Getting Back Into Fitness After Having A Baby

Giving birth can make you realize how much weight you’ve put on: it could be the best time to get back into physical activities, but slowly. After all, you don’t want to stress yourself out, especially if you have a C-section or if you’ve labored a lot.

Having a fitness regimen can also help to trim the post-partum belly away. If you’ve been going out to the gym before pregnancy, getting back can be quite easy. But for moms who haven’t really started a workout routine yet, we hope that this article can help you out.

Benefits of Post-Pregnancy Workout

If you haven’t started yet, here are some motivational reasons why you should go for a workout after you give birth:

1. It helps with stress and post-partum depression symptoms. You don’t have to deal with it that way all the time – you can drive it out by engaging in physical activities so that your mind stays active as well.

2. You can sleep better. Feeling sleep-deprived due to stress? Workouts can be an answer to that. If you schedule a regular physical activity during the day, you’ll have less likelihood of staying awake when the nighttime comes because you’ve been too tired.

3. Your energy levels can be boosted further. Exercise is an energy booster and a mood lifter so why not engage in one? Just doing some mat exercises and a few walks around the park can easily turn your sloppy day into a brighter one.

4. You can lose weight faster. Combined with a proper diet, you can help shed the extra pounds you gained while carrying your baby in your system.

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How to Start your Post-Pregnancy Workout

Before you actually start, it is important that you talk to your OB-GYNE or physician on what workouts are safe for you, and if it is safe for you to do any physical activity, for that matter. Here are some simple ways you can start your post-pregnancy workout:

1. Take it slowly but surely. As the old saying goes, “haste makes waste”, and that applies very well to post-partum workout. Because your body is still stressed out after giving birth, it is important that you stick to exercises that are slow and minimal at first, similar to when you’ve just eaten a large meal.

2. Don’t do heavy or stressful activities right away. This is to avoid possible bleeding afterward. Here are a couple of things that you shouldn’t do after giving birth to keep your body from getting stressed and experiencing health problems:

  • Holding your pee for a long time
  • Straining while eliminating
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Any heavy exercise that could cause a lot of pain

3. Breastfeeding moms don’t need to work out as much. This is because breastfeeding already helps in losing fat and calories since you are essentially giving them to your baby. With that in mind, it is still important for a breastfeeding mom to exercise, though not as much as those who aren’t nursing at all.

4. Work on your pelvic floor. Start slow and know when you can actually work with your pelvic floor muscles just to be safe. Some women have a weaker pelvic floor than others, so don’t feel jealous of other women or celebrities already doing pilates after giving birth.

5. Get a physical therapist to assist you. They can help with diastasis, which is the separation of the abdominal muscles, which can occur after pregnancy. Specific post-partum workout programs can help with this.

6. Take care of your joints. After all, carrying a baby for 9 months can be a difficult task for your bones and joints, and this is why you need a post-partum exercise program that’s easy on your joints.

7. Try gentle cardiovascular exercises. You can go for a gentle swim and other similar exercises that will get your heart rate back to a healthy pace. Attending simple classes can help out.

8. Get lots of H2O. Getting hydrated is very important because exercise drains out your fluids. Keep a fresh bottle of water beside you at all times in any physical activity. If you enjoy flavored drinks, make sure you check with your physician so that they aren’t in the way of your post-partum health, especially if you are nursing your baby.

9. Don’t forget to rest for a while. As you’ve exercised, it is also important to take frequent breaks when you feel tired.

Getting Professional Help

If you want to get back into fitness after having a baby, you may need to hire an online PT. They are much more skilled in terms of helping you get back in shape if you have just given birth.

After all, physical activity after pregnancy and birth can be difficult and stressful, and that’s why it needs some time and you need the right techniques to do it.

Ease your way into fitness, and take your time getting back into shape. Make your workout sessions comfortable and safe, providing support to your body through taping and applicable methods.


To wrap it up, getting fit after giving birth can be an important matter, especially if you have the tendency to gain weight faster than most people (e.g. it’s in your genes). With a few workout sessions and a reliable and licensed physical therapist and trainer, you can rest assure yourself that your post-partum workouts will be alright.

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