European Baby Formula Brands like Hipp and Holle: Are They Worth Buying?

Choosing a baby formula can be tricky at times since it should contain nutrients that are safe for your baby’s health and will not cause discomforts such as colic or gas pains. Nowadays, more and more parents are switching to European baby formula brands like Hipp and Holle, but the question is: are they worth buying? We take a look at some answers below:

Benefits of European Baby Formula Brands

Here are some benefits as to why you should switch to European baby formula brands:


Organic Content

As compared to American baby formulas, European standards are much higher and thus, they only allow truly organic sources for making their baby formulas, which is good news for your baby. Organic formulas present little to no side effects and will definitely help babies who are suffering from allergies and reflux.


No Sugars and Sweeteners

We all know that sugars and artificial sweeteners can make anything taste good, but it is also not very healthy for your baby if he or she depends on it. Sweeteners are more commonly found in American baby formulas and lesser on European ones, making the latter much healthier for your baby in general.


In fact, if you take a look at the sweetener contents of American baby formulas, some may contain brown rice syrup, which may contain arsenic (used in pesticides) and can be harmful to infants. The European Union has actually banned the use of sucrose because it has concerns regarding the health of babies such as in the case of overfeeding. Sucrose is still used in the U.S., however.



Generally, probiotics are a great addition to any baby formula, especially for babies who have problems with indigestion, reflux, and other stomach upsets. Probiotics are usually included in most drinks that are for lactose-intolerant people, so if you think that your baby is sensitive to lactose, you can opt for a European baby formula at hand.


Strict Guidelines against Harmful Additives

You should know that flavorings and preservatives can potentially degrade the quality of your baby formula. Many companies that make baby formulas in Europe, such as Lebenswert, also made by the manufacturers of Holle, are guaranteed to have no such additives that can harm your child.


No Unsure Ingredients

While the U.S. market has been promoting DHA and ARA as essential fatty acids that can help with a child’s development, there hasn’t been enough studies to prove this fact, and this is why most European infant formulas don’t really add them.


The same goes for carrageenan, which is actually banned in European baby formulas because of its link to cancer and digestive upsets. Long story short, Europeans are extra meticulous about what goes inside your baby’s tummy.



GMO or genetically modified organisms have been a subject of controversy, as they may not be that healthy for babies (or for humans in general), so European brands like Holle and HiPP are both non-GMO formulas so that your baby will be kept healthy with an organic formula.


While there are many USDA-certified baby formulas in the U.S., there are certain times that the USDA’s standards aren’t in unison with that of the NOSB or National Organic Standards Board, which is kind of sad.


Goat Milk

Studies have shown that goat’s milk is a very close equivalent to breast milk, as compared to cow’s milk since it can cause fewer allergic reactions among children. The nutrients in goat milk are easier to digest for infants as compared to cow’s milk. Brands like Holle and Kabrita both offer goat’s milk as part of their infant formula, which is good for those who are breastfeeding and formula feeding as well.


Benefits of the HiPP Baby Formula

Now that we know the different benefits of European baby formulas in general, let’s have a look at the pros of the HiPP baby formula:


Fewer Amounts of Mycotoxin

According to studies, mycotoxins naturally occur but can be present with most cow-based formulas, and can be toxic to humans, especially to babies. HiPP has been known to have lower amounts of mycotoxin as compared to other baby formulas out there.


Beneficial Fatty Acids

There were times when fatty acids were important for humans and were not disregarded by media desensitization. Fatty acids can be important for your baby’s development and thus, the HiPP formula contains such.


Non-GMO and Organic

Like with most European baby formulas, HiPP does not contain any GMO at all. This is very important since it is declared to be organic as a formula. While it is true that many infant formulas out there are organic, very few are truly organic as only a few out there are actually free from GMOs.


Different Stages to Choose From

Unlike with many infant formulas in the U.S., different stages are offered for your baby so that they will adjust depending on their age and their needs for nutrition at that given age bracket.


Awesome Nutrients

Among the different nutrients you can find in HiPP are:


  • Essential vitamins (A, C, D, K, B2, B6, B12, B1, and E)
  • Minerals (calcium, iron, zinc)
  • Niacin
  • Fish oil


Why you should try the Holle Baby Formula

Another great European formula for babies would be the Holle formula, with the following benefits:


Healthy Ingredients

Different ingredients you can find on the Holle formula are:


  • Maltodextrin for easy digestion
  • Palm oil for simulating breast milk
  • Probiotics for your baby’s immune system and stomach


Close to Breast Milk without Additives

The formula made by Holle is very close to that of breast milk without compromising on the organic level and without adding unnecessary preservatives to make it tasty.


Goat Milk

Holle also has products with goat’s milk, which is good news for babies who may have allergies to cow’s milk and are lactose-intolerant. Goat’s milk has many benefits, as we’ve discussed above.



Baby formulas are important because they can dictate the overall health of your child in their early stages. Therefore, if your baby has a sensitive tummy, they should only receive organic baby formulas like these. Which European baby formula is your favorite and why?

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