What is important when creating a healthy environment for your babies?

At a Glance

Babies are more sensitive to sickness-causing germs and bacteria than adults and teens. This is why they need all the help they can get in terms of keeping a healthy environment around them – which is your job as a parent or guardian. Here are some tips on creating a healthy environment for babies, from conception to birth and beyond.

Before Baby Delivery

You have to prepare both the pregnant mom and the entire house. Here are things you can possibly do:

  • Get your baby supplies ready (and tidy). Prepare all the baby stuff, such as the crib, infant formulas, diapers, sanitary cloths, wipes – everything that is needed for your baby. In fact, having good quality ultrasound supplies for your baby is also important prior to delivery.
  • Clean up. By cleaning your surroundings, you will be protecting the pregnant mom and the baby against sickness-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and other harmful things. Start by cleaning the bedroom and the bathroom and outwards. You can also invest in mold-removal solutions like dehumidifiers if your climate is too humid, or humidifiers if your climate is too dry.
  • Invest in air purifiers. Much like mold removal, air purifiers can also help the pregnant mom and baby to breathe only purified air without the harmful contaminants.

The First Months

After you have given birth, it’s now time to take good care of your baby with the following specifics for a healthier environment:

  • Choose their toys wisely. There are age indicators in most toys to let you know whether they are acceptable for newborns, for toddlers and the like. Find toys that will not be a choking hazard for your baby. Toys that do not contain lead, phthalates, BPA and other harsh chemicals are acceptable for babies.
  • Continue to clean up. Make sure all of the baby supplies, such as baby bottles, toys, towels and the like, are all thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. No one wants their baby to potentially catch illnesses, but teething babies often like to play with and chomp at objects they see, so you should always keep them clean.
  • Keep bath time baby-friendly. Babies are more sensitive than adults in terms of pain tolerance, so they should only have the right temperature when it comes down to bathing. You should also choose baby shampoos and cleansers that are clinically proven to be safe for baby’s hair and skin.
  • Always have someone to watch over them. Babies may not know what they are doing, so if you or your husband is at work, you should make sure to have someone watch over them, such as a housemaid or another family member.

Caring for Baby Beyond

Your baby will eventually grow into the toddler stage, so you should make adjustments when they are about 1 to 2 years of age.

  • Keep dangerous things off-limits to children. If your baby has reached the stage where they can climb up things, crawl and walk, it can be dangerous for them to reach for certain objects in the house. Make sure you child-proof your rooms and keep dangerous things away from the reach of your child.
  • Continue to clean up. Cleaning up after an older baby’s mess is always a challenge, especially if your kid has become more hyperactive. They may evidently spill their baby food from time to time or forget to put back their toys, but you can educate and discipline them properly for that.


Caring for your baby isn’t just limited to when they’re newborns – they should already receive care before they are born and during their toddler stage. We hope you enjoy our tips on creating a healthy environment for your babies!

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