Huggies Wipes VS. Pamper’s Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are always a handy baby item to have, especially when you’re changing diapers at home or at the mall. We considered two options: Huggies Wipes and Pamper’s Baby Wipes, two famous brands. In this article, we’ll break down their differences, as well as their features.

Huggies Wipes VS. Pamper’s Baby Wipes: The Differences

We settle the differences between Huggies and Pampers in this section:

Feature Huggies Wipes Pamper’s Baby Wipes
Moisturizing Good Better
Layer Triple-layer Triple-layer
Alcohol-free Yes Yes
Chlorine-free Yes Yes

As we can see above, in terms of moisturizing, Pampers takes the cake due to its better texture, which doesn’t leave a dry feeling to your baby’s butt. This can be important so that your baby doesn’t often get a diaper rash.

  • Having moisturizing baby wipes for babies is important because babies tend to have sensitive skin. This can cause them to have more rashes than usual if the product wasn’t moisturizing enough for them. We chose the Pampers baby wipes because of that, since also, it is a worldwide trusted brand, after all.

In terms of layering, both the Huggies Wipes and Pampers Baby Wipes have a triple layer on the wipes, so they don’t easily rip apart when you are using them.

  • A triple-layer baby wipe can be important for parents who are often on the go. The triple layer makes the wipes more durable than regular wipes since they don’t make a mess out of your hands and you can handle your baby’s butt easily when changing their diapers due to the construction of each of the wipes.

Are both the Huggies Wipes and Pampers Baby Wipes alcohol-free? Yes, so your baby can get protected against irritation that can cause diaper rash.

  • Most lotions, baby products, and skincare products nowadays tend to have no alcohol, since alcohol is a drying agent to the skin – it should only be used sparingly for certain occasions such as wounds and infections. Because both these baby wipes contain no alcohol, your baby’s butt won’t get as much irritation like other products that have alcohol in them.

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Both of the Huggies Wipes and Pampers Baby Wipes are also chlorine-free, which adds peace of mind to you as the parent so that your baby doesn’t get irritated on their skin as well.

  • Chlorine is the chemical that is used in cleaning swimming pools, and it is also sort of a mild bleach that may alter hair color, so it’s kind of bad for babies due to their sensitive skin. After all, we take a shower before and after entering a swimming pool due to the itchy effect, so it makes sense that chlorine shouldn’t be in baby products.

Huggies Wipes VS. Pamper’s Baby Wipes: The Pros and Cons

We break down the pros and cons of the Huggies Wipes and Pampers Baby Wipes in this section:

First, the Huggies Wipes:


  1. No alcohol. Most of us know that alcohol stings and could also cause irritation for babies who have sensitive skin. Therefore, having no alcohol in baby wipes is a good thing.
  1. No chlorine. As we mentioned above, chlorine can be harmful to your baby’s skin since it is a form of bleach. Therefore, it shouldn’t be in baby wipes at all to avoid such irritations.
  1. Includes vitamin E and aloe. Vitamin E and aloe are both friendly towards your baby’s skin since they are moisturizing in a sense.
  1. Has a textured design. The textured design makes it easy for you to clean up your baby’s skin and also to hold the wipes without easily slipping from your hand. Some wipes are too greasy and oily that they slip away when you hold them.

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  1. No fragrance added. Having no fragrance can also benefit babies since fragrances can sometimes irritate their skin (and their sense of smell). Therefore, it’s more advisable for babies to go with baby wipes that have no fragrance added.
  1. Triple-layer design. This means that it’s harder to rip apart, unlike regular baby wipes, so you can get rid of the messy stuff from your baby’s butt without feeling all gross due to the tough construction of each of the baby wipes.
  1. It’s hypoallergenic. For babies with sensitive skin and are prone to rashes, this product can be good because it is hypoallergenic.


  1. Could be rough and dry for some babies. Compared to Pampers wipes, the Huggies wipes could be a bit rougher with its formulation.
  1. The wipes may be too small for some babies. This depends on your baby, but most wipes tend to be small, anyway.

Next, the Pampers Baby Wipes:


  1. It’s moisturizing. The effect of Pampers baby wipes on your skin can be smooth and soft that it won’t easily make them irritated.
  1. There are 3 layers. Like the Huggies one, it also has three layers that can make it tough and durable when you’re in a pinch trying to change your baby’s diaper.
  1. It’s hypoallergenic. This means that it is gentle on your baby’s soft or delicate skin.
  1. It contains no fragrances. This also means that babies with sensitive skin to fragrances won’t easily get irritation from these wipes.
  1. No alcohol. Having no alcohol in baby wipes is a plus since it won’t irritate your baby’s skin.
  1. No chlorine. Chlorine is also a harsh chemical, so it shouldn’t be in baby wipes, like alcohol.
  2. Textured design. This can be ideal for easily holding the baby wipes without slipping off your hand.


  1. It may be a bit oily. Some parents may find it too greasy to hold and to wipe over.
  1. The wipes could be small for some babies. This is a con shared with Huggies wipes and with other baby wipes, anyway.


To wrap it up, we picked the Pampers baby wipes over the Huggies due to its better moisturizing capability. Both of these two baby wipes are great and they are almost very similar to each other, but Pampers only wins by its moisturizing effect. We hope you liked this comparison review between the two baby wipes!

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