How to Stop a Toddler From Falling Out of Bed

Toddlers can be quite unpredictable when they sleep at night, just like when they are awake. Most kids in this age or stage of life could have a more active sleep pattern, which makes them more prone to moving around in bed and puts them at risk for falling out of the bed, which is dangerous.


Most experts and moms agree that you have to put some kind of baby bed protection in your toddler’s bed, especially if your toddler is still very new to the bed and have just moved from a crib. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some ways on how to stop a toddler from falling out of bed.


Method #1: Put a Duvet Sideways

With this method, you can place your duvet sideways or add some pillows on the side. The duvet will be tucked in so that your child will feel safe when sleeping. In this way, your child will not easily fall out because of the extra protection that the duvet offers could be enough.


Method #2: Use a Guard Rail

A bed guard or a guardrail can be a good choice if your child is still not very used to a toddler bed. It will be a good transition from a crib to a bed if your child has more tendencies to fall out of bed. Guardrails can be installed in a toddler bed and there are many options for bed designs that already built-in with a guardrail or bed guard.


Method #3: Sleep on the Floor First

If you are not very confident about your child’s sleeping habits, you can always have them sleep on the floor first. In this way, you will be able to observe whether he or she will have the tendency to fall down or not. Sleeping on the floor first can act as a safe training before your child can move on to a toddler bed that’s higher.


Method #4: Place the Bed into a Corner

A good way to somewhat guarantee that your child won’t easily fall out of bed is to secure two sides of the bed to the wall – that is, driving it to a corner in your room. Your child will only have two sides of the bed to possibly fall out of. If the bed already has a bed guard at the bottom then there’s only one side open, which can put your mind at ease.


Method #5: Put a Mattress on the Floor

While this isn’t exactly a method to keep them from falling out of bed, it will guarantee that they will be safe when they fall out of bed. You can combine this method with other methods such as when putting a duvet sideways to keep your child thoroughly safe and sound.


Method #6: Use a Nightlight

One problem that most toddlers face when they get up in the middle of the night is to see things in the dark. If they have a nightlight in the room, they will be at less risk to falling out of bed because they will know where the edge of the bed will be and they will be able to get off the bed safe and sound. The nightlight doesn’t have to be very bright – just enough to keep your child safe, especially if your child is afraid of the dark.


Method #7: Restrict the Use of a Bunk Bed

Many children are very tempted to using a bunk bed because of it’s fun and unique design. However, many experts and moms warn that kids should be at least 9 years old to sleep on top of a bunk bed for safety reasons.


This is why toddlers should only sleep at the bottom as much as possible, or sleep on a normal bed instead since bunk beds have ladders that might also possibly injure toddlers when they move in their sleep.


Method #8: Get a Lower Toddler Bed

While this method does not exactly prevent your child from falling out of bed, it can lower the risk of injury if they ever do fall out of bed. You can combine this method with #5 (putting a mattress on the floor) to make sure that your child stays safe even when they do move a lot in their sleep in the middle of the night.



There are many ways to stop a toddler from falling out of bed, but perhaps the best method, aside from the right gear and baby bed protection products, is to watch over your child when they are still young and wait until they’re old enough to be able to sleep on their own. Having a watchful eye for your little one at their younger stages puts them at less risk from falling out of bed in general.

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