5 Great Gift Ideas for Your Child

Kids love toys. In fact, there might be mountains of the playthings at your home even after donating many of them to a local thrift store. Of course, toys are great and some companies have really tried to make creative, durable, engaging, and socially responsible masterpieces.

However, you can choose to have a toy-free holiday and still impress your kids in terms of gifts. This is because there are so many great toy alternatives that’ll serve your children exceptionally. The greatest advantage of these gifts is that you can use them for any special occasion, whether it’s a birthday or Christmas.

  1.    Event Tickets

What event does your child love to go to? Whether it’s a football game or a symphony, giving your kids a ticket can make a wonderful birthday or Christmas present. They can feel grown-up or special at such events. It’s one of the greatest ways to be together with them and they’d value it for the rest of their lives.

  1.    Play Food and Kitchen Items

Collect used containers such as salt and pepper shakers, spice jars, and empty boxes from your kitchen to put together a whole cooking space for your kids. Clean the items out well and eliminate any sharp edges. Paint and decorate to make them look pretty if you have to.

  1.    Audiobooks

A great story is appealing to your child’s mind and stirs up discovery. Sometimes, it’s better to hear a tale rather than just read about it. A master storyteller for kids makes that difference. Give your children gifts they can enjoy and listen to over and over again. Some of the following audiobooks could make to your family’s favorite list:

  •         The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
  •         The Magic Tree House series
  •         The Children’s Homer
  •         The Classical Kids series
  1.    Nature Gifts

Gifts that help your children interact with nature regularly can be fun and at the same time educative. Here are some few ideas:

  •         A bird feeder with seed and guide
  •         A bughouse
  •         A butterfly garden so your kids can watch caterpillars transform into butterflies
  •         A magnifying glass
  •         A telescope
  •         A pair of binoculars
  •         A high-grade kid’s microscope for children who love to study things deeply
  1.    It’s Art and Craft Time!

When you have art and craft supplies at hand, amazing as well as messy things can happen simultaneously. Fill a dedicated basket with items that you know your kid can use. Pack everything from glittering paper and scissors to googly-eyes and pom-poms. Add a few items that your child has never used before to make it more enjoyable.

It’s just amazing how unused supplies and new paper never stop to inspire. As a parent, look through those fresh pads and blank journals and you’ll find them inviting. You’ll feel there’s a new creative work that’s about to appear there. This is a gift for children of all ages.


There are so many gift ideas besides toys that can make your child grow healthy and learn. Take them to an event or allow the kids to create something new with your art and craft supplies. Give the children a gift that helps them interact with nature up-close or a selection of audiobooks to listen to. It can be fun and educative.

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