Little Tikes Trampoline Review

Playing outside is a great and fun activity for the kids, but what if you don’t have a lot of outdoor room to set up a playground for your little ones? What if it’s too dangerous outside or what if the weather is bad? This article will give you a solution – an indoor trampoline!

The Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is a great choice for those who live in homes or apartments that don’t have sufficient room outdoors and yet they have enough inside the house or room. It has a ton of features that you will surely like (and your little one will enjoy as well). In this review, we cover its features, benefits, as well as its pros and cons to help you decide on buying it.

Features and Benefits

Are you ready for some jumping? The following are the benefits and features of this product:


  • 3-foot jumping surface – your kid can jump around easily with a wide jumping space that is safe. If your house is not too big, you may settle for this kind of trampoline, as most 3-foot trampolines are the best for small spaces with its good footprint, without compromising the safety of your little ones.
  • Ideal for 3 to 6 years old – kids who are in their toddler age is more likely to jump around than other kids of different ages. Therefore, you should burn off all that kid energy with a healthy dose of an indoor trampoline activity.

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  • Plastic and metal materials – this makes the trampoline much more durable yet doesn’t sacrifice its ability to be moved around the place. Metal parts keep the trampoline sturdy and stable while the plastic parts are still durable yet make it less heavy.
  • A handlebar is included – the handlebar is important when keeping the balance of your little ones. Have them hold onto the handlebar while jumping to retain their position instead of bouncing off the trampoline for safety purposes.
  • Up to 55 lbs. of max weight capacity – kids who are around this weight can definitely use this trampoline just fine, as it is a 1-kid trampoline, after all.

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  • Burns off kid energy – instead of jumping off the sofa or couch, they can burn off their kid energy on this trampoline by jumping for hours upon hours of fun (and burn fats!). Having the proper amount of exercise or physical activity when you are indoors can still count as a healthy move, especially with kids. You can get your children off the gadgets with this awesome new toy that they can jump on non-stop.
  • Indoor setup – you don’t have to go outside just to use a trampoline – this safe indoor setup can make playtime a breeze for your little ones even at the comfort of their own bedroom. Because it is meant for indoors, you don’t need a yard or outdoor place in order to set up a jumping space for your little kid, which can be useful when it’s raining or snowing outside, or the weather is too hot.
  • Handlebar provides safety – the handlebar comes with a foam handle. This handlebar is good for keeping the right position of your child as they jump off the trampoline. Unlike a trampoline that is plain without a handlebar, this one provides more safety because, without it, your child could bounce off the trampoline, which is dangerous as they can land on a hard place, such as your flooring, which can cause terrible injury. Keep them safe by using the handlebar for balance – in fact, you’ll see it in most dance arcade games in order to keep the player’s balance.
  • Soft edges for kids – having covered soft edges around the trampoline’s edges makes the unit safer for your little ones. Other trampolines for adults have exposed bungees, which can be a hazard for your child.

Pros and Cons

Of course, every item has its own pros and cons. With the Little Tikes 3-foot trampoline, here are its best and not-so-good features (that aren’t deal breakers):


  • Easy to move and set up – you can set it up as quickly as 15 minutes on the average. Setting it up is generally a breeze and anyone can do it with the included instructions.
  • Gets your child active indoors – there’s nothing that beats physical activity in order to keep your child healthy, active, and not bored even while they are indoors.
  • Just-right size for most apartments and homes – the 3-foot stage of the trampoline won’t be a bother for those with small to medium-sized apartments and homes. In fact, many aerobic trampolines for adults are sized the same.
  • Foam on the handle – the foam on the handle will keep your child’s hands less tired with fatigue due to the soft foam that they can hold onto while they are jumping up and down.
  • The safety bar is wide enough – the safety bar is what keeps your little one balanced when they are jumping. The right width is important to make sure that they stay in the right position when they are having fun with the trampoline.
  • Elastic webbing is safer than springs – unlike bungee cords and springs, this trampoline makes use of elastic webbing, which is deemed safer and more ideal for kids. Bungee cords are more ideal for adult trampolines.


  • The bar may need to be unscrewed when folding – when you are trying to fold and store the trampoline, the bar is not actually foldable, which can be cumbersome for most. However, you can still unscrew it, although this may not appeal to all parents who don’t have a lot of time.
  • Foam on the bar needs to be more durable – it can be a choking hazard once your little ones destroy it.


To conclude, the Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is a great way to resolve that problem of sofa jumping or bed jumping and ruining or wrecking your bed and couch. We hope that this review can help you decide on buying an indoor trampoline such as this one!

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