Earth’s Best Tender Care Review

While not a commercial baby diaper brand, Earth’s Best Tender Care is one of the best choices out there for baby diapers that are eco-friendly. This diaper brand is known for its reputation of having no chlorine that can harm the environment and still has leak-proof and breathable features.

In this review, we break down its features, pros, and cons, so that you’ll know whether you want to buy it or not.

Earth’s Best Tender Care: Features

Here are the features of the Earth’s Best Tender Care:

1. Has a moisture barrier cuff. The design of the diapers makes it less likely to leak as compared to most diapers, and its moisture barrier is at par with most name-brand diapers like Pampers or Huggies. Having a leak-free (or almost leak-free) diaper is important for moms and parents who are often on the go with their baby and don’t want frequent diaper changes.

2. Leak-proof sides. Adding to the moisture barrier cuff is the leak-proof design on the sides, which further prevents your baby’s pee from splashing all over the place. This can be an important feature in any diaper.

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3. Breathable design on the sides. Of course, the baby’s skin needs to be protected and cooled down when wearing diapers, so the breathable sides can be a plus point for them, especially if you live in a warm climate. After all, warm climates tend to give babies a bad rash, so it could be important for your baby to have a breathable set of diapers to wear.

4. Seven sizes are available. The different sizes of diapers can accompany different ages of babies, so you can choose the one that best fits your little one. Having different sizes that are available is important so that your baby doesn’t suffer from a loose diaper or one that is too tight and that can cause rashes for them.

5. Has tough grip tabs. The sticky tabs on the baby diapers can be quite secure as compared to other ones, which can be an advantage so that you don’t need to worry much when your baby gets active during the day or night. Sticky tabs that aren’t easy to pull off can either be a pro or a con depending on your baby’s lifestyle, but it’s better to have a diaper that’s secure rather than one that easily falls off!

Earth’s Best Tender Care: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Earth’s Best Tender Care:


1. It’s chlorine-free. Chlorine is a chemical used for cleaning up swimming pools, hence it is a bleaching chemical which shouldn’t go in your baby’s diapers at all. Having no chlorine is also important for the environment since it doesn’t poison or add toxicity to the dumpsites, landfills, and even the oceans.

2. No latex, dyes, or, fragrances. If your baby is extra sensitive to them then you are in luck. These diapers contain none of those, so your baby may enjoy less likelihood of diaper rashes. Also, having none of these extras could be good for the environment as well.

3. Breathable design. The breathable design of the diapers can make it a great diaper to wear for long trips as well. It is comparable to name-brand diapers with its design and yet still works to prevent leakage around the sides of the diaper.

4. Made with mostly natural ingredients. Wheat and corn starch are used to make the diapers better in terms of absorbency. Unlike other synthetic chemicals that are added to name-brand diapers and commercial ones, this one uses earth-friendly ingredients, which can be unique and eco-friendly overall.


1. The sticky tabs can be tricky. While this may not be an issue for moms and parents who aren’t in a hurry, it could be for some. The sticky tabs could be difficult to open and close for some parents, and this could be a bit annoying for them. However, this could also be seen as a pro if you want a very secure baby diaper for your little one, in which the sticky tabs don’t easily come off.

2. Doesn’t have a good shape cut. Unlike name-brand diapers, this one doesn’t exactly have a contoured fit so it is more like a general-shaped set of diapers. If your baby just uses diapers for sleeping, going into the car, or anywhere else that doesn’t require so much movement then this con shouldn’t really bother you. This con is usually just for babies who are usually active.


To wrap it up, this baby diaper is still a great buy if you want something that is more environmentally-conscious, since we all know what regular baby diapers could do to our environment, especially in terms of pollution and toxicity of the ocean and landfills. We hope you liked our review of the Earth’s Best Tender Care and hope it helped you with your buying choice!

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