Hot Wheels Vs Matchbox: What Is The Difference

Collectible cars are becoming more and more popular amongst children and even a couple of adults. The cars are nice to play with and they make the excellent decorative features as well. However, when you find out about collectible cars, the matchbox and hot wheels are the most common, but most people don’t really know the difference.

Since many people are still wondering which ones they should choose, we took the opportunity to learn a little more about both of them. In this article, we tackle some of the key aspects and differences of the matchbox and the hot wheels. Read on if you are struggling to make a decision on which one of them you should choose for your collection.

The Matchbox:

Matchbox is the older of the two brands and they have been designed and sold for more than 50 years. The cars are available in different sizes and models with many even allowing the user to assemble their own car. This versatility in designs has led many people to choose them for their collections and they have also become a good hobby for those with some time on their hands.

Hot Wheels:

Hot Wheels were first released in 1968 under the Mattel brand and they have been growing popularity ever since. However, Mattel bought matchbox in 1997, taking complete control of the collectible car industry and improving the designs with some added detail. After the purchase, Mattel shifted their focus to the collectible car market. In recent years, they have released numerous limited edition models that are highly sought after.

Key Differences

Understanding the differences will help you to make an informed decision on which one will work for you. If you are new to the collectible car industry, you should keep these differences in mind before you make a decision:


Matchbox mostly focuses their attention on detail and designing models of real streetcars. These models have a lot of detail to ensure that they do look exactly like the authentic version. Hot Wheels have taken a different approach and since 1997. They have moved on from real streetcars to designing fantasy models and replicas of the cars you commonly see in movies. If you like to have a car that symbolizes that of your favorite superhero, Hot Wheels will be your best option.

Model Release:

One of the reasons many people are still in love with matchbox is the fact that cars are only released sporadically. Hot Wheels are releasing new and upgrade models much more often. This means that if you don’t have a matchbox collection yet, you might be better off starting with Hot Wheels. You might be able to find your desired models much more effectively. Hot Wheels are also common amongst children looking for their fantasy cars found in animation movies.


Performance is really important for many people playing with the cars. However, collectors are more into the aesthetics and the look of the car. Hot Wheels are well known for their performance on the track, whereas matchbox models have no real performance on the Hot Wheel tracks. It is also worth noting that Matchbox has recently been moving into aircraft models as well.

If you are looking for something that will win races and perform on the track, you should consider Hot Wheels. Alternatively, those into collecting cars for display might enjoy having a Matchbox model with all the detail that has been added.

Which One Should You Buy As A Collector?

When talking about collectors, it is actually hard to stipulate that one is better than the other. If you are into Matchbox models, you might like the brand and this will appeal to you. As we have already mentioned, those looking for aesthetic appeal should consider sticking to the matchbox models for the intricate designs.

Other collectors, especially the younger ones, have been drawn to Hot Wheels. As we have mentioned, if you like fantasy models and playing with the cars on your special Hot Wheels track, the Hot Wheels models should be the best option. However, we still recommend both models for users and they offer excellent value.


Mattel is the leading supplier when it comes to supplying collectible car models. Matchbox and Hot Wheels are highly sought after and while they might be expensive, they do offer some serious fun for children and adults. We recommend both of them for users into collectible cars. You only need to decide which one you like most.

We would like to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on this subject as well and we look forward to seeing which one you think is the best.

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