How To Dress Baby For Sleep In 70 Degree Room

If you’re wondering about which temperature is ideal for a baby, then it should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too hot or too cold then your baby could feel uncomfortable and could also get sick.

However, getting them dressed for sleeping is another thing to consider. Even if the room temperature is good, if your baby is not properly dressed for bedtime then there could be some drawbacks and they might not feel as comfortable as you think.

Importance of properly dressing baby for bedtime

Your baby might not feel comfortable if they sleep in a room and they have overly-dressed nighties, especially if it’s a hot and summery day. Babies might also get nightmares or an uncomfortable sleep if they have a lot of items in their crib or bed. Some of them can also pose a threat to their breathing when they sleep.

On the other hand, sleeping with a cold environment could also make babies more prone to sickness. If they have fewer clothes, they can most likely have respiratory problems since they are exposed to the cold. Babies tend to have very sensitive skin so they need to have a regularized temperature when they rest.

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Tips on dressing your baby for sleep

On a 70-degree room, here are tips that you can do for getting baby dressed up for sleeping:

1. Work in layers. Make sure that the layers are easier to take off once your baby is laid down in the crib. You can easily take them off when it is too hot or add some swaddles or blankets when it is too cold.

Many parents prefer dressing up their babies in layers so that taking them off can be much easier than having to put them on. However, you should always keep an eye out for your baby in case they feel uncomfortable.

2. Avoid overdressing your baby. Check your baby if they are sweating or feeling uncomfortable when they are dressed. If so, you can just remove some layers. Overdressing your baby might cause your baby to not be able to get the right amount of sleep they need.

3. Consider snug-fitting onesies. These are more ideal for babies since they are neither too hot nor too cold since they hug the skin.

Usually, baby onesies are made with feet covers so that they can protect your child’s tiny little feet. Your baby’s feet are more sensitive to the cold and that’s why we recommend onesies. Many onesies in the market today are made from cotton so they are highly absorbent and are also comfortable and safe for baby’s skin.

4. Try sleep sacks. Sleep sacks are good for places that tend to have cold bursts every once in a while. You can just add it when you think that the room has gotten cold and take it out once not needed. Sleepsacks for babies are usually comfortable and easier to wear.

5. Make sure that the baby blanket stays in the middle. This means that it should not cover or go above your baby’s chest to help them breathe properly while sleeping. A good tip to make sure the blanket stays put is to tuck it under the mattress of your baby crib.

6. Consider a good material for the baby blanket. If you want a breathable baby blanket then you should consider natural fibers. Cotton, cashmere, and wool as the most common blanket materials. Not only are they eco-friendly but they are also safer for babies since they are all-natural without the toxic chemicals. What’s more, they can absorb sweat easily yet keep your baby warm at the same time.

7. Look for signs on your baby. Sometimes, it is difficult to know how your baby is feeling since they won’t be able to tell you.

  • If your baby feels too hot: If you see that your baby gets rosy or flushed cheeks, heat rashes, dry hair, and excessive sweating, those are signs that you need to take a layer off their clothing or adjust the temperature in your baby’s room.
  • If your baby feels too cold: Signs that your baby might feel too cold include feeling cold on their hands and feet, getting a cold tummy, and feeling dizzy or being unusually quiet. If these signs prevail, consider adding some more layers to keep your baby warm and cozy.


In the long run, investing in good baby dresses for sleeping can be vital to ensure that your little one sleeps soundly. After all, sleep is a big part of your baby’s growth and development and if they don’t sleep comfortably, they could have developmental problems in the future. We hope your little one gets a good night’s sleep with these tips!

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