Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat Review

A convertible car seat is a kind of baby car seat that can be used for long years to come. Instead of having to buy a separate baby car seat that is rear-facing and front-facing, you can just get a 2-in-1 product with a convertible car seat.

The job of a convertible car seat is to keep your baby comfortable throughout the trip, with a bonus. You can convert it to a rear-facing baby car seat for infants/newborns or to a front-facing one for toddlers. We have a suggested convertible car seat for you – our review of the Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat might help you out in deciding if it’s worth it to buy.

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Features of the Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat

Here are the things you need to know about this baby car seat:

1. Easy harness positioning. Because of its infinite slide harness design, you can practically find this baby car seat a breeze to set up for your child to get buckled in. The sliding mechanism allows you to pull up the harness much easier than with other convertible baby car seats.

2. Click and push system. The baby car seat makes use of the click and push mechanism that keeps the baby snug and comfortable with the installation. You don’t have to sweat a lot in putting your baby into the car and keeping them in.

3. Side impact protection. The side impact protection (E3) of this baby car seat is a good plus point so that your child can stay protected at all times when they sit inside the car seat. The sides are reinforced with shock-absorbing material for this.

4. Elastic cup holders. If your child prefers to ride in style with extra drinks on the sides, you can benefit from this baby car seat for that. It has cup holders on the car seat itself so your child can have easy access to their favorite drinks.

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5. Three modes. You can convert the baby car seat into three different modes, such as the following, with different weight and height limits:

Mode Best for Weight rating Height limit
Front-facing Babies at least 1-year-old and above 22 to 65 lbs. 28 to 50 inches
Rear-facing Newborn babies and infants 5 to 40 lbs. 19 to 40 inches
Harnessed booster Babies at least 4 years old and above 40 to 110 lbs. 44 to 57 inches

6. LATCH compatibility. Since the convertible car seat adheres to the LATCH system, it can be easily installed within 1 minute or so, allowing you more time with your little one.

7. Energy-absorbing foam liner. This can help out in reducing the impact that your child could receive when in a traffic accident or on a bumpy ride.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat


1. Great for heavy-duty use. The baby car seat could be an investment for years of usage that you want to pass it down to your little ones and the next generations ahead. This is due to its durable materials and shock-absorbing foam. If you don’t mind the extra weight then this baby car seat would do.

2. Safety features. The seat is made for the road and has been crash-tested, even laid down with safety measures such as side impact protection with shock-absorbing material.

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3. Great weight range. Many people liked the fact that this baby car seat can be used even up to older toddlerhood.

4. Different modes to converting to. Three modes for your baby? That’s definitely worth buying for the years to come!

5. Cup holders. We think that this baby car seat is the best for those who love traveling with their sippy cups on their sides. It also helps if you travel with your baby and they get thirsty often but you don’t want them to mess around so a baby car seat with cup holders could do the trick.

6. Soft material. You can just launder the baby car seat in no time and easily due to its soft, washable material.

7. Easy installation. When you install this baby car seat to your vehicle, it can only take a few seconds due to its LATCH compatibility system. If your vehicle is already using the LATCH system, chances are, you’ll have less trouble with this baby car seat.


1. Doesn’t recline as much as others. The baby car seat is nice with its cushion but it doesn’t recline as much as other brands. However, it can still be reclined to some point.

2. Could be a bit too bulky for some vehicles.


To wrap it up, the Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat is definitely quite a contender when it comes down to safety features, modes of conversion, heavy-duty use, soft, washable material, and the easy installation. In terms of drinks, it is also very convenient with its cup holders. While it’s not as much as a reclining seat, it can still be moved and adjusted.

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