Is 4D Ultrasound Safe During Pregnancy?

The joy of seeing your baby before it is born is an unparalleled experience and who would not want to have an episode of it? Getting into a secret world where you could witness the baby’s movements, yawning and even smiling at the moment is undoubtedly surreal. Now before the due date, this bundle of joy can be ‘felt’. In this generation of modern technology and medical advancements, now the age-old fuzzy ultrasound pictures are overshadowed by the 4d ultrasound technology which provides lifelike images and video of the baby in motion. This is a free test, and in some parts of the world, it is illegal to avail this facility. Some parents, however, feel that they should know how their unborn kids are faring on so that they can be sure that the baby has no complications. They also think that knowing the progress makes them prepared to raise a kid that has any form of complexity I case the ultrasound avails any of it.

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Facts about the 4d ultrasound

4d ultrasound is a technique where the movement of the baby inside the womb is reproduced. It is also called sonography as high-frequency sounds are used to create images with the help of a probe. The strength of these reflections forms the basis of these images. Computer software performs all these functions and captures the pictures. Your obstetrician will suggest the best time for this procedure. It can take place between the 27 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. And scrapping the notion that ultrasound cannot be done more than once. It can be done five times for a healthy pregnancy without complications.

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●    It gathers more Information about the growth and development of the baby.

●    More precise identification of fetal anomalies.

●    It helps in determining fetal age and multiple pregnancies.


●    Too much exposure to the radiation isn’t good for the baby.

●    Safest equipment is not always kept in mind, and some companies seek only money, not health

The biggest concern here is whether the ultrasound is safe for the unborn baby or not. It has always been debated over in the country. The concerns on whether it is reliable arises. This is because some mothers have complained of the 4d ultrasound machine giving false results of the gender of the baby. Well, these scans detect developmental disorders in children instantly, although they aren’t very noticeable and apparent signs of the same. There are some problems which ultrasound cannot detect at all. Secondly, there are many errors that can arise when it comes to using it. The ultrasound can sometimes fail to recognize and show developmental disorders even in those children who are developing typically. It can also be vice- versa where the results come out to be healthy even when the unborn child does have some developmental disorder.

Although these results are mainly influenced by factors like how much amniotic fluid is present, how thick the wall of the mother’s abdomen is, statistics show that about 1 out of 100 pregnant women can expect a false result. The sound waves emitted are not very harmful to the mother or the child; it is dangerous only when it finds some abnormality. It makes the parents feel anxious and create tension. It can also mean that more tests would be conducted. The results can be intense and challenging to cope with, particularly for the parents.  Vice versa, it can also show that the child is healthy, while he/she might be having some health issues. This might come as a shocker to the parents once the child is born because all this time they would be under the impression that their child is completely fine.

Moreover, not all of the tests taken can show precise results. Unclear images are a result due to the presence of air and other factors, which can block the image to some extent. Furthermore, not all the diseases detected during these tests are curable. If the child is physically or mentally disabled, the parents might go into a dilemma.


There’s no proof that these rays harmful. They are usually safe if the sonographer follows all the guidelines. Studies have also found out that there’s no link between ultrasound and dyslexia, cancers or problems with eyesight or hearing.  When an ultrasound scan is done, the 4d ultrasound machine releases minimal heat, which is completely safe unless the temperature rises.

Nonetheless, it is essential to keep the unborn baby away from any technology or rays. It is vital to keep the visits limited to just two, and each scan shouldn’t last more than 15 minutes. It is more important for the parents to wait for their child to be born and then look at him/ her instead of exposing the child to such rays at a fatal stage. Parents should, therefore, get prepared to raise the kid that God has granted them. They should treat the birth of the kid as a surprise. Knowing the gender of the kid is not as surprising as that of giving birth to a kid, one does not have a clue of what it is.

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