City Select Vs City Mini GT Stroller

Baby Jogger’s two products, the City Mini GT and the City Select, are worthy contenders if you ever want a stroller that’s easy to fold, easy to carry, and has various features. In this article, we are going to review their differences, as well as their plus points.

City Select vs. City Mini GT: The Numbers

Feature City Select City Mini GT
Weight capacity 45 pounds 65 pounds
Maximum head height 22.2 inches 24.8 inches
Size when folded 34 x 25 x 11 inches 29 x 24 x 10 inches
Weight of the stroller 29 pounds 22 pounds

The City Mini GT has an advantage over the City Select since it has a bigger weight capacity. This means that more children can use it and you can also use it without your child easily outgrowing it (and having to buy another stroller).

  • Having a stroller that has a better weight capacity means that you don’t have to waste money on buying new strollers if ever your child doesn’t fit into the stroller anymore.

The head height of the City Mini GT is also higher than that of the City Select, which means it can accommodate taller passengers along the way.

  • A good advantage of having a higher head height is that your growing child will easily adjust to the stroller itself rather than having to buy another stroller for such reasons.

In terms of folding, the City Mini GT also has an advantage since you can just fold it in a small size of 29 x 24 x 10 inches.

  • Folding a stroller can sometimes be a hassle because it still looks bulky and can be hard to place anywhere discrete. When it comes down to portability, it is important to have a foldable stroller that doesn’t take up way too much space, especially if you want to take it to the airlines. We considered the City Mini GT with its smaller folded dimensions.

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When it comes down to the numbers, we can see that the City Mini GT has a lighter design than the City Select, so it can be more convenient when you are traveling. Its weight of only 22 lbs. is much better for when you have a lot of items in your hands.

  • Again, being portable is also part of what makes a good outside trip with your baby. Whether it’s Disneyland or any other park in the world, having a lighter weight of a stroller makes it easier for you, the parent (or guardian), to deploy your baby into the wonderful theme park or vacation spot without having to exert so much effort.

City Select vs. City Mini GT: The Design

Feature City Select City Mini GT
Color choices 8 4
Wheels All-terrain All-terrain
Number of wheels 4 3

In terms of color choices, we think that City Select’s 8 different colors can be a wider selection for you and your baby.

  • Having wider color choices is good because you can choose depending on your favorite color (or your baby’s favorite color) to avoid mistaking someone else’s stroller for yours.

Both the City Select and City Mini GT have all-terrain wheels, which means you can use them in any pavement, grass, or gravel you cross through with your baby.

  • Having all-terrain wheels can make your baby’s ride less bumpy so they can sleep or nap peacefully. They can also feel relaxed with less likelihood of accidents when the wheels are built for all-terrain use.

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The City Select has more wheels than the City Mini GT, which can have an effect on durability as well as balance.

  • Having three wheels is okay, but having four wheels makes a stroller much more balanced and durable, especially if you have a baby who’s a little heavier than usual.

City Select vs. City Mini GT: The Convenient Features

Feature City Select City Mini GT
Infant car seat Compatible Compatible
Folding mechanism Requires two hands One-handed fold
Handlebar Adjustable height Adjustable height
Handbrake Yes Yes
Double conversion Yes No

Both the City Select and City Mini GT have compatibility when it comes down to using an infant car seat to conveniently transfer your baby to and from the car.

  • Infant car seat compatibility is important to have if you travel often since getting the baby out of the car can be a hassle if you have to get them out of the car seat manually.

The City Mini GT has an advantage over the City Select since you can easily fold it with just one hand for added convenience.

  • The ability to be folded with one hand is important for moms or dads who have groceries in one hand and their child in the other to avoid the hassle.

Both the City Select and City Mini GT have adjustable heights for the handlebars, making strolling your baby a breeze regardless of your height.

  • Because of this, even your older child or even a very tall person can push the handlebar of the stroller with great ease.

When it comes down to safety, both the City Select and City Mini GT have handbrakes for easy access instead of putting your foot into the brakes.

  • Having handbrakes is better than having foot brakes, which can be hard to trigger. Handbrakes are convenient and can help keep your baby from accidents.

The City Select has a double conversion feature, something that the City Mini GT, unfortunately, doesn’t have.

  • If you have twins or want to carry more babies in the long run, the conversion feature of the City Select may appeal to you.


To wrap it up, we conclude that the City Mini GT is the better contender in terms of one-handed folding, weight capacity, max head height, stroller weight, and portability. While it doesn’t have many wheels or color choices and it’s not capable of double conversion, it’s quite a lightweight option for those who want to travel light to Disneyland (or any park in your area).

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