How to keep your baby safe from a Stroller Fan?

Fans are an affordable, eco-friendly way to keep cool. Unfortunately, standard fans pose a danger to little fingers, while their motion attracts a young child’s attention. This can even be true for portable fans designed for use around children. Are you looking for ways to keep your child safe from a stroller fan? Here are 7 tips.

Tip 1: Keep it out of reach.

This is a classic approach to protecting children. Put the item out of their reach and keep it there. In this case, put the stroller fan on the sunshade or top of the stroller where your child cannot reach it. Note that this won’t work if your child is often standing up in the stroller.

Tip 2: Buy the right fan.

Instead of trying to play keep-away, consider buying a stroller fan that’s safe for your child. This may be a stroller fan that has soft fan blades or moves so slowly that it won’t hurt your child if they grab it.

Alternatively, you could buy a stroller fan with a protective cage around the fan blades that keeps a child’s fingers from reaching it.

Tip 3: Find other solutions.

One way to protect your child from an item is to keep it out of their reach. Another option is to minimize exposure. For example, you could switch the baby blankets to thin covers that protect from the sun without causing them to overheat.

Use chilled packs to keep your child cool instead of fans. If you give the baby a chilled teether pack, they may not worry about the stroller fan when you finally turn it on.

Tip 4: Break out the misters.

There are two potential paths in this regard. One is using a mister instead of a fan. Then you don’t have to use a fan, so there’s no risk there.

Another option is using a fan in conjunction with a mister. The mist helps keep your child cool. You may not need to run the fan as fast because of that cooling mist.

You can even find fans that have a built-in mister. If you turn on the mist, the child may play with that instead of grab for the fan.

Tip 5: Choose a flexible stand.

Fan blades are the most obvious risk to a curious child. The other risk is the clip used to connect the fan to the support. Your child might pinch their fingers playing with the clip, or they may cause the fan to drop when playing with it.

A good solution is to get a flexible stand for the fan. Many fans have these long wrap-around stands or strands out of the box.

Others can be connected to such a flexible wrap-around support instead of clipped on to the sunshade.

Now it can’t be pulled down by a toddler, and it won’t accidentally fall off the stroller.

Tip 6: Make the most out of the fan you have.

Risk can be measured by both the severity of risk and duration. One way to protect your child from a fan is to only use it when absolutely necessary. For example, only turn it on when necessary instead of letting it run for hours on end. This has a side benefit of extending battery life.

Another option is switching the fan pattern from swinging 180 degrees left to right to only blowing air directly on your child. You can then slow down the fan speed while keeping your child cool.

Tip 7: Cover it yourself.

Stroller fans typically have a plastic grate over the fan blades unless the fan blades are so soft it doesn’t matter. You can protect the stroller fan yourself by putting a cloth over it or installing an additional protective grate.

Note that clipping a cloth cover over the fan will reduce the amount of air flow in the stroller.


Stroller fans are a popular choice for keeping your child cool and comfortable as temperatures rise. However, you need to take steps to protect your child from the fan itself if you don’t buy a model that is completely child-safe.

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