How Long Should A Baby Sleep In A Bassinet?

A bassinet is a great place to sleep in for babies. This is because they are not only a very snug place, but they are also very protective, especially for newborns. But until when should babies sleep in a bassinet? This article will cover how long your baby should sleep in a bassinet and when to move them out into the crib instead.

How Long Should your Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

There are many different instances where you should move your baby depending on factors. Here are the most common factors that may affect how long your baby should be sleeping on their bassinet:

1. Your baby’s weight. The recommended baby weight is about 18 lbs. to fit well in a bassinet. Meaning to say, a baby that is about 2 months old or older could possibly be best to move out of the bassinet already so that their weight can be just right.

2. Your baby room’s location. Moving your baby from the bassinet to the crib takes a lot of hard work. For instance, because of the fact that bassinets can be mobile, it is more important for your baby to get accustomed first to a baby room before you move them out.

Signs it’s Time to Move Your Baby Out of the Bassinet

There are a couple of signs that you can observe in order to tell whether your baby is more applicable to a crib now than sleeping on a bassinet, and here are some of them:

1. Discomfort in the bassinet. Let’s face it – if your baby gets some manner of discomfort then they are in the bassinet, that is the time when they might want to move to a bigger sleeping area, which is the crib. If they feel discomfort then this can affect their sleeping patterns and it can cause them to cry in the middle of the night, which means trouble and stress not only for you but also for the baby and their sleep and growth patterns.

2. Baby is too large for the bassinet. Babies grow as people and that is why it can also mean that you might have to eventually move them out if you see that their arms and legs no longer fit well inside the bassinet, as compared to when they were still newborns. Remember that comfort is a big priority for your little one so it is crucial that you give them enough space to sleep without the discomfort of their arms and legs sticking out (and possibly cutting off circulation in those arms and legs).

3. Baby tries to look outside of the bassinet. When your baby gets curious from outside of the bassinet, it means that it is looking for something more. As babies grow, they also tend to become more perceptive and curious about the world around them. Perhaps they are looking for something bigger to match their development age? This is when you might want to consider putting them in a crib.

4. Sitting up on their own. Basically, when your baby knows how to sit up on their own, their muscles have somewhat developed already. Their muscles indicate that they can possibly become more independent and so they are ready to be put into a crib rather than being in a bassinet all the time. If they know how to sit on their own, it can be dangerous if they wake up in the middle of the night and crawl outside of the bassinet, which can cause some unwanted and dangerous accidents! Compare that to the safe grills of a crib!

5. Recommended weight. Simply put, you should look at the manufacturer’s weight recommendation or rating for the bassinet. If your baby’s weight exceeds that bassinet’s weight rating then it may be time to move them out of the bassinet and into a crib. It’s not only going to make them comfortable but it will also make them feel safer, as any baby item that cannot support your baby’s weight is not something that is going to be safe for long (or last as long).

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To conclude, it takes a lot of time, observation and getting to know your baby in order to asses if they need to sleep in a bassinet longer or if they should be moved to a crib. Keep in mind that not all babies grow up in the same way and in the same path. For instance, some are late bloomers while others are early developers – it depends on your baby’s preferences and sleeping habits, as some can find it hard to adjust to the newfound surroundings of a crib.

Nonetheless, we hope you had some good insights from our article on how long should a baby sleep in a bassinet. We hope your baby sleeps well!

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