Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Review

Childhood days are important for little boys, and that’s why they should get the best toys during their young age. One such toy is the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage, in which we will review today. It is a must-have for those kids who like cars and also wants to have their own racetrack and garage at home.

Features and Benefits

Below are the features and benefits of the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage:


1. Stands 3 feet tall – because of this height, most kids will be able to play with it just fine and reach into the cars with plenty of room. You can also use it for display and it will fit well in most kids’ rooms out there, or even on your own display area for your other Hot Wheels toys or setups.

2. Space for up to 140 cars or more – because it has a lot of parking area and space, you will have a lot of thrill putting your other toy cars, especially Hot Wheels ones, into the parking areas. It is a good feature if you are a collector of many Hot Wheels cars out there, since you may want to use this as a way of organizing your toy cars.

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3. Has an elevator for cars – you can transport up to 23 cars at a time. This is good for those who want to transport many cars in just one go and if you have a lot of toy cars, this is a nice feature. You don’t have to wait for a few seconds just to transfer your cars downward – the large and long spiral elevator does the trick for you.

4. A unique gorilla on the side of the elevator – a practice for your child’s timing skills, puzzle-solving and imaginative thinking, this gorilla on the side adds more uniqueness and challenge to the whole garage. Perfectly time the placement of your car in order not to be taken away by the gorilla in sight.

5. Multiple connection points – this allows your child to add more Hot Wheels sets whenever they want. The whole garage itself is already a racing area but you can also expand it to make the ultimate car city that you want. This is a must-have if you already have other Hot Wheels tracks.


1. Great for problem-solving skills – due to the included gorilla on the motorized elevator, your child will have to time their placement of the Hot Wheels cars in order not to get swiped away by the gorilla.

2. Practices creativity and imagination – one great benefit of this Hot Wheels garage is that it has a lot of different features that will enhance your child’s imagination. They will learn how to properly place and arrange their favorite cars by color or by type or they can also use their imaginative skills to slide down the cars to the elevator in the right timing.

3. A good organization tool for collectors – if you are a collector of a lot of Hot Wheels cars, this is a good advantage for you. Because of the many parking slots that you can use for your cars, you can organize them better, which is an advantage if your kid likes to mess around.

4. Has a lot of tracks that go around – for kids who also like a race track and at the same time, a garage for their Hot Wheels, this might be a combination of both of them. It can be connected to any external Hot Wheels set up so it is an expandable garage and race track in one setup.

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Pros and Cons

Like most toys, the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage has its share of pros and cons:


1. Motorized elevator – the unique motorized elevator transports your cars in batches from the top to the bottom. It helps when you have a lot of cars in your garage that you want to move downwards to the tracks – just keep an eye out for the moving gorilla as the elevator moves on its own.

2. Has a very large parking space – if you are looking for a large garage for your Hot Wheels, this is a good choice for you. With over 140 slots to fill up, it is a good place to arrange your favorite toy cars so that you can easily find the ones that you want to play in a breeze, and it is also a perfect display area for them for everyone to see.

3. Easy to assemble – because this large garage can be assembled within 20 to 30 minutes, you will have more time playing and parking your cars rather than putting it together in a frustrating way – even kids can set it up on their own with parental supervision or with their older siblings.

4. Has a lot of cool features – to enhance your child’s imagination and can be a great way for storytelling, this garage has a gorilla that grabs cars while the elevator goes down to transport cars. Its multiple tracks allow your child to place cars wherever they want other than using the garage to park their cars.


1. Needs 4 D-sized batteries – as the elevator uses this kind of battery, it can be a bit pricey for some, since D-sized batteries tend to cost more than your regular toy batteries, so it can be quite troublesome to replace when the battery runs out.

2. A little bit expensive for some – for some people, they may not find the features right for the price. This can vary, however, if you really need it for your child’s Hot Wheels to arrange them, although it’s usually the elevator that makes it a little pricier than the rest.


To wrap it up, the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage is going to be a great gift to someone who loves Hot Wheels so much and if they need a track and a garage at the same time. We hope you liked our review of the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage!

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