How to Select Most Comfortable Mattress for Pregnant Women

There is no other life situation that replicates pregnancy. The nine-month journey from conception to the labor room is quite one huge rollercoaster. The mother’s body is altered so the new life can have the perfect environment to be nurtured till the day of delivery.

This alteration can give pregnant women a lot of challenges and one of these challenges is falling asleep. Also, inadequate sleep during pregnancy affects the body and the mind of a pregnant woman.

So, what can a pregnant woman do?  

One thing is certain—a comfortable mattress makes it easier for a pregnant woman to fall asleep. So, how can a pregnant woman select a mattress that is perfect for her current needs?

This article provides the answers you need.

 Ways to Choose the Most Comfortable Mattress for Pregnant Women

Choose a mattress certified that can help in the relief of Pain and Discomfort

When it comes to selecting a mattress for a pregnant woman, it is important to pay extra care to choosing one that gives relief to people in pain and discomfort. So, how does one know a mattress that can achieve this aim? You can ascertain this by reading the reviews, ratings and general feedback for that particular product. A great review you can read is the Sleep Delivered comparison for Leesa vs saatva mattress.

Pregnant women tend to experience pain in different places, especially their backs (as a result of the extra weight they carry). For this reason, a mattress that can provide relief is a must.

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 Choose a Mattress that can allow for Motion Isolation

If you’ve lived with a pregnant woman before, you would have noticed that they wake up with the slightest of noises. Pregnant women make the lightest sleepers. A very small movement from their partner is enough to make them wake up. Also, they wake up to urinate quite frequently.

This is why it is essential for their mattress to be able to absorb and isolate motion. There are mattresses with motion isolation technology and you should totally go for those while choosing a mattress for pregnant women.

Choose a Mattress that can Absorb Body Heat

A lot of times, pregnant women tend to wake up flushed with heat. This is another factor that affects their sleep. For this reason, a mattress that takes away the humidity by absorbing and dissipating heat is best for them.

While you might be wondering how a mattress can achieve this, thanks to creativity, some mattresses now have cooling covers that takes care of this problem. During purchase, it is essential that you look out for mattresses with that kind of technology.

A mattress with this feature will be breathable, making it possible for it to absorb moisture and heat, yet stay dry.

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 Choose a mattress free of toxic gases

Several mattresses usually have toxic materials and other chemicals. The gases escape from the mattress after a while. They are sure to have adverse effects on the health of their users.

However, good manufacturers produce mattresses with the use of safe materials to avert health hazards. Ensure you check to see that the product you have chosen was not produced using any toxic substance. This is for the safety of the mother, as well as the new life.

Choose a mattress that is great with every sleeping position

As the body of expectant mothers change, the need to constantly change their sleeping posture will arise. Sleeping on the back has been confirmed to be great in the first trimester, but sleeping on your side is great for all trimesters. Sleeping on the left side is even better, as blood flow gets a lot better in this position. Side lying with the pregnant woman’s head propped up with the use of pillows has also been found to counter acid reflux and heartburn, which tend to affect pregnant women in the first trimester as well as the third trimester.

It is important to get a mattress with a quality that won’t change with any sleeping position. Quality pillows that would support your needs are also a must.


Whatever you do while selecting a mattress for a pregnant woman, ensure you put the health of the mother and the new life first.

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