Kids Halloween Games and Party Ideas

As the spookiest time of the year is approaching, everybody seems to wonder who is going to wear the scariest costume. Amongst kids, wearing the most frightening and genuine costume might be extremely exciting, however, Halloween won’t be a complete treat without some fun party games. It’s all about having fun but in a more unusual and flabbergasting way. No matter whether you are organizing a home party or you are attending one, you can surely make a blast out of these terrific (or terrifying) party games and ideas. So, get your bat’s ears, werewolf’s scent, and night’s owl vision turned on, and read on to find out what to do.

  • Spider blow

This game is easy to make, fun, and engaging. You only need to find and print at least 10 small spiders, or you can draw them if you are skilled enough, and cut them out. Get a packet of plastic straws and get the party started. You can play in teams of two or more players. Place the small spiders on the edge of the table, each player should take a straw with his/ her mouth and with their hands behind their backs blow as fast as they could. The winner is the one whose spider reaches the other end of the table first. There will be spiders flying around everywhere, but it will also be really exciting.

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  • Apple bobbing

No Halloween party for kids cannot be left out without this game. This a traditional game for Halloween which will make every single party a memorable event. You need a large basin or pot and fill it with water and apples. The apples are less dense than water so they float, kids must grab them solely with their teeth. The trick of this game is that they are not allowed to use their arms or any other help.

  • Witch’s hat toss

There are many variations to this popular game, but if you desire to make the best Halloween party ever, then you should go with Witch’s hat toss. Get some cardboard paper, and make cones which will act as witch’s hat. You can paint it black and stick some stickers like yellow start, the moon, the black cat, and so on. From the rest of the cardboard paper make rings. You can play in teams. Toss the rings to fit the witch’s hat.

  • The mummy wrap

There isn’t a single kid that doesn’t like this game. Even if you will end up with lots of cleaning and toilet paper gathering, it will all be worth it. To make this game even more alluring, divide into two teams. Provide enough toilet paper for each team. Choose your ‘mummy’ and ready, steady, go! Players need to as quickly as possible wrap the mummy up. The team that finishes first is the winner.

  • Monster freeze dance

The most chilling thing about this game is that you have to play some spooky Halloween tunes in order to uplift the spirit of the little monsters. All dressed up the costumes, kids need to dance the weirdest, most frightening way possible, and when the music stops they must freeze and make the scariest face ever. The player who hasn’t made a scary wast gets ruled out, and so on.

  • Slimy guessing game

What’s spookier than having to get your hands in a large black bag filled with strange items? Well, if that bag or pot is filled with gross, yucky slime, then it really can get nasty. This is a scary and gross version of guessing games. Get as many households, school, or other mundane items for kids to feel and guess into one bag or pot, but make or buy a slime and place it within. Get ready for a lot of “Ohh” and “Aaaagh”s.

  • Scavenger hunt

This fantastic Halloween game is ideal for kids of all ages and sizes. Place a variety of items, treats, candies, and tasks all-around your house and garden. Provide a simple but tricky Scavenger hunt list of what they are supposed to find or do to move on to the next item, ask the kids to find them. There be lots of running and screaming around the house, but make sure that you provide some treats and rewards for the winners.

  • Ghost storytelling

No Halloween is truly completed unless you all sit around in a circle with lights turned off and a flashlight telling spooky, ghost stories around. Of course, this is a great Halloween idea for the older  (braver) kids, but definitely, one that awakes a lot of creativity and imagination. You can even lit some candles around to set an even more daring atmosphere.

Get some groovy music on, don’t forget about the classic Halloween party foods like chocolate eyeballs, candy corns, pumpkin fudge, and a virgin Bloody Marry cocktail. Wear a unique costume and use up these ideas to have a night to remember.

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