30 Best Hot Wheels Race Tracks and Cars for Kids

Hot Wheels have become a trademark around the world for fun racecars that can be enjoyed by little boys – and even those who are young at heart. Hot Wheels and their super cool and awesome track designs present fun and excitement for boys (and maybe even girls) of all ages.


There are many different variations of Hot Wheels race tracks out there – all of them with their unique capabilities, twists, and turns. But which ones actually stand out from the rest? In this article, we’ll review some of the best Hot Wheels race car tracks and cars for kids.


30 Best Hot Wheels Race Tracks and Cars for Kids

Without further ado, here are our chosen Hot Wheels tracks and cars:


City Cobra Crush Playset

Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Playset

If you like big city scenarios then the City Cobra Crush Playset might be the one for you. This unique race track has a giant cobra that can catch the Hot Wheels cars and then spiral them down back to a ground racetrack. You can easily control the launch of cars in this awesome racetrack.


For those who already have orange tracks, this playset can be combined with it for a much more exciting playtime experience. The goal of this City Cobra Crush Playset is to rescue the trapped cars at the bottom of the cobra and be a hero!


Triple Track Twister Track Set

Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Set

For a set of Hot Wheels track that has a lot of loops, loops, and more loops, your best bet would be the Triple Track Twister Track Set. The amazing looping capabilities will have you spinning around – and so will your cars!


There are a total of 3 loops in this entire set, which can all easily defy gravity with your cars. One of the parts of this track can also be a space for an iPad by which you can add more action by downloading an app from Hot Wheels.


Track Builder Multi-Loop Box Playset

Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Loop Box Playset

If your course is something that you want to build yourself, check out the Track Builder Multi-Loop Box Playset. This track set is a great gift for someone who has an interest in building things and it can also enhance your child’s imagination with the various possibilities for a track.


The fun fact with this playset is that the top lid is what you will use to make the car loops, which adds excitement to all! There are tracks that amount to 10 feet in total in this kit, while the user instructions are simple enough for kids to understand.


Track Builder Rocket Launch Challenge Playset

Hot Wheels Track Builder Rocket Launch Challenge Playset

Do you want to try and build a launcher style track? You might be interested to check out the Track Builder Rocket Launch Challenge Playset. This challenging style of the track can launch cars in mid-air and can help your car perform different kinds of stunts out there.


Because of its simple design, there is no need to assemble or disassemble parts when you change the different style of car launching. It may take a little bit of practice to launch your car, but once you do, it will be a blast!


Car & Mega Track Pack

Hot Wheels Car & Mega Track Pack

If you are simply looking for a builder set that comes with a ton of track, the Car & Mega Track Pack may be for you. This set comes with a total of 40 feet of orange tracks that you can use to build your own custom track set for your Hot Wheels cars to go around.


There are many options for you to use this set of tracks, such as for building your own mega theme park at home! Just add them to your existing track sets and you’re going to be on your way!


Track Builder Stunt Box

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box

Do you want to create a track that is based on different stunts that your car(s) can perform? Why not try the Track Builder Stunt Box? This entire kit or playset comes with a total of 35 pieces you can customize your own track from. The set includes various pieces like two curves, 16 bricks or more, various connectors, 6 orange tracks and a launcher.


You also get a free car with this stunt box to add to your Hot Wheels collection. The box is also easy to use for organization and clean up after you have successfully created your masterpiece.


Mega Hauler Truck

Hot Wheels Mega Hauler Truck

Do you want a cool truck that can easily haul your Hot Wheels cars or vehicles? The Mega Hauler Truck can be the solution to your problems. This mega truck can transport just about anything, from cars to other similar toys you have in your Hot Wheels universe.


And because this Mega Hauler Truck is compatible with orange tracks, you can even have it race other vehicles in the track, which is an added bonus! The design of the Mega Hauler Truck is very realistic as well.


Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

A very complex loop set to be able to work as a large playground or track for your cars, the Criss Cross Crash Track Set is a good Hot Wheels track set to consider due to its challenging loops, intersections and the like.


This uniquely designed track set is good for kids to learn how to manage traffic jams and time the arrival of each car. There are also various options for storage when you are done playing with your Hot Wheels cars on this set.


Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Another action-filled track set that your kids will find absolutely amazing would be the Corkscrew Crash Track Set. With its complex loops to build up the action, the set comes with a car and three crash zones so that your cars will be put to the ultimate test!


There are a total of 3 corkscrew loops that will help your cars engage in fun filled action! You can also connect the Corkscrew Crash Track Set to other Hot Wheels track sets for added excitement.


Ultimate Garage Playset Standard Packaging

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset Standard Packaging

If you want a nice place to park your cars in the Hot Wheels universe, you may want to add the Ultimate Garage Playset Standard Packaging to your Hot Wheels set for a complete experience. This parking area has a ton of space – up to 36 cars in total!


As with other playsets from Hot Wheels, you can connect the Ultimate Garage Playset Standard Packaging to other similar tracks so you can build your own world and become more imaginative with your Hot Wheels play!


Ultimate Gator Car Wash Playset

Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash Playset

All cars can get dirty sometimes, especially if they have gone through countless crashes in the dirt. The Ultimate Gator Car Wash Playset can help your cars to become clean again due to its amazing carwash capabilities. There are different loops to play within this set.


For example, there is a water tower to clean your cars, a crazy track to go through, a car elevator to lift up your cars and a whirlpool dunk tank. You also get a free color shifters car with this package for added fun.


Bat Manor Attack Vehicle Playset

Hot Wheels Bat Manor Attack Vehicle Playset

Do you want something that is Halloween themed? Why not check out the immersive action of the Bat Manor Attack Vehicle Playset? This bat-themed track is going to be a spooky ride for your cars, which will focus more on car hang time.


Because you can connect this to other track sets in the Hot Wheels universe, playing with it will be so much fun and rewarding. There is also an alligator that the cars can battle while in the track, as well as a scorpion through the restaurant.


Dragon Blast Playset

Hot Wheels Dragon Blast Playset

If you want a Hot Wheels playset that focuses more on large monsters such as a humongous dragon, the Dragon Blast Playset might get you excited! In this set, there is a large red dragon that will capture a car in its claws. The mission of the different cars is to save the car.


Because of its imaginative play aspect, kids will love to use this Dragon Blast Playset track to help simulate heroic situations with the simple but dynamic loops with a lot of action.


Track Builder Launch Kit

Hot Wheels Track Builder Launch Kit

If you want a simple piece of the launcher to connect to your other Hot Wheels collection tracks, the Track Builder Launch Kit will definitely do the job well. This launcher kit comes with two orange track pieces as well so you can connect it to other sets easily.


This launcher kit can be used for you to launch cars into midair action and then probably rescue cars from being taken down by monsters or get to a higher loop track – it’s all up to your creative imagination!


Track Builder Essentials Launch Pack

Hot Wheels Track Builder Essentials Launch Pack

For those who simply want more pieces or those who are still beginning when it comes down to building their own Hot Wheels track set, the Track Builder Essentials Launch Pack can be just for you. This beginner’s set comes with a variety of pieces, such as curved and straight tracks, a pullback launcher and other accessories.


You can mix and match any of these accessories to form your own custom track, by which you can launch cars into midair or have them race through the loops that you may already have in your Hot Wheels set.


Track Builder System Mega Set

Hot Wheels Track Builder System Mega Set

Another great set to consider when it comes down to Hot Wheels would be the Track Builder System Mega Set, which has amazing space-themed accessories and launchers. There are various obstacles you can use, such as a cargo container, a UFO, a cannon launch and a barrel drop.


These different stunts and obstacles can help your cars get the most out of action. You can also connect this track to other Hot Wheels tracks to create a massive playset with different cars!


Workshop Track Builder Lift & Launch Track Extension

Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Lift & Launch Track Extension

A good add-on to your Hot Wheels track would be the Workshop Track Builder Lift & Launch Track Extension, which has a lifter so you can lift a car off a certain height and then launch it downwards in a curved ramp for some action.


If you don’t have a lift extension to your track yet, this can be a great addition! There are also different stunts to choose from, such as the loop launcher, the spin launch, the 2-lane launcher and the turn kicker other than the lift and launch mechanism.


Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track Set

Hot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track Set

If you want something that has a lot of action in one track set, the Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track Set is the way to go with a lot of ways to play it, such as two stunts that are action-oriented and two loops with a quick kick action.


You only need four C batteries for the stunts to work. This track can be easily connected with other builds you may have at home to enhance your Hot Wheels universe. The quick loops can easily spin with up to 360 degrees of turning.


Super Auto Center

Hot Wheels Super Auto Center

As a massive automotive track, the Super Auto Center is a great choice for those who don’t have a large automotive center in their Hot Wheels collection just yet. There is a working car elevator to get your cars up and down so you can put them into different levels of play in each track.


Like all Hot Wheels tracks, you can combine this with other sets you may have. There is also a showroom turntable that lets you choose your car and you can also use the garage as a spinning track.


9-Car Gift Pack

Hot Wheels 9-Car Gift Pack

If you want a collection of Hot Wheels cars, the 9-Car Gift Pack is a good choice for you. For those who don’t have a lot of cars yet for their tracks, this set can vary in designs and in styles so you can easily have variation in your track sets.


The scale of each car is at 1:64 so they fit well into orange tracks of your Hot Wheels universe. The decals and the colors are all eye-catching as well.


Versus Track Set

Hot Wheels Versus Track Set

A great track set that will get all the action in one place would be the Versus Track Set. This dual track set can help with various races so you and your friends can compete in one go! The track set can be combined with your existing track set for epic battles!


There is also a tablet and smartphone stand that you can use along with the set of tracks and cars, along with the clamps included. This allows you to capture your Hot Wheels races.


Super Speed Blastway Track Set

Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Track Set

Do you want a track set that has a lot of racing action for two players? The Super Speed Blastway Track Set can be a great choice for friendly competition among friends! This simple and straightforward track set is the best way to test which cars can outrun the other.


There are easy slam launchers that kids can activate to launch their cars and win the victory in every race. There are even grandstand popup characters to signify that one car has completed a lap.


Spin Storm Playset

Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset

Another great playset that contains a lot of loops and curves would be the Spin Storm Playset. This amazing set can be connected to other Hot Wheels tracks and even has crash zones that intersect with each other.


It’s a matter of hitting or missing with this unique playset, which can test your child’s ability to time the launch of their cars to avoid crashes and the like. You can also compete with friends due to the dual launcher design of the track.


Track Builder Volcano Blast Trackset

Hot Wheels Track Builder Volcano Blast Trackset

Do you want to add an iconic volcano to the set that you already have? The Track Builder Volcano Blast Trackset is a sure-fire way (pun intended) to heat up (more puns intended) the competition between you and your friends.


This amazing volcano track comes with a free car and has four corners that will set as the escape routes of cars that will go through the volcano for an added challenge with the push of a button. The crash zone is also in the center of the volcano with the lava.


Super 6-Lane Raceway

Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

For those who are looking for an F1 racing style raceway track, the Super 6-Lane Raceway can be a really cool choice for you. This 6-lane track is great for multiple racecars who will make their way to the finish line as fast as they can.


Slower cars that don’t catch up with the others will get easily knocked out from the competition. What’s more, this track is also easy to take with you while traveling due to the simple folding capability. A launcher comes with this track like most Hot Wheels tracks.


Super Loop Chase Race Trackset

Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race Trackset

If you want a track that has a really large loop, the Super Loop Chase Race Trackset is a gravity-defying track set that will put your friends to awe and amazement. This 3-foot tall loop is one of a kind and can be attached to the wall for additional support when you build your course.


Because it is a Hot Wheels track set, you can also potentially combine this track with other existing tracks you may have. Remember: the speed of your cars should be enough so that they won’t easily fall out of the 3-foot tall loop!


Star Wars Carships Death Star Revolution

Hot Wheels Star Wars Carships Death Star Revolution Race Track Set

Are you a big fan of Star Wars? Check out the Star Wars Carships Death Star Revolution and the amazing set of loops. Race around the Death Star-like there’s no tomorrow and watch your cars fly and battle it out Star Wars style.


There are two “carships” available in this package, such as the X-wing Carship and the TIE Fighter Carship, both of which can have an epic battle in front of the Death Star.


4 Lane Raceway

Hot Wheels 4 Lane Raceway

Unlike the 6-lane raceway that we mentioned earlier, the 4 Lane Raceway is a much simpler version in which you can only race 4 cars simultaneously. This is good for those who don’t have a lot of cars or simply don’t have space for a wider track.


Nonetheless, the 4 Lane Raceway is still a great track to consider for its design and slight curve, as well as the finish line flag that dictates who the winner in the race was.


Workshop Track Builder Speedtropolis Track Set

Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Speedtropolis Track Set

Another great track to put into your set would be the Workshop Track Builder Speedtropolis Track Set, which can emulate a city and various imaginative play elements, such as a movie theater, a penthouse and a garage for parking your car.


The simple and straightforward design of this metro themed track set will be a great addition as a parking spot for cars in your Hot Wheels tracks after a big race due to the colorful elements.


City Speedway Trackset

Hot Wheels City Speedway Trackset

You can combine the previously mentioned metro style track set with the City Speedway Trackset for a completely urban life experience with your Hot Wheels tracks. This adds more fun due to the uphill and the downhill action of racing, which is simple but easy to play with.


There are also control gates for launching and controlling the different cars that pass through the tracks. You can also slow down different cars as they pass through for an added challenge to others!



Indeed, Hot Wheels has been a great die-cast franchise for generations already due to its easy to connect design, various customization options that will get a child’s imagination active and a fun-filled action for each car. Which would be your favorite race track and why?

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