25 Funny Maternity Shirts For Moms

Expectant mothers do deserve some love, and what better way to do that than to give them a nice maternity shirt? After all, expectant moms go through a lot with their pregnancy and all that. This is especially the case if it is going to be their first pregnancy.

If you know someone who is pregnant or expecting little ones very soon, you may want to give them a maternity shirt that’s not only comfortable but also says something. It would add a fun factor to their lives if they always wore a statement shirt that they can wear casually and also express themselves about what they go through in early motherhood.

After all, nearly nothing can match the sacrifices and the devotion of expectant mothers. They bring their child for 9 months in their womb, which can be a serious business. So, having funny maternity shirts can bring some light vibes to their lives.

25 Funny Maternity Shirts For Moms

Here are some of our picks for funny maternity shirts for moms:

Two Jays Creative I’m So Crafty I Make People Shirt

Are you a creative person? This maternity shirt for moms-to-be is one of those witty lines that will blow people away. It is made with combed ringspun cotton so that you (or the wearer) can feel comfortable when wearing it. It can be worn by those who are still in their early pregnancy and it looks quite fashionable as well.

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Crazy Dog Maternity First Time Mommy Pregnancy Tshirt

Available in 6 colors to choose from, you can give this to someone who is a first-time mom (or if you are, as well). It can fit your baby bump just fine due to its wide size range and it also has a comfortable, nearly seamless feel. There are many sizes available, depending on how many weeks pregnant you are.

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Crazy Dog Maternity The Baby Made Me Eat It Shirt

Yet another funny shirt to have, this would be a nice touch if you (or someone you’re giving this to) is a mom-to-be who has cravings. For instance, they may have cravings with pizza or certain fruits. This may be a good shirt to wear during dine-outs.

Brisco Mommys Little Peanut Cute Elephant Shirt

Do you want something cute-looking? This graphic tee has two elephants: one mom and one child, with the text “mommy’s little peanut”, which can be an endearing term to call the little one inside the belly bump. It has stretch side details so your child-to-be can have breathability (and you as well). It also has sizes from small to 3XL.

Ekouaer Women Maternity Shirt Funny Print

This one has a rather simple yet effective design. Its graphics feature a pair of baby footsteps that are enclosed with a heart. However, there are also many other variations of the baby shirt in different colors, with other statements, such as “in a perfect mood”, “my baby loves tacos”, “mama bear”, and “mommy’s little peanut” (like our previous pick).

Crazy Dog Maternity Bun In The Oven T-Shirt

Carrying a little one for 9 months is like putting the dough inside the oven – you wait for it and it takes patience. This graphic tee describes it perfectly with a little bun in the oven. It comes in 5 colors to choose from and it can be a cute gift to moms who love to bake cookies, cake, or pies in general.

DUTUT Eating Tacos for Two Maternity T-Shirt

If the mom craves for tacos a lot, this would be a great craving shirt to have. It has short sleeves so it can be a casual shirt worn on regular days. It has 2 colors: grey and blue, and it can be also a great pregnancy announcement t-shirt.

HappyBerry Women Maternity T-Shirt

This one looks funny due to the fact that it has an x-ray style in which the mom looks like she’s having an x-ray of her child. Pregnant moms can really find this shirt interesting, even without graphic text. It is made of cotton and spandex. This makes it ideal for pregnancy and even after it.

Crazy Dog Maternity Oops We Did It Again T-shirt

You may give this one to a 90’s mom, or if she’s familiar (or even a fan) of Britney Spears. It’s a funny statement shirt that brings life and joy to your baby bump. fact, you can even request the manufacturer for larger 4XL and 5XL sizes when needed.

Bloom Maternity This is The Last One Seriously Tee

As a maternity fitted shirt, this one has a large text that says “this is the last one, seriously” and it can be a great gift for those expectant moms who have already given birth before. It has short sleeves so it can be a day shirt or a casual one. There are sizes up to 2XL and it comes in two shades of gray.

Crazy Dog Maternity Baby Peeking T-Shirt

Ever want a funny pregnancy shirt with a graphic of a baby peeking from the baby bump part, this one can be a cute choice for you. It has 9 colors to choose from, with sizes up to 3XL. The pre-shrunk cotton material can make it easy to wear and it also has a casual design that’s fit for everyday use.

TStars Funny Pregnancy Maternity T-Shirt Halloween

Are you already feeling the Halloween vibes? This fun shirt has the text “pumpkin smuggler” right on the baby bump, which can add humor to the shirt’s design overall. It can be a great shirt to wear for a Halloween party. The casual tee design makes it breathable and easy to wear for most pregnant moms.

Ann Arbor See You Soon! Maternity T-Shirt

Much like with one of our previous picks, this one also has a graphic of a baby peeking from the belly bump part. However, this one has the text “see you soon!” which can be an endearing and lovely way to display your baby’s arrival soon. The graphic has been drawn and silk-screened for the design so it won’t be easily removed.

MNLYBABY Maternity T-Shirt

With the text “sun’s out, bump’s out”, which can be a funny way to describe someone’s pregnancy, this one can be worn as a beach shirt. It can be quite comfortable due to the o-neck top design. It has 2 sizes: small and large, and it has a maroon-like color. It has short sleeves so it can be worn on a hot day.

Crazy Dog Maternity Lil Pumpkin T-shirt

Yet another one that has a Halloween theme, this one has a pumpkin graphic at the bottom which says “Lil’ pumpkin”, referring to their little one who’s about to come out very soon. If you’re going to a Halloween party, this could be a fun shirt to wear.

Crazy Dog Force is Strong Funny Pregnancy T-Shirt

This shirt is probably the best gift to give to someone who is a fan of Star Wars. It has the text “the force is strong with this one” over the baby bump, in casual Star Wars fashion with space background. It has 4 colors to choose from with sizes up to 3XL as well, so you can choose one that’s best for you.

Brisco Brands You’re Kickin’ Me Smalls Maternity T-Shirt

If you (or someone you know) is a fan of the movie Sandlot, this funny shirt is probably the ideal gift for them, since it contains the text “you’re kickin’ me smalls”. It has sized up to 3XL and it has 3 colors to choose from: black, pink, and white. It also has a casual design so you can just wear it while going outside or to the mall.

Crazy Dog Maternity Skeleton Baby T-Shirt

This shirt shows the mom’s skeleton in its graphic, along with the skeleton of a baby, which makes it feel like an x-ray. It can be a nice shirt to wear if you are going to a Halloween party due to its theme. You can also choose from a variety of colors. Ringspun cotton has been used in making this shirt.

Oriental Pearl Mama Shark Do Do Do T-Shirts

If you’ve caught on with that famous “Baby Shark” dance craze then this is probably the shirt for you. It has the graphic of a shark at the bottom with the text “mama shark do do do do do”, so anyone who passes by and sees this shirt will probably instantly think of that funny viral YouTube sensational children’s song.

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Shirt

Ever have a family member or someone who loves baseball? This one is probably the perfect tee for them. It has a theme of baseball with the stylized text “nine months, you’re out!”, which can strike a laugh from them. It is made with a combination of polyester and cotton so it is both stretchable and breathable.

Crazy Dog I Think I Might Be Pregnant

Those who are still in their earlier stages of pregnancy can easily wear this casual maternity shirt. It has the text “I think I might be pregnant” over it and it has a chill and casual design, which can be worn on a day-to-day basis.

Bun In The Oven Pregnancy T-Shirt

Much like with one of our previous picks, this one features a graphic of a bun being heated in an oven, much like how babies are formed inside the womb for 9 months. It has cotton, heather grey, and polyester for its material.

Gamer Pregnancy Announcement T-shirt

For gamer moms-to-be, this shirt that says “new player is entering the game” with a loading bar may look like a fun shirt for them. It has different colors to choose from and is made of cotton, polyester, and heather grey.


To wrap it up, moms-to-be will be delighted to have funny maternity shirts for them. It not only gives them more confidence in themselves but it can also make a statement when they’re going out. Maternity shirts don’t need to be boring – they can be expressive and fashionable while keeping their baby bump comfortable as well.

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