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A Graco Pack N Play is a kind of special crib that can be folded and taken on the go. It is different from the usual cribs due to its portability in terms of design. People often wonder what they could do if the mattress of the crib is either missing or damaged, and whether any type of mattress will be okay to use for the Graco Pack N Play.


Is a Pack n Play Mattress Different?

Yes, a Pack N Play mattress is different from other types of mattresses. This is because it has a different size and shape, which usually has corners that are rounder than the average mattress. Pack N Play mattresses cannot be used on cribs as well, depending on the brand, because they are different in design and in sizes.


What to Look for in a Mattress for Graco Pack n Play

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing the best mattress for the Graco Pack N Play:


  1. Model of Graco Pack N Play – there are certain mattresses that universally fit all models from Graco, and maybe even other manufacturer’s models. However, there are also mattresses that are only cut to fit certain models, not all of them.


  1. Thickness – the thickness can be somewhere between 1.5 inches to 3 inches.


  1. Size – this refers to the width and the height of the mattress for the Graco Pack N Play, which can vary depending on the model that you have.


  1. Comfort levels – this refers to the level of comfort of the mattress. Something that is too soft can be dangerous for infants due to the threat of sleeping problems. On the other hand, something that is too hard can be uncomfortable for babies, newborns, and children.


  1. Bassinet or playard – the bassinet is ideal for newborns while the playard is ideal for toddlers and older babies. Graco usually has two types of playards – one with a standard size and one with a Care Station design with a layer on top for newborns as well. You have to pick which mattress fits the best whether you have a bassinet or playard.


  1. Color choices – sometimes, the color choice does matter when it comes down to a PnP or Pack N Play mattress. The color may complement your Graco Pack N Play or may also depend on the color of choice by your baby or child.


  1. Ease of cleaning – an easy to clean PnP mattress matters for all parents out there because this can save time and keep your child healthy and away from sickness-causing bacteria, mold and mildew that might grow into your baby’s mattress eventually when not kept clean regularly.


Top Best Mattress for Graco Pack N Play and Reviews

Here are some of our best picks for the ideal mattress for the Graco Pack N Play:


Dream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress

Dream On Me 3" Playard Mattress

Made with waterproof and antibacterial properties for its cover, the Dream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress can help make cleaning a breeze for parents. It is made with a combination of foam and vinyl so that it will not be too hard and not too soft for infants. What’s more, it conforms to the 16 CFR 1632 /1633 Federal Flammability Standards to ensure that the mattress is safe to use for babies.


With its 3-inch thickness, it can help babies and children to rest upon their Graco Pack N Play with comfort and stability. It also fits in bassinet mode so even newborns can use it. The mattress can be ideal for babies from 3 to 45 pounds and also meets ASTM Standards for safety purposes so it is safe to use.


Made with a lock-stitched binding for added protection, this 37.5″ x 25.5″ mattress will definitely fit any Graco play yard that has 90-degree corners. It is also odor-resistant so it won’t put off your baby. Being easy to carry at 3.5 lbs, this mattress also comes with hypo-allergenic components for your child’s protection.


Little One’s Pad Pack

Little One's Pad Pack N Play Crib Mattress

The Little One’s Pad Pack is a good choice if you want to have a soft cover as well since it is not just comfortable but also waterproof in its lining. It is a machine washable mattress that is chemical free to avoid bad smells. Also, the cover will not shrink even when you wash it as many times as often needed.


Made with a soft peach microfiber for comfort, it is a BPA free mattress that will not harm your child. It has a layer of breathable quilted fabric that is great for comforting children, while the mattress has not treated with any flame retardants. It can also be a mattress protector for sleepovers and it easily fits 3 x 5-inch depths. While it is not as padded as other brands, this one is still comfortable, nonetheless.


Dream On Me Foam Pack

Dream On Me Foam Pack and Play Mattress

If you want just the right amount of softness while being mold-resistant, the Dream On Me Foam Pack is a good choice for you. This 37.5″ x 25.5″ mattress is a combination of foam and vinyl that is also enveloped with a waterproof lock-stitched binding for protection against wetness and bad pee smells. It can be more comfortable than the default mattress in play yards and it has 3 inches of thickness.


The mattress does not fold up when you store it and it has a cotton binding for extra comfort. It also conforms to the 1633 Federal Flammability and ASTM Standards for safety, while it adds some warmth during cold weather. It can be used for the bassinet part of the PnP and it only weighs 3 lbs. It is also not too soft so it is okay for newborns.


Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress

Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress

A slightly thinner but still hypoallergenic and firm, the Kolcraft Cozy Soft Portable Crib Mattress is a great pick as well. Measuring 38″ x 24″, this mattress is small enough for portability with a good thickness of 2.5 inches. Made with hypoallergenic polyester to protect young newborns, it is thick enough to be comfortable and is deemed firm for newborns to avoid sleeping problems.


It fits most mattress covers and is also not a coiled mattress so it is safe for newborn babies. It has passed CPSIA testing for safety and is declared free from flame retardants, lead and phthalates to avoid harming your baby. It can be used for children up to 10 months old and is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Milliard Mini-Crib Memory Foam Mattress

Milliard Mini-Crib Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you want a memory foam mattress for your Graco Pack N Play, the Milliard Mini-Crib Memory Foam Mattress is a good choice for you. It is perfectly sized for most mini cribs due to its design. At 38″ x 24″ in its size, the mattress fits any standard pack and play and won’t let your child fall out at all due to its 2-inch thickness. It can also act as a good mattress topper to make sure there’s less tossing and turning for your kid.


You can also add a waterproof slipcover to this mattress for extra comfort. Its cotton zipper cover is easy to clean and can be used with a newborn just fine due to the waterproof properties and is free of toxins. As it is memory foam, it contours perfectly to children.


Sproutwise Kids Folding Pack-n-Play

Folding Pack-n-Play Mattress by Sproutwise Kids

The Sproutwise Kids Folding Pack-n-Play is a foldable latex core mattress that may fit well in Pack N Play models. It has two width options: 25 inches and 27 inches. Made with organic cotton, it has a good folding ability and measures 38 inches in length. It is also machine washable and is made with sustainably harvested natural latex from rubber trees. It comes with a travel bag and generally has fewer smell issues than those with polyurethane foam.


MamaDoo Kids Smart Play Yard Mattress

MamaDoo Kids Smart Play Yard Mattress Topper

Made with many colors to choose from, the MamaDoo Kids Smart Play Yard Mattress is a lightweight but durable and comfortable topper and mattress at the same time. You can choose between blue, pink and white colors and it is free from flame retardants.


Ideal for newborns to 4 years old, it has no smell that’s foul and it can be placed on top of the pack n play mattress. Ideal for use if you travel a lot, it can be placed in the bassinet and is fully washable for ease of cleaning.


It also fits pack and plays models that have an odd size and measures 37.5 x 26 inches. It generally fits Graco, Chicco, Evenflo, Cosco and many other brands. With a thickness of 1.5 inches, it is less noisy than other PnP mattresses and it includes a travel bag.

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Overall, we think that different mattresses for the Graco Pack N Play have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are thicker but may be too soft for infants, which can cause sleeping problems, while some are thinner and firmer, which can be less comfortable but are okay for eliminating the risk of sleeping problems.


It’s just a matter of picking which mattress fits your model of the Graco Pack N Play. We’d like to know what you think: which of these mattresses for the Graco Pack N Play would be the best for your needs? Let us know by commenting down below about your experiences!

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