How to Keep Your Child Cool in the Stroller

When the summer wave hits, it can be hard to keep your child cool in the stroller. Supposed you want to take them to Disneyland or to any park, it can be a hassle for them if they always sweat in their stroller and it could also lead them to get sick because of the dried sweat. Also, without proper ventilation, your child could have difficulty in breathing!

Therefore, you should definitely consider finding out ways on how to keep your child cool in the stroller. In this article, we give you some tips and tricks on how your baby could stay chill outdoors.

Stroller Add-ons

Here are the stroller add-ons you should have to keep your child extra cool:

1. Canopy. A canopy is like a big hood that most strollers have. Some strollers, however, don’t have them, so if you do want to keep your child shaded, do consider one that has a big canopy so that you can flip it over to keep them shaded from the big, bright sun.

Canopies can also be extended using a universal canopy extender that you can buy separately. Also, you can also make your own canopy using a blanket or any sturdy piece of cloth if you already have a stroller on hand.

2. Stroller fan. The stroller fan is a small, usually battery-operated fan that has either open or closed blades that are very safe for your child since they are made of soft material and won’t hurt your baby’s fingers.

This kind of fan can be clipped onto the stroller so that your child can stay cooler throughout the day. They are usually cheap and portable so you can buy them anywhere. In fact, you may even want to use them, too, if you feel hot.

3. Removable back panel. Not all strollers have this since it is quite a unique feature. If you do want a summer-ready stroller, consider one that has a removable back panel so that your child could have some added ventilation not just from the front but also from the back.

4. Storage basket or bottle holder. You might be wondering what a storage basket would help to cool your baby down. The answer: you get to put more drinks underneath! By ensuring that your child gets enough hydration when they are outdoors, you can keep them cool and comfortable, so do consider a stroller that has a place to put your baby’s cool drinks.

5. Stroller liner. You might think that additional cloth covers could be hot for your child, but they’re not. Stroller liners are actually cooling because of their materials so they could be a good addition to your baby stroller. They can also be ideal for newborns and younger babies to give them added support throughout a bumpy ride.

Baby Must-haves

Here are the things that your baby should have during the stroller trip:

1. Lots of H2O. Water is very essential to your child when they are going outside on a hot day. Consider having their water bottles extra cool so that when you go outside, it will not get too warm. Or, you can also consider putting them in an insulation bag so that the drinks will stay at the same temperature as much as possible when going outdoors.

2. Sweat-absorbing baby towels. Having a baby towel outside, even smaller ones can help you wipe away your baby’s sweat. Wiping their sweat is important so that they don’t catch a cough or respiratory problems since dried sweat could do that to your baby. Always ensure that your baby stays dry and cool by having a baby towel in your arsenal of baby items.

3. Extra iced water bottle. This is not exactly for drinking, but more for keeping your baby cool. What you want to do is to wrap some baby towels in your extra iced water bottle and then gently tap them onto your baby’s forehead, armpits, and the like. This can help them to keep cool even in the hot summer day.

4. Insulation bag. As we mentioned above, having an insulation bag (a bag that has insulation lining on the inside) can help to keep your drinks cool enough. It is a must-have if you are traveling long distances or if you want to spend long times outside and don’t want your cool drinks to get warm. Make sure they fit under your storage basket or you can also hang them on your stroller for extra convenience.


In the long run, you only need to work on a few small investments in order to keep your child cool in the stroller, especially in the summer heat. On a hot day, always be sure that you are ready with all your gear to avoid getting your child extra sweaty when you are outdoors.

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