How To Keep A Baby Cool In A Car Seat This Summer

Protecting your baby and making them happy is high on the priority list of most parents and this summer the sun will be belting down outside and your baby will feel the heat in the car seat. Keeping them cool is fundamentally important and this will ensure comfort and you will be avoiding overheating that may be problematic.

We have set out to do some research and find some of the best ways to keep your baby cool this summer. With these simple tips, you will not need to buy any expensive products and your baby will be happy for the entire journey. This should take one of the many parenting problems off your shoulders and simplify your life.

Top Ways To Keep Your Baby Cool In A Car Seat This Summer:

Keeping your baby cool for the entire journey might be a stressful thing to do. We have spoken to many parents and those who have had a couple of children to find some of the clever ways they use to keep their babies cool. If you plan to take long journeys, these tips will definitely help you to keep the baby cool:

  1. Tinted Windows:

While this can be a little expensive, tinting your windows is one of the best ways to keep the sun from directly hitting your baby. It is also considered to be safer for your baby and the tinted windows have been tested to be somewhat stronger at resisting smash and grab situations. If you plan on having multiple children, this will be a great solution.

  1. Light interior:

It should come as no surprise that light does not catch as much heat as darker colors and while it will be extremely expensive to color the entire car, your interior can be a great place to start. Seat covers are really affordable and tests have shown that having a lighter interior will not draw as much heat. It is also a great way to keep everyone cooler in the car without an AC unit.

  1. Consider a spray gun:

The spray gun is one of your best friends and it can help your cool down. The water will evaporate off the skin and this will help them feel somewhat cooler. However, you should not buy a powerful spray gun and if you manage to find one with a built-in fan, the effects will be that much better. When it comes to keeping your child cool at an affordable price, this is a great option.

  1. Sunshade:

Modern car seats for babies will have built-in sunshades, but if you are using an older model, you might need to buy one additionally. If you are driving longer distances, the sunshade will be ideal and keep the sun off your baby. We recommend adding a sunshade to the car seat as this can also be removed and used when you are taking the baby outside.

  1. Evaporative Cooling Towels:

One of the cheapest things you can buy is the evaporative cooling towel and these towels are designed for keeping your baby cool. They generally have some moisture on them and this will allow the baby to be cooler. It also keeps the sun from directly shining on the baby, offering some great comfort for longer journeys.

  1. The Noggle:

The Noggle is a state of the art new invention that diverts the heat from the vents to the back of the car and directly onto your baby. If you are driving in extremely hot climates, this will act as a personal AC unit for your baby. They are also really affordable and does not require a lot to install. Those living in desert-like areas should find this really beneficial.

  1. Dress light:

The clothing you wear is fundamentally important. It is also really important to dress light. This can be reducing the number of layers that the child wears as well as the color of the clothing they wear. If you are traveling longer journeys, you should always have a baby pack on hand with the clothing of your child on hand.

Final Thoughts:

These steps and tips might seem simple, but they will definitely help you with your baby and keep him or her protected from the sun. If you love traveling, adding some of the accessories to your car will be a sure way to know you are always prepared for the sun and the heat. Those seriously looking to keep the baby cool can use all the above-mentioned steps.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like you to share some of your thoughts on keeping your baby cool in a car seat this summer. Let us know in the comment section which steps you have used and if we might have missed any of your favorites.


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