Luvs Vs. Pampers: What’s The Best Diaper Brand?

Diapers are important for traveling babies because without them, your baby would always make a mess and you would have a lot of problems. Choosing the best diaper means you have to choose from quality brands for a low price, since diapers don’t always come cheap, but you also have to consider the comfort of your child.

In this article, we are going to compare Luvs and Pampers as brands of diapers, with their flagship products.

Diaper Features

FeatureLuvs Ultra LeakguardsPampers Swaddlers
Wetness indicatorYesYes
Anti-wetnessTriple leak guardsAbsorb-away liner

As we can see from the table above, the wetness indicator of both Luvs and Pampers are just the same, since they give you a clue on when to change the diapers.

  • The wetness indicator saves you a lot of time in the long run because instead of having to rummage through your baby’s diapers all the time to check if they are full and wet (and smelly, and gross!), just looking at the wetness indicator shows that you need to change the diaper (or not) by the color of the diaper’s portion.
  • Having a wetness indicator is important since it will help to keep your child comfortable when they are wearing the diaper. Surely, babies cannot speak and communicate effectively, and this is why they need something to tell their parents that their diaper is all full and needs to be changed.
  • Diapers that haven’t been changed in a long time not only smell bad, but they may also cause your child skin rashes, especially if they are very sensitive in their skin. Therefore, it is important to know the right time to change their diapers.

In terms of anti-wetness, each diaper brand has its own way of keeping your baby dry. Luvs has triple leak guards and Pampers has an absorb away liner.

  • Having leak guards and absorb liners are important so that your baby’s behind will be kept dry as much as possible. Without this, their butts would get rash more often and they could cry because of this itchiness.
  • Babies have delicate skin, so they should be protected from wetness as much as possible. Therefore, having a diaper that has anti-wetness features is a must. After all, that’s one of the main jobs of a diaper, right?

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FeatureLuvs Ultra LeakguardsPampers Swaddlers
SoftnessSuper softBlanket soft
ProtectionLarge tabs that can be refastenedSoft, stretchy sides
Contoured fitGoodBetter

As we can see on the table above, Pampers seems to be softer than Luvs in terms of softness, as the Luvs brand seems to be focused more on leak protection while Pampers focuses more on comfort.

  • Pampers seems to be the upper hand since they are more committed to comfort despite the slight price difference (see below).
  • Comfort is important since it will be able to keep your baby less frustrated and more relaxed when they are changing diapers. Keep your baby pampered (pun intended) by choosing an appropriate diaper that is not too harsh on their skin, and by that, we mean choosing a comfortable diaper with a soft inside.

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In terms of protection, we think that the Luvs has better protection because of the large tabs, compared to that of Pampers, which only has soft sides. While soft sides are helpful to keep your baby comfortable, they may not be enough when it comes down to overall protection and snug fitting.

  • These large tabs can be useful if your baby is also very wiggly and they are hard to change diapers with. Large tabs make it easy to keep your baby diapers snug and fit so they don’t go off easily.

On contoured fitting, we found out that Pampers Swaddlers has belly protection as compared to the fitting of the Luvs Ultra Leakguards.

  • The belly is a sensitive part of your baby, and this is why they need something that conforms to their belly when they wear a diaper. The Pampers Swaddlers seems to have this feature due to their intensive studies with baby comfort.

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Usage and Popularity

FeatureLuvs Ultra LeakguardsPampers Swaddlers
PopularityLess knownHospital-recommended
Best used forLeak protectionUltra comfort
PriceCheaperA little more expensive

It is commonly known that Pampers is a big brand and thus, it is recommended and used by many hospitals due to its quality products as a baby company, while Luvs is a lesser known brand outside of the U.S. due to their lack of market.

  • There’s a big advantage of having a popular brand. This means that you can buy the brand almost anywhere and everywhere, unlike less popular brands. For instance, most Asian countries don’t know much about Luvs while they know Pampers very well.

Both these two diaper brands have their own best uses. Luvs is best used for those who just want simple leak protection. If you have a child who is very sensitive in their skin, however, we think you should go for Pampers instead, since they offer a lot of comfort features not offered in Luvs diapers.

  • Each diaper has their own expertise, so it is up to you to choose. If you prefer comfort, go for Pampers, but if you prefer simple protection for leaks and just to get the job done, go for Luvs.

When it comes down to the price, we found out that Pampers is a little bit more expensive, since it is an international brand that reaches millions of babies around the world (about as popular as Coca-Cola, for that matter). Since it is popular, it is no surprise that it’s not exactly a budget option for parents, as Luvs tends to be cheaper due to being less popular.


To conclude, we think that Pampers is still the best brand of diapers out there. It only has a small disadvantage on its price and the tabs (which is still okay since the tabs are soft for comfort) but nonetheless, it is still the most preferred diaper brand in the market today.

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