Newborn hasn’t pooped: what should you do?


Pooping is an important aspect of life – especially for babies because it releases all the bad stuff from your baby’s stomach. But what happens when the unthinkable occurs? When your baby doesn’t poop for a while, it can be troubling because those toxins are locked in their stomach for a long time, especially all day, and it can also be quite alarming for most parents.


Therefore, it is important to know the reasons why your newborn hasn’t pooped yet and what you can do. Here is an article to cover most of that:


Common Reasons for Not Pooping

The most common reasons that your newborn hasn’t pooped include the following:


  1. Constipation

This just means that your baby may have difficulty when they are eating certain foods or certain formulas. Most of the time, cow’s milk protein can be at fault for constipation. Constipation is very hard for your baby because it can be quite painful and may cause pain in 12 hours.


This is often characterized by not being able to poop or having a hard time doing it, which can be pretty disastrous for your baby. Most often, you will notice it so you can tell your pediatrician about it.


  1. Wrong baby formula

There are times that your baby formula isn’t really doing its job properly, especially for newborn babies. Many baby formulas out there in the market are present but not all of them are compatible with your baby’s stomach.


Different people have genetic make-ups that vary with each other – one baby may be sensitive to this baby formula and the other baby may not be as sensitive. This is where you need to be a selective parent when it comes down to choosing the right baby formula with the right content to avoid such problems from happening.


  1. Dietary changes

For instance, if your baby tries one formula and then tries the other, or switching from breastfeeding to baby formula, it can be quite stressful for their system. When your child suddenly switches their diet then this can cause some serious changes in their stomach. This can be noticeable in 2 days.


Oftentimes, it is the switching between a baby formula that is made with cow’s milk and a baby formula that has soy instead. In other times, it can be between breast milk and a baby formula, since both of them have different compositions.


Breast milk usually has nutrients and proteins that are much easier to digest than most commercial milk nowadays, and this is why doctors advice the “breast is best” campaign more often to parents. In some alarming cases, constipation due to dietary changes can happen in a week.


  1. Allergy or intolerance

There are times that babies can actually get intolerance for either formula or breast milk depending on circumstances. With this fact, you’ll know which one to feed for your baby. This is noticeable in 4 days or in 5 days depending on how much your child is drinking/feeding.


This can be quite alarming because you don’t know what to do, but in order to know whether your newborn has an allergy towards any of the milk, you’d have to observe your baby. You can just switch to any other feeding option if you find that one of them is causing some constipation or intolerance towards your baby.


Possible Remedies for Not Pooping

With that said, here are some possible remedies you can give to your baby if they are having a hard time pooping, or if they haven’t pooped yet:


  1. Bicycle exercise

This simple exercise can be helpful for babies who have constipation. It is done by getting their legs in a cycling motion so that they can exercise their system inside and get the circulation of their digestive system running normally and properly. A good exercise will also get your baby’s physical health up and running.


  1. Different formula milk

If you find your baby’s formula milk is not suitable for him or her, you may switch to see the difference. There are some baby formulas that are not great for your baby because they can cause constipation, as they may be too hard to dissolve or digest for your child. With this problem, you can solve it by buying a different milk formula – preferably one that is quite similar to breast milk or at least has proteins that are easier for your baby’s tummy (e.g. made for constipation).


  1. Tummy massage

A good way to make your baby poop is to give them a tummy massage that can also relieve constipation. This one is quite similar to the bicycle exercise because it gives your baby some amount of physical activity even when they are lying down. It can also help babies to calm down when they are in pain due to terrible constipation. You just need to be very careful when applying pressure onto your baby’s stomach, as they can be sensitive.


  1. Thigh Lifts

It has been said by most pediatricians that lifting your baby’s thighs can also help circulate your baby’s stomach and digestive system, allowing them to regulate their pooping schedule. This is similar to the bicycle exercise as well, in such a way that you are also stimulating the muscles in your baby’s hips, abdominal area and the like to get the gastrointestinal system running at a regular pace. Just be careful when lifting your baby’s thighs and do it gently to avoid discomfort.


  1. Warm bath

Did you know that you can give your child a warm bath to ease constipation? Your child’s tummy gets warmer in the bath so there should be some reason for their gastrointestinal tract to become more active, as they do in exercise. You should do this in 24 hours that the pain doesn’t go away. You can also combine this technique with massaging their tummy for better relieving from pain.


  1. Avoid cow’s milk for the meantime

Many milk formulas nowadays have cow’s milk, and this may be causing your child’s constipation, which can sound silly but it’s true. To remedy this, you can choose a substitute like soy-based products or anything that can replace cow’s milk in a baby formula, which is usually meant for babies with constipation problems. Look for brands that sell organic formulas as well, as they are most likely not going to cause any pooping problems for your child in the long run.



You should definitely get your child the best formulas to avoid these dietary problems and stomach upsets. There are many milk formulas out there that are designed to fight constipation in a week or so, or maybe even in 4 days. We hope you find these tips for newborns helpful in getting them to poop regularly.

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