How to Use SwaddleMe

SwaddleMe is a comfortable and convenient baby wrap (if there’s such a term) that can keep your baby warm and cozy during cold nights and during trips. It can also act as a protective barrier so that when they sleep, they get protected against the cold or other elements.

Babies who are placed in a swaddle blanket could actually get reduced risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. This is due to the fact that their sleeping position is instantly corrected to back sleeping instead of stomach or side sleeping, which could cause difficulty in breathing for your child.

Most moms and dads are still new to swaddling their babies. If you don’t know how to use a SwaddleMe to swaddle or wrap your baby, read on this article to find out.

How to Use SwaddleMe

To use your SwaddleMe, here are the steps to do so:

1. Find a flat surface to lay your baby onto. This can be your bed or couch, as long as it’s flat enough yet comfortable for your baby to lay onto when you wrap them with SwaddleMe.

2. Spread the SwaddleMe. Do this with the pocket upwards and the enclosure on the right side. The left flap will be the one to wrap your baby with, so keep it on the left side and spread it.

3. Open the pocket. The pocket that is faced upwards is where you will insert your little one. When you open this area, make sure that your baby will fit in.

4. Put your baby inside the pocket. Do this by starting on the legs (put them into the leg pockets) and then finish off by covering the blanket or pocket towards your baby, but make sure it is on a safe level.

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5. Wrap your baby with the left-wing. Tuck in your little one using the left flap or wing and place the edge under your baby’s left arm. There is usually a fastener on the wing or edge towards the tab that’s also on your SwaddleMe.

6. Wrap the other side. Now, do the other part of the SwaddleMe and place it on the left side to wrap your baby like a burrito (but not too tight!). There is also a tab on this side of the wrap so you can secure that part as well.

7. Ensure that your baby can breathe properly. To do this, place 2 to 3 fingers between your swaddling blanket and your baby’s chest. You should also ensure that their legs have enough room to move around.

Safety Notes

When swaddling your baby, you should take note of the following:

1. Don’t swaddle your baby too tightly. Doing so could cause them hip problems in the future, as well as other posture problems. Make sure that your baby still has the capability to move their legs even when they are wrapped cozily in the SwaddleMe blanket or wrap.

2. Have your baby sleep on their back. Babies are best recommended to sleep on their back when being swaddled to avoid the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. Back sleeping is also best for babies to help them breathe properly.

3. Always keep an eye on your baby when sleeping in a SwaddleMe. Never leave your child unattended because wrapping your baby in a swaddle could cause problems if they get too hot or uncomfortable. The usual problem of a baby who is in a swaddle is that they could feel sweaty. Keep an eye on your baby for signs of discomfort, such as excessive sweating or a rise in temperature, or even difficulty in breathing (hopefully not).

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4. Consider your baby’s age. Babies who are 2 months old and above are advised not to use a swaddle blanket anymore because they usually have the strength and tendency to roll over, unlike newborns. If your baby does have this capability, it’s best not to use a swaddle blanket over them to avoid suffocation and the like.

5. Use proper lighting when swaddling your baby. This is to help ensure that you see your baby and the swaddle blanket when you are wrapping your baby. Sometimes, when the light is too low, you may not be seeing your baby properly and could possibly hurt them.

6. If your baby is uncomfortable with their arms being wrapped, don’t wrap them. To do this, just swaddle their bodies or under their arms instead of wrapping their hands and arms along. This usually works well for babies who are older than 1 month.


To wrap it up (pun intended), SwaddleMe is definitely quite convenient to use, as long as you learn of the basics. Swaddle blankets can help your child to stay cozy but you do need to make sure that your little one is comfortable and not sweaty inside. We hope that this article informed you on how to use this swaddle blanket properly and safely for your child!

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