Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat Review

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Are you looking for a decent infant car seat to keep your baby safe while on the road? The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat may be the one you are looking for. You might be intrigued whether it has good reviews or not, so here’s our in-depth review of the product of its features, pros, and cons.


Specifications and features

Let’s get to know the basics of the Peg Perego with its specifications:


Weight Limit

The car seat has the capability to hold babies from 4 to 35 pounds. Knowing the car seat’s weight limit makes it easier for you to shop for the right choice for your little one. Usually, babies who have a height of at least up to 32 inches may fit well with the Primo Viaggio 4.



You can just rest easy when carrying your baby because this car seat weighs 9.5 pounds – perfect for portability and traveling often with your little one. Having a portable car seat for your infant is important because you need something that is not too heavy or bulky to carry around or else you’ll eventually get lazy lifting it off your car or vehicle.


You will need something that’s not so big as well because it will be easier to store in the long run. This can be useful if you have a small home and you need enough space to tuck in the baby car seat when no longer in use.

Peg Perego Car Seat

Warranty Period

The company can give you up to 2 years for its warranty period. This is mostly a normal coverage for many other infant car seats out there.


Meanwhile, here are the features that make the Peg Perego stand out from the competition:


Its unique Dual Stage Cushion System makes it become more different from the rest. What makes it very comfortable? Well, it’s the Fresco Jersey soft and breathable fabric that has been combined together to form a protective yet comfortable cushioning experience for your little one. The jersey has a softness and sweat-wicking capability that makes babies less likely to get hotness or discomfort.


Ease of installation and Adjustability

The Peg Prego is fairly simple to install whether you include the base or not. You don’t need adapters to attach it to various strollers from the Peg Perego family, with the exception of the Skate and Pliko Mini lineup.


The seat includes LATCH connectors so that you don’t have to get into a lot of hassle installing it. So, if your car is already compatible with the LATCH system, setting up this baby car seat can be a breeze in general. You can adjust this car seat for a height of up to 32 inches tall, as we mentioned above.


Additionally, you can adjust to 6 positions due to the harness that requires no re-threading. This can be a heaven-sent feature for moms who need to carry their baby in one hand and the grocery items in the other. Busy parents will definitely want to have this kind of adjustability.


The Side Impact Protection of this car seat can keep your baby from harm on a bumpy ride. It has enough protection for baby’s head and shoulders to make sure they stay put wherever the road takes them (or the two of you).


Another unique thing about this infant carrier is the fact that it limits rotation in the event of an accident due to its belt path and the handle design. This would be useful for dangerous situations on the highway or in off-road travel.


To add to its protective features, there are the energy absorbing EPS lined shell. This kind of foam has been used and subsequently tested to withstand a car crash. What makes it unique from regular foam is that it does not bounce back after a compressing impact, making it ideal for situations when the car has hit something to protect your baby and brace them from the impact.


Pros and cons

All products have their advantages and disadvantages, and the Peg Perego has its own share. If you want to know more about this car seat for babies, you can check out these pros and cons:


The pros (the good):


  • Anti-rebound bar. This special bar is what makes the Peg Perego great for car crashes due to its added protection. It prevents your baby from feeling any kind of collision when it happens.
  • FAA-certified. Do you travel often? If you want an airline-friendly infant carrier car seat then this is a pretty good choice due to that certification.
  • Comfortable and cushiony. Nothing’s more comfortable than having added cushion for a baby car seat, especially if your little one is still very young and need all the hugs they can get during a car ride.
  • Portability. Aside from its FAA certification, it’s easy to fold, store and carry around due to being lightweight. You can even use it without its base!


The cons (the not-so-good, but not deal breakers):


  • Cleaning the cushion. Unfortunately, the cushion cannot be laundered, unlike in other baby car seats, which means you’ll have to wash it inside to clean it up.
  • Carry handle’s position. Because the canopy can be in the way when you carry your baby with the handle, it can be a little awkward to use it at any rate.
  • Fits only Peg Perego strollers. While it is not a con if you own a Peg Perego stroller yourself, it could be a concern if you own a different brand.




As a whole, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4 is not a bad choice for most parents and babies, considering its great anti-rebound bar for added safety on the road. It does have a few hiccups, but if your stroller is also of the same brand and you don’t mind cleaning the cushion manually inside, you’ll guarantee a great amount of safety and comfort in the long run for your little one. We hope you enjoyed this review and use it for deciding on buying the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4!


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