26 Best Classic Board Games For Kids

In the age where board games are less favored and smartphone apps are more of entertainment for kids, it can be hard to get them acquainted to your good old Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly. Kids nowadays have a shorter attention span and if they don’t know about board games, then they should know now.


During the old days of the 90s and even the 2000s, board games reigned supreme. Sure, there are many apps and digital games out there that can act like board games and are more interactive, but as they say, “nothing beats the classic”!


26 Best Classic Board Games For Kids

Without further ado, here are 26 best classic board games for kids:


Parcheesi Royal Edition

Parcheesi Royal Edition

Recommended Age Range: 8+


This board game can take 2 to 4 players and is much like a variation of chess with a game of chance due to the inclusion of 4 dice cups and 8 dice at 4 sets each. There are a total of 16 pawns of different colors: red, blue, green and yellow. The goal of the game is to get your pawns back to the starting position or the home space.


Made with a colorful design for the board itself, the Parcheesi is a great game for family and friends due to the simplicity and fun factor of moving pawns.


Monopoly Classic Edition

Winning Moves Games Monopoly Board Game The Classic Edition

Recommended Age Range: 8+


If you love the classic Monopoly game then this is a must-have for the family or with friends. Originating from 1904, the timeless game of chance, strategy and money management has always been a staple board game not just in the United States but also around the world. The goal of the game is to be the richest player in the group by buying properties and avoiding loss.


The traditional game of Monopoly comes with a banker’s tray, chest cards, title deeds, two dice and different tokens and other game pieces. Two to eight players can play this board game, which can also teach children how to manage money and properties in the future.


Connect 4

Hasbro Connect 4 Game

Recommended Age Range: 6+


Yet another classic game that kids love to play would be the Connect 4, in which you just insert chips like you would move pieces in checkers and whoever makes 4 chips in a row is the winner. This classic game is much like Tic-tac toe but on a vertical position.


Each game set comes with a total of 21 red and 21 yellow discs and the grid itself where you insert all of the discs or chips. This 2-player game can be a great match-up between friends and family.



Mattel Pictionary Board Game

Recommended Age Range: 8+


Even if you can’t draw properly, the ever-famous Pictionary game is a favorite among youngsters and their family members since 1985. All you need in this game is to guess the different drawings and have fun while guessing them!


Each set comes with erasable markers and boards for drawing. You also get different clues or categories so that people will know what you are drawing or have an idea of it. Other extras like a timer, a die and other game pieces are included as well.


Charades for Kids

Pressman Charades for Kids

Recommended Age Range: 4+


The fun game of charades can be a great pastime for kids and adults alike. It only requires 3 or more players to guess which object, person, place or animal they are acting out. There are over 150 cards to choose from with a total of 450 charades.


The game set also has a die and a sand timer. The rules on how to play the game is also included in the box. The game’s rules usually center around guessing the charade being played depending on the cards, with one guess per player on each turn.



Hasbro Clue Game

Recommended Age Range: 8+


If you are into crime solving board games then you will love the Clue board game. This game enhances a person’s thinking and critical skills to find out who is the murderer in the mansion. The board game comes with different game pieces, such as character cards, miniature weapons, dice, detective notebook sheets, an envelope, game tokens and  other cards.


You can use all of these tools and game pieces in order to track down the different clues (hence the title of the board game) to find out who might be the suspect.



Hasbro Sorry! Game

Recommended Age Range: 6+


Ideal for 2 to 4 players, the Sorry! board game is another classic and colorful entertainment package for the whole family. In this game, the objective is to move all three pawns from the start to the home panel. The challenge for each is that all other players can possibly bump your pawn pieces, which could mean “sorry” for you!


The game comes with power-up tokens that you can use to battle the other players and bump their game pieces. Four players are required with this game, in which you can’t easily step into other color zones.


Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Recommended Age Range: 4+


A great game for the kids, Hungry Hippos is a game that requires launching of different marbles towards the other players. Each game set has four hippo heads that different players will control. The marbles are then chomped by the different characters in the game. The objective of the game is to get as much marbles as possible.


Four players are required for this game and it is like a variation of the traditional marble game, but in a board game set with four hippo friends. There are 20 marbles in total included in the game.


Guess Who?

Hasbro Guess Who? Classic Game

Recommended Age Range: 6+


As a game that is meant for 2 players only, this tabletop game called Guess Who? has been a classic game for years in which players will have to guess the mystery character of the other player. Like with many board games, there are different game pieces that come along with the tabletop game board.


There are different characters that you can play in the game, and the other player must guess by asking questions specific to the character, such as the eye color, hair color, clothing and the like. It will encourage kids to learn more on how to be inquisitive with visual cues.


Chinese Checkers

All Natural Wood Chinese Checkers with Wooden Marbles by Brybelly

Recommended Age Range: 6+


If you are a big fan of Chinese checkers, this is quite a classic and durable design that’s made with wooden marbles and a wooden board that looks very authentic. There are a total of 60 wood marbles in the set with a 11.5-inch diameter for the whole checker board.


The game of Chinese checkers work like your usual checkers, except that it can take up to 6 players at once. The 6 sets of marbles have different colors and all of them are designed to equally fit into the holes given in the wooden board.


Pass the Pigs

Winning Moves Games Pass the Pigs

Recommended Age Range: 7+


Pass the Pigs is a kind of game that requires rolling the dice and getting up to 100 points. There are only a few game pieces so it can be played while on the go (while traveling) and it can be played by 2 to 4 players at most. Each kinds of positions for the pigs can mean different points.


For instance, if the pig rolls while leaning on its snout, you get 10 points, while if you get the pig lie on its side, you don’t get any points.


Chutes and Ladders

Classic Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Recommended Age Range: 4+


Alternatively known as Snakes and Ladders in some versions of the game, Chutes and Ladders is a simple and straightforward game in which you spin the spinner (dice were used in the Snakes and Ladders version). The goal of the game is to reach the top square first before the other players do.


The unique design of the board compares the good deeds (ladders) and bad deeds (chutes) so that children will learn from them. The good deeds take them up while the bad deeds drag them down. Kids will also learn more on counting skills with each turn.


The Game of Life

The Game of Life

Recommended Age Range: 10+


Based from the classic 1960s board game, The Game of Life is much like Monopoly in a sense but with a different layout. You also get different game pieces akin to Monopoly, such as insurance certificates, cars, stock and a money pad.


Other game pieces include a number board, blue people and even plastic mountains that will be set on the board game. The game requires about 2 to 6 players in one go. Unlike the modern version of the board game, this classic version can teach children some life lessons based on their actions.



Jenga Classic Game

Recommended Age Range: 6+


Also known as the stack up game, Jenga is well-known as a classic game for kids and families because of how easy it is to play. You basically stack together the blocks of wood into a square and then build it up gradually to form a tower.


Each player needs to take out one piece without letting the tower fall or else the player loses. There are a total of 54 hardwood Jenga pieces for the blocks that you can play with. If you are familiar with the age-old pick-up sticks then this is a similar game to that.


Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap Game

Recommended Age Range: 6+


A game that centers around avoiding traps, Mouse Trap itself looks complicated at first but can be a fun game to play for kids. It includes game pieces such as plastic mice, mouse trap parts, a rubber band, pieces of cheese and metal balls for you to set up.


The goal of the game is to get your mouse to the finish line while avoiding being caught in the mouse traps set by the other players. Since the game pieces are small, it may require a grown-up to set it up at first.



Hasbro Boggle Classic Game

Recommended Age Range: 8+


If you like word games like Text Twist or Wordscapes then you’re surely going to enjoy a classic game called Boggle. This mind-boggling (pun intended) grid-based game is a time-based game you can play with friends by getting different words from each scramble.


In Boggle, you need to shake the container in order to reveal the different cubes of letters and form as much words as you can within the given time. The player with the highest score wins. Because of its design, when you shake it, the container doesn’t give out too much noise.



Classic Yahtzee

Recommended Age Range: 8+


A game that is mostly on chance and skill, Yahtzee is about rolling the dice and scoring much higher than the other players. There are 13 turns per player and all of them get to roll the 5 white dice, in which you can possibly score a Yahtzee or a 5 of a kind.


Having debuted in 1956, this classic dice game is not just about luck – you can actually be more strategic with your rolls because the number of turns you will get can depend on the number that comes out of each roll that you make.



Wooden Chess Set

Recommended Age Range: 3+


A classic game for nearly all ages, who wouldn’t enjoy a game of chess? This wooden chess set is at 15 x 15 inches so it is pretty much the standard size. Made with inlaid walnut and a felted interior, it’s not just stylish but also fun to play with for most kids and adults alike.


All of the chest pieces are hand crafted for added style. The goal of chess is to checkmate the opponent. If you are looking for a chess board to either have fun with or to practice your child’s skills in the game of chess, this is a good choice.



Hasbro Twister Game

Recommended Age Range: 6+


A game that requires a lot of twists and turns, you will need a lot of flexibility to be able to play Twister. You will also need a big space indoors or outdoors in order to enjoy this game better. From 2 to 4 players, different members of the family or a group of friends can play this enjoyable and fun game.


Basically, the goal of the game is to follow the colors on the spinner board and land your specific body part on that area in the vinyl mat. If you screw up, you’ll get eliminated in the game!


Operation Skill Game

Classic Operation Skill Game

Recommended Age Range: 6+


A unique board game that’s about medical skills, the Operation Skill Game can help children who are aspiring to be doctors or nurses in the future to learn the basics on medical terms. The trick here is to remove the different ailments on the person’s body (in the board game) without causing the alarm or buzzer to sound.


This tricky skill game takes a lot of precision and will teach kids on how to be precise surgeons in the near future if they hope to be. Rewards will be given depending on how much ailments you have removed from the board.


Candy Land

Candy Land 65th Anniversary Game

Recommended Age Range: 4+


If your kids want a really colorful game and a very exciting experience for a board game, Candy Land might be eye-catching for them. There are cards you can use and gingerbread man movable pieces in the board game.


About 2 to 4 players can enjoy the game, in which you traverse through the different locations in Candy Land. The goal is to move your gingerbread man using the cards and then reach the Home Sweet Home ahead of the other players at the end of the board game in order to win the game.


Let’s Go Fishin’

Let's Go Fishin'

Recommended Age Range: 3+


Want to go fishing somewhere but the weather is bad? Check out this really cool fishing game for kids – they will enjoy getting a bite at the comfort of their home. This tricky but fun game requires precision and timing – you have to aim your fishing rod’s magnet end to the fish as they open their mouth in order to get a bite – or else they’ll close it and swim back down again!


Because of the simplicity of this classic game, it’s still being sold around the world and in cheap flea markets. You can play it solo or you can play it with friends to see who catches the most fish!



Classic Trouble Board Game

Recommended Age Range: 5+


Being recommended foe 2 to 4 players, Trouble is a game about moving your game pieces as fast as you can depending on the roll of the die. Because the game board itself has a built-in die roller, it’s all a game of chance as to which player makes it to the finish line first!


The word “trouble” comes from the game mechanic in which you have to move your game piece back to the home base if another player’s piece comes along and crosses your color area by accident.



Othello Classic Game

Recommended Age Range: 7+


A 2-player game that works in the similar fashion as most checkers-based games, Othello is a strategic game in which the chips are reversible in black and white. Originally known as the game called Reversi back in 1883 and was acquired by Mattel and named later as Othello.


The goal of the game is to capture the enemy pieces, much like in chess and checkers, but the cool catch is that the pieces are manually reversed when you capture them. The player with the most captures will win the game.



Hasbro Battleship Game

Recommended Age Range: 7+


Who wouldn’t love a great game of Battleship? This classic board game is a 2-player battle that requires you to play different pegs onto the board on both sides for two players. The goal of the game is to sink your opponent’s ships to win the game.


Each side of the board has different letters and numbers by which you have to guess which areas of the board the opponent’s ships are lurking in. This game of strategy and thinking is fun for all ages, but especially for the older boys.


Trivial Pursuit

Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Game

Recommended Age Range: 16+


For the older kids, the teens and the adults, Trivial Pursuit is a much more difficult game that uses your general knowledge to answer over 2,400 trivia questions. Adding to the game board are other pieces such as wedge holders, wedges, a die and cards on the board.


This game can be played by 2 to 6 players and can be challenging because not only do you have to get the answers correctly, but they should also make their way around the game board and reach the hub for the last question, in which they have to answer correctly.



To wrap things up, having board games can be a change of pace for kids who are often glued to their smartphones and tablets. It can also be a breather from technology because these classic games have always been known for ages by parents, who can guide kids. Which classic board game is your favorite and why?

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