How Musical Instrument Can Develop Baby’s Brain Health?

The many benefits of music and musical instruments for babies cannot be stressed enough. This is why we have mobile toys that play soothing music, usually in the form of music box and lullabies, that stimulate your little one’s ears to hear music for the first time.

Just how do musical instruments help your baby’s health? This article will attempt to answer that with some known benefits.

Benefits of Musical Instrument in Brain Development

1. Language learning

The most important thing to know about music being played to your child is that it stimulates their language-learning abilities. Children who are exposed to music at a younger age can possibly learn how to say their first words much earlier than children who aren’t.

This is because music plays some key role in a child’s brain and stimulates it. Music is usually accompanied with rhythm and sounds so if they know how to recognize different sounds then they may be able to form words and sounds from their mouth much easier.

They may also have better response time when they hear words or music if they have been accustomed to hearing melodies and lullabies when they are in the crib. This is especially the case if you give them one of those piano keyboard toys in which they can press buttons and the sounds come out.

2. Good for premature development

Babies who hear lullabies and are still in the ICU may have better chances of developing better and at par with most babies who went through normal delivery. If your baby gets exposed to music or anything that’s soothing to them, they can sometimes give them the feeling of warmth or simulating a mother’s womb sounds.

The same effect of classical music can be seen in this case. Music might make a child develop more in their early age. Just as how we adults find classical music great in terms of helping us study well or focus on a task, the same is true for babies when they listen to it.

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3. Memory skills

When your little ones listen to the same music over and over again, they begin to recognize patterns in sounds and music. They may know which sounds are talking and which sounds are music based on what they often hear, which can help with their memory skills. If your child can start to sing, they can also help with memorization with simple lyrics of most children’s songs.

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4. May help with their brain’s effect on motor skills

Playing a musical instrument, such as a keyboard, while they are still young, can help them with their motor skills, especially on how their brain reacts and controls their muscles since your baby moves their hands to press buttons on the keyboard.

By learning how a musical instrument works and how each individual sound is produced, your baby will have an idea on how pressing a key can make a certain sound which they want to hear, and thus, can be a good starting point for those who want to develop their music skills in the future.

It also doesn’t just revolve around music skills – such brain and motor skill combination can be used in school for when they do other physical activities that require hand and eye coordination and critical thinking as well as decision making. The effect of music in their brains is like a stimulant that motivates them to do certain tasks and actions, which can also have a good effect on their motor skills.

What Musical Instruments can my Baby Play?

Like what we said above, musical instruments such as the piano or keyboard can be a good first instrument for your little one, especially the toy ones. This is the easiest musical instrument that most toddlers and babies can have. They may also have a soft toy guitar to help them get acquainted on how to pluck strings although this may be better for the older babies due to safety concerns.

If your baby is still too small, you can just give them musical mobiles that have sounds so that they can get exposed to music even at a young age. Most of these toys can be bought in stores or online and you can hang them up in your baby’s crib.


As a whole, it’s a good idea to expose your baby to musical instruments such as pianos or keyboards while they are still young, provided that they have supervision of adults and parents. If you want your baby to develop faster in their speech and memory skills, listening to music or getting involved with music is a good way to do it.

If you’re interested, you may also want to check out this Blog post from Musical Instru if you want to learn more about musical instruments for kids and beginners, as well as how-to articles for musical instruments.

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