coaster brake so that it will be safe to ride for kids who are still probably beginning at learning how to ride a bike.


There is also a single-speed drivetrain so that kids can ride the bicycle safely and easily. The training wheels can be removed once your child has learned to balance.


Character Mask (Owlette)

PJ Masks Character Mask Owlette

If you need a simple costume party mask from the PJ Masks series, you will love this character mask if you are a big fan of Owlette. The material is made of durable plastic so it will not easily deteriorate or get broken. The strap inside is adjustable so it can be comfortable for kids.


What’s more, there is also a soft insert so if your child will have to wear it for hours, he or she will not feel discomfort at all.


PJ Masks, Capes, Necklace and Bracelet Set

gerba Costumes Catboy Owlette Gekko Masks Capes Bracelets Neaclace For Kids

This complete set comes with all of Owlette, Catboy and Gekko’s costumes including bracelets, capes, a necklace, and the masks themselves. Each of the costume pieces is fully-detailed and are colorful and vibrant. The masks may even fit small adults, if possible.


While all of the costume parts can be machine washed, they are much better to be hand washed to avoid ruining the design and colors. These costumes can be a great addition to any Halloween party.


Owlette Jumpsuit Deluxe

Owlette Jumpsuit Deluxe

This awesome Owlette costume is a great addition to any costume party, especially if it’s a PJ Masks party! It is available in small or 2T but is also available in medium and large versions. There are even boot covers attached to the costume so it looks very realistic, just like in the series.


The wings at the back also look great and detailed with the right colors. Not to mention, the headpiece fits comfortably for most kids with a softness that’s just right.


Rival Racers Track Playset

PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playset

Do you want to have a playset that involves car racing? You can use your vehicles of Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko and have them race to victory in this awesome track playset. There is even a loop around the bend that they can go through and see if they can hang on to the vehicle!


There are also other platforms in the set, such as a ramp going to the museum doors, where you can launch Night Ninja’s bus.


PJ Masks Wood Puzzles

PJ Masks 5 Wood Puzzles In Wooden Storage Box

If you are a big fan of solving puzzles then this one is for you – this PJ Masks themed puzzle set comes with a total of 5 wood puzzles of different designs to choose from. The great thing about this is that it comes with its own wood storage for ease of cleanup after an activity.


There are different difficulties for the puzzles, such as 24 pieces, 16 pieces, and 12 pieces, depending on your child’s age and skill level.


Crayola PJ Masks Color and Sticker Book

Crayola PJ Masks Color and Sticker Book

For those who enjoy coloring books a lot, the PJ Masks are here and ready to be colored in this fun-filled activity book! It contains over 32 pages for you to enjoy coloring and have fun with friends (or own your own). There are also awesome stickers up for grabs in the kit.


Perhaps the only downside is that some of the pages are not bound, but you can easily attach them with the help of a responsible adult.


PJ Masks Headquarters Play Tent

Playhut PJ Masks Headquarters Play Tent Playtent

If you want to camp out with friends for a slumber party, or better yet a PJ Masks party, this tent is an awesome addition to your fun-filled activity! The design has wings on both sides and features the masks and colors of the three amazing characters of the show.


The tent can be easily set up by any parent or adult within 2 minutes of time. This tent can be useful if your kids love playing hide and seek.


Luna Girl Figure

Just Play PJ Masks Luna Girl Figure

A character in PJ Masks, Luna Girl also has her own figure. The complete details and the movable parts allow you to put Luna Girl into any PJ Masks recreation play with other characters and villains from the show. You can also put her into any playset for she is at 3 inches tall.


Unlike other imitation figures, this one is not only licensed but is also durable enough so that no loose parts would come off from it.


Transforming Figure Set – Owlette

PJ Masks Transforming Figure Set

If you want Amaya to transform into Owlette in a single playset, this is the one to have. The way this works is that you put Amaya into the transformation pod and when you press the button, it switches to Owlette!


You can also combine this transforming set with others, such as with Connor / Catboy and Greg / Gekko. Both Amaya and the Owlette figures are poseable for more fun and excitement.


PJ Masks Pajamas

PJ Masks Boys' PJ Masks Pajamas

What’s better than watching PJ Masks? Getting a pair of PJs with PJ Masks designs on it! These awesome pajamas come with a total design package including the main characters: Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette. Since it is an officially licensed product, it is fully-detailed with all the right colors.


There are many sizes currently available, such as from sizes 4 to 10, so you can adjust depending on your child. If you want a great gift for your little boy, this PJ set is a must-try!


Catboy Cuddle Pillow

Pj Masks Catboy Cuddle Pillow

This 22-inch tall cuddle pillow has the design of Catboy and you can take him with you wherever you go. It is made with polyester material so it won’t easily get torn apart while on a road trip or in public places. You can also have this plush Catboy as a snuggle buddy at night.


The design and details are good, as it is an officially licensed product. It is also easy to wash like most plush toys out there.



To conclude our article, these PJ Masks toys are amazing gifts for those who love the series. They all have different purposes but they stay true to the character designs in the series. So, if your child is a big fan, why not buy these amazing toys for them? Which ones are your favorite and why?

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