Ergo Baby vs. Tula vs. Lillebaby Baby Carriers: Which is Better For You?

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Multitasking parents, whether you’re a mom or a dad, need to be able to do different things such as go grocery shopping, handle clients in their job or through the phone and fix up dinner while taking care of their baby. In times that you can’t leave your child at home, you definitely need a baby carrier to help you out.

Choosing a baby carrier is important to keep your baby safe and make it easy for you to travel with them. You have to consider one that has durability in stitching, comfort in material, additional pockets and features and of course, the ability to adjust according to your baby’s size, age and your own size as well.

The Showdown: Ergo Baby vs. Tula vs. Lillebaby Baby Carriers

In this article, we compare three baby carriers: Ergo Baby, Tula, and Lillebaby, with their different features, as well as pros and cons against each other.

Carrying positions

As for the carrying position, Ergo Baby allows you to have up to 4 multiple positions for you to carry your baby. You can face your baby out, face them in, wear on your back or wear on your hips. These multiple positions can be achieved by adjusting the straps and other parts of the baby carrier.

Ergobaby OMNI 360 All-in-One Ergonomic Baby Carrier

The Tula baby carrier, on the other hand, allows only two simple carrying options: front carrying and back carrying. While this is not as much as Ergo Baby, it is still comfortable and natural when you put your baby into the carrier, anyway.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

The most versatile of the three in terms of carrying positions would be Lillebaby because of the fact that you can adjust it for up to 6 carrying positions: outward on the front, inward on the front, backpack carrying, hip carrying, toddler settings and fetal/infant settings for newborn.

SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby

Having a better set of options for the carrying position is important for you and your baby. This helps you to maximize the comfort levels when you travel with your little one so that they won’t feel in an awkward position. It will also make it easier for you to feed them and to check on them while you are doing other things. After all, baby carriers are meant for multitasking purposes for mommies (and daddies as well!).

The winner in this round: Lillebaby baby carrier

Baby Stages

All three baby carriers, Ergo Baby, Tula, and Lillebaby, are ideal for all stages of your baby, starting for newborns to toddlers. This makes them all ideal for different babies regardless of age, usually from 0 to 2 years old, as long as you can still carry your baby.

Having a baby carrier that can be ideal for all baby stages is important. This allows your baby carrier to grow with your baby so that you can save more money in the long run when keeping your baby carrier without having to buy another one. Baby carriers that can be used for all stages of babyhood are ones that can be easily adjusted and have enough space for the baby to grow.

The winner in this round: all of them

Ergonomic design

All three baby carriers, the Ergo Baby, Tula, and Lillebaby, are ergonomic in terms of design. This is because all of them have been designed with comfort and stability in mind for the baby and for the parent. This allows your baby to feel comfortable regardless of the carrying position that you carry them with along the way.

Having an ergonomic design is highly important because it adds to the comfort factor not just for the baby but also for the parent (whether you’re a mom or a dad). Ergonomic designed baby carriers not only make it comfortable for the baby carrying process but also make it comfortable for you to multitask and do other things along the way. It’s also a great way to keep you cool and comfortable on a hot summer’s day.

The winner in this round: all of them

Materials used

The Ergo Baby, Tula, and Lillebaby are all baby carriers that are made of cotton material. Cotton is highly important when it comes down to baby comfort because it is a very soft but durable material that can be used to wrap your baby and carry them for traveling purposes. Cotton is not rough like polyester, nylon and other materials because of its internal structure, making it ideal for your baby’s skin and for breathability.

Choosing the right material for your baby carrier is highly important as well. Your baby carrier may not be that ergonomic or comfortable without a good material to make it last longer and to make it comfortable as well. Cotton would be the right choice if you are handling babies. This is because their skin is a lot more sensitive than adults and are prone to skin irritation and feeling hot.

Therefore, cotton may be the best choice for them, since cotton is generally comfortable and can still be durable at the same time.

The winner in this round: all of them

Comfort factor

In terms of the comfort factor, all three baby carriers, Ergo Baby, Tula, and Lillebaby, are pretty much equal. This is because both of them have the same kind of comfortable materials, have padded shoulder straps and have lumbar support as well. The padded shoulder straps are much like those straps that you can see in most backpacks out there to help you stay comfortable when carrying your baby for hours.

The comfort factor is crucial for both you and your baby – this is different from ergonomics. Comfort refers to how cool and at ease you and your baby stay when using the carrier, while ergonomics refer to the shape and the flexibility that is exercised when you use your baby carrier. Both ergonomics and comfort go hand in hand and you can’t really put one down on the other. If you have comfort then the baby carrier is ergonomic as well.

Shoulder and lumbar support is probably the best feature of these three baby carriers, the Ergo Baby, Tula, and Lillebaby. This is because your shoulder can get strained for hours upon hours of carrying your baby, as well as your lumbar area. This is why you should consider one that has the right design for your lumbar area and shoulder.

The winner in this round: all of them

Ease of nursing

For nursing moms, all three of these baby carriers, the Ergo Baby, Tula and Lillebaby, are all great in terms of design for this purpose. This is because they have adjustable designs so that you can put your baby in the right position without feeling awkward for you and your baby.

Nursing is highly important for moms and for babies because it will help to give them the best nourishment for their baby as they grow up. As we all know, breast milk is still best for babies up to 2 years of age, which is the toddler age. And we also know that all of these baby carriers are ideal for up to toddler stage, which means that you can breastfeed your baby for more months to come.

The winner in this round: all of them


In terms of fading in the material’s color, the Tula baby carrier is our winner because it has no reports so far of ease of fading for the outer material of the baby carrier.

As opposed to that, the Ergo Baby carrier had reports of fading after one wash. However, this is still depending on the kind of washing method that you have and the kind of detergents that you use.

Also, the Lillebaby carrier does have a few cons with fading as well. Either this could be due to exposure to the sun for long hours or when using a harsh detergent, just like with the Ergo Baby Carrier.

While easily fading colors aren’t really a major con, it can still be a turn-off for parents because it will make them feel like the materials used in the baby carrier are of low quality. However, the color fading should not really affect the durability of the inner workings of the materials, as the baby carrier’s focus is to hold your baby and not really just to show off.

Although it can be a turn-off when it comes down to matching your baby carrier with your current wear, especially for fashion sense, it is not really a major deal breaker, but it is still good to know about.

The winner in this round: Tula baby carrier


The stitching for all three baby carriers, the Ergo Baby, Tula and Lillebaby, are all very good. This makes them all durable and comfortable at the same time. Aside from that, all of the straps and support areas for your baby and for your shoulders have been stitched and positioned properly without the likelihood of falling or failing you and your baby.

Durability is greatly important when it comes down to choosing the best baby carrier. This is because if your baby carrier is not durable, it might easily rip off, causing your baby to fall down and get injured or worse. This is a terrible thing to happen, so it really pays to have durable stitching for your baby carrier. At any rate, all of our baby carriers pick the Ergo Baby, Tula and Lillebaby, have passed this test.

All three of them have good stitching, if not best, and these are all sufficient for keeping your baby safe and sound and keeping you at ease as well. These contribute to your peace of mind and your baby’s comfort as well.

The winner in this round: all of them

Ease of fitting

When it comes down to fitting, all three of them, the Ergo Baby, Tula and Lillebaby, are equal in terms of fitting. This is probably because all of them have adjustable straps and padding that can be useful in case your baby is too small or too big.

Fitting your baby easily and fitting the baby carrier onto you is important because it will help you to adjust according to your baby’s growth and size and according to your size as well. You should definitely have a baby carrier that can be easily fitted so that you don’t have to be stressed about discomfort as you and your child grow.

The winner in this round: all of them

Plus size women (and men)

The only clear winner in terms of the support for plus size women is the Lillebaby carrier. This is because they have more room for adjustments when it comes down to the straps, which have a longer design. This can be very helpful if you are a plus size woman (or man) and you need to carry your child without feeling too uncomfortable overall.

Sadly, no reports or reviews yet for plus size women have been given for the Tula baby carrier and the Ergo Baby carrier, so we may not know yet if they are okay for plus size women (and men).

It is important to accommodate plus-sized parents when it comes down to baby carriers. Not everyone around the world is fit and fabulous – some are still struggling to maintain their diet plans while keeping their baby healthy, strong and attended to.

The winner in this round: Lillebaby carrier


All three of them, the Ergo Baby, Tula, and Lillebaby, have pockets that you can use to keep your baby items in there, such as small baby toys and the like. This is important so that you can save up on space and use your baby carrier both as a bag and as a means of transportation for your baby.

The winner in this round: all of them


As a whole, the Lillebaby carrier is our top pick due to its advantage in the number of carrying positions and the ability to adjust to plus size parents. However, the Tula baby carrier is also worth mentioning in terms of less likelihood of color fading. Tell us what you think: which of these is the best baby carrier for you? Comment down below!


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