Dockatot Vs Snuggle Me – Which One Is Better?

Baby loungers can be a heavenly item to have for your little one since they are good for co-sleeping other than using a bassinet. In this article, we are going to compare two baby loungers, the Snuggle Me Organic, and the DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

Differences between the Dockatot and Snuggle Me

Size Comparison

Dockatot Snuggle Me
18 x 29-34 inches 17 x 29 x 4 inches

As you can see, the size of the Dockatot is quite larger than the size of the Snuggle Me. In fact, the Dockatot can also be folded into 29 inches and expanded into 34 inches which makes it good for traveling and the like.

  • Having a good and wide size for a baby lounger is important for growing babies. We all know that when babies grow fast, so does your budget and needs. For your baby not to easily outgrow the baby lounger, it is much more economical to get a larger size.

Age Range

Dockatot Snuggle Me
0 to 8 months 0 to 9 months

The Snuggle Me has a wider age range of 0 to 9 months than the Dockatot. This significantly means that more babies who are older can use this baby lounger.

  • Knowing the age range of a baby lounger is important so that you know which one fits well for your baby, whether he or she is a newborn or months older. If your baby lounger is just the right size for your little one then it will most likely fit them well and the safety features would work just fine.

Materials Used

Dockatot Snuggle Me
100% cotton and polyester 100% hypoallergenic organic cotton and virgin polyester

While both are made with cotton and polyester, the Dockatot doesn’t seem to have the same hypoallergenic and virgin polyester and cotton combination that the Snuggle Me has, which can be important for babies’ sensitive skin.

  • Having material that is hypoallergenic and that is also easily washable is crucial for babies, since they usually have sensitive skin. It pays to invest in a baby lounger that is comfortable and easy on your baby’s skin.


Dockatot Snuggle Me
Machine washable Machine washable

In this case, both the Dockatot and the Snuggle Me are good in terms of washing and maintenance. Both of them can be tossed into the washing machine for easy cleaning when your baby makes accidents and messes.

  • Babies usually don’t have control of themselves and even if they do wear diapers, there will be times that they possibly spit milk, which can make the baby lounger dirty. Basically, a good baby lounger is one that is easy to machine wash and clean up for everyday use.

Good for Tummy Time

Dockatot Snuggle Me
Yes Yes

Both the Dockatot and Snuggle Me are good for tummy time due to their surface. The height is not very high and they have quite a firm surface to lay on.

  • Tummy time is a crucial time for babies who are still developing. Babies who engage in tummy time can learn how to crawl and sit on their own eventually. Doing it in a baby lounger can be good if they are usually in their co-sleeping time with mom or dad.

Roll-over Safety

Dockatot Snuggle Me
No Yes

In terms of roll-over safety, we think that the Snuggle Me presents a better safety mechanism against such accidents as compared to that of the Dockatot.

  • Rolling over is something inevitable in babies. This is because of their curious nature and uncontrollable body reflexes. In line with this, having safety measures against rolling out is important when you choose a good baby lounger for safety purposes.

Pros and Cons of the Dockatot and Snuggle Me

Let’s have a list of the individual pros and cons of the Dockatot and the Snuggle Me to help you decide further:

Pros Cons
  • Tummy time is great with this baby lounger due to the rounded tube.
  • Simulates a womb-like experience for younger infants.
  • The baby lounger is expandable from 29 to 34 inches, which is good for adjusting to their growing size.
  • Babies who are larger may be accommodated by this lounger.
  • You can also make diaper changes easier in this baby lounger.
  • The pad is easily washable for simple maintenance.
  • Cotton and polyester are used to make the lounge cover and the pad tube.
  • You can also use it as a naptime sleeper for your little one.
  • The tube shape may not accommodate all modes of play and sleep with your little one (only good for tummy time).
  • Back sleeping may not be that comfortable for babies.
Snuggle Me
Pros Cons
  • It has a feature that keeps your baby from rolling over.
  • The enclosure is quite natural and soft enough for your baby to keep them safe.
  • Organic materials (GOTS certified virgin polyester and cotton) have been used to make this baby lounger for a soft feel for your little one.
  • The cover is easily washable for simple maintenance.
  • The design of the enclosure is like cuddling your baby.
  • The size is quite portable.
  • It comes with a carrying bag for easier transport.
  • You may want to look for a good place to put the lounger because the center sling doesn’t have enough padding.
  • The material may shrink, so it is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before washing it.


To wrap it up, we think that the Snuggle Me has a better set of features as a baby lounger compared to the Dockatot due to its wider age range, hypoallergenic cover and padding, and roll-over safety. While it’s not as big as the Dockatot in terms of size, it can be a good travel lounger for your little one.

If your baby grows fast or is heavier, you may want to have the Dockatot instead. We hope you liked this comparison review and hope that it helped you decide on which one to buy!

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