Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat Review

Car seats for babies aren’t just supposed to be comfortable – they should also be functional, durable and made with various adjustment capabilities, as well as safety features to keep them strapped in at all times. In this article, we are going to take a look into some of the great features of the Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat in a review.

Weight Capacities

When it comes down to the weight capacities of the Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat, you get three options: rear-facing, booster mode and forward facing, each with a different weight rating, as shown in the table below:


Seat position Minimum recommended weight Maximum recommended weight Ideal baby age group
Forward-facing 20 lbs 65 lbs Babies who are months old
Booster mode 50 lbs 120 lbs Toddlers
Rear-facing 5 lbs 45 lbs Newborns


Overall, if you want a car seat with sufficient weight ratings for the different seat positions, the Diono Car Seat is a good choice. This helps you to support babies of all age brackets, from newborn to toddler stages, with varying weights. This capacity chart can help you to know what’s best for your baby in terms of weight recommendations for baby seats.

Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat



On portability, the Diono Car Seat is a great choice because you can easily fold it flat when not in use. This is thanks to its slim design. Portability is important when you want to store the car seat if your baby is not currently using it.


This design is also FAA certified so that it is a travel-friendly seat. Oftentimes, it can be hard to travel with a baby seat onboard most commercial airlines, so it really pays to have a seat like the Diono Car Seat, which can be easily folded to meet airline restrictions. Not only will the slim design be approved in such airlines, but it will also be easier to carry overall, making traveling time with your baby a breeze.



When it comes down to overall protection, the Diono Car Seat has sufficient head support for up to 12 positions so that your baby, especially if he or she is a newborn, can stay safe in the event of a crash or impact. Aside from that, the EPS foam that makes up the seat can absorb the impact while keeping your baby safe and comfortable at the same time.


On the sides, there’s also reinforced material to protect your baby from side impacts. This is highly important when it comes down to the safety of your little one. Keeping your baby protected from impacts on all sides is the very reason why you should get a car seat, and the Diono Car Seat excels at that, so it is worth buying for safety reasons.



in terms of safety seatbelts, you get a 5-point harness system, which can accommodate babies up to 44 inches in height. This is important to keep them in place in the event of a sudden impact. After all, many baby seats nowadays use a 5-point harness system.


Aside from the 5-point harness, there are also a total of 3 positions for the buckles. These three positions can help you adjust to your child’s growth. Adjustability is highly important to make sure that your baby seat can be used for many more years without having to buy another one of a bigger size.



The full steel frame that is present in the Diono Car Seat can help the unit to withstand car crashes and impacts is a good thing. The sides are made of reinforced aluminum so that they won’t easily get corrosion, and yet make it easy for you to transport the seat from your car to your destination.


The EPS foam lining on the seat parts also present durability, comfort, and safety, as indicated above. EPS foam, when used as a seat shell, can not only protect your child but can also protect the frame and the rest of the parts of the seat overall.


Ease of use, installation, and maintenance

The Diono Car Seat is installed using the Super LATCH system, which most vehicles already have. Instead of having to connect the seat using your regular adult-sized seatbelts, you can just use this LATCH system to make the connection a breeze, without sacrificing stability.


In terms of ease of use, the Diono Car Seat has a button for easily loosening the straps, like most car seatbelts do. This is important to make the straps easy to use in the event that you’re in a hurry or in an emergency situation. You can also tighten the seatbelts just as easily as you can loosen them.


As for the maintenance of the car seat, you can easily remove the seat cover so that you can wash it. This is highly important to keep your baby away from germs and allergens that might stick to your car seat cover. Removing the cover is also optional if you just want to clean it in a simple way, and you can also remove it without having to uninstall the seat.


Comfort factor

When it comes down to the comfort factor, the Diono Car Seat is pretty much ventilated despite being a solidly built seat. It may be a bit heavy but the comfort and breathability factor is not sacrificed that much. The adjustable pads and seatbelts make this car seat comfortable for babies regardless of the position they are in.


In addition to those adjustable pads, there is also a cup holder for your baby’s drinks. This is important if they are going on a long journey with you in the car or vehicle. Having a cup holder can hold your baby’s favorite formula or juice with less likelihood of spilling, and to also act as a convenient way to hold their drinks or any toys at hand. Also, when you clean up and fold this car seat to store it, you can remove the cup holder easily.


Additional or compatible accessories

The Diono Car Seat has many compatible accessories for you to choose from (sold separately) to enhance your baby’s experience and comfort. For instance, there’s the Ultra-Mat which can be ideal for those with leather interiors because it can protect against most spillage and make the cleanup way easier than it would be without the mat.


There is also an additional angle adjuster that you can buy from the manufacturer so that your baby not only gets into the most comfortable position but can also prevent awkward positions and reduce the likelihood of accidents and drink spillage as well.


Additional accessories that are compatible with the seat, though not entirely a requirement for a baby car seat to be functional and worth buying, can be a great addition to the set. These accessories can improve your child’s comfort and can also potentially help you with cleaning up and setting up the baby car seat. In the case of the Diono Car Seat, the accessories that are available can be helpful for maintenance and prevent a mess in the car or vehicle altogether.


Overall, if you like a simple, straightforward and easy to use a baby car seat that has many positions and is generally safe, the Diono Car Seat can be a great choice for you. Its convertible nature is what makes it ideal for growing families for saving budget in the long run.

Not to mention, it’s also quite durable in terms of construction yet it can be folded for commercial airlines, making traveling with your baby less of a problem. And because it is quite adjustable and has many accessories to choose from, it’s going to bring comfort to you and your baby overall.

Tell us what you think in the comments below: have you tried this baby car seat yet? What did you like about it and which parts disappointed you? We’d like to know!

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